BCH #004: Stone Wall Stavrian
Stone Wall Stavrian
Summary: Sawyer follows a lead right into a brick wall named Stavrian
Date: 22 Feb 2041 AE
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Shift change's just rolled through in Sickbay, a fresh complement of doctors, nurses, and medics uniformed and making their grand rounds. Those that have just finished linger, finish charts, returning equipment, grabbing a moment to give last minute instructions. But all in all the pace in here has smoothed out, and the rushed hyperactivity of the first few weeks has calmed noticeably. A duty nurse mans the forward nurses' station, a few doctors clustered by as they finish or start their evening work. Stavrian's among them, flipping through a progress report.

The poor sickbay staff. In addition to dealing with their normal military personnel work flow, they have to tend to the Civvies as well. One such QUODEL member strolls into sickbay now, Sawyer's heels clicking rhythmically on the deck as she moves. In no time at all, she's belly up to that nurse's station, "I hate to be a bother, but I think I'm coming down with a bit of a cold. I was wondering if I could speak with someone?"

The duty nurse is a blond man in his mid twenties, with a tag that reads ENS J. Kostis, RN BSN. He looks up from his sifting through prescription notes, reaching over to set the stack face down by his computer. "Sure, ma'am." A cold, really. His tone sounds a bit indulgent. "May I have your name?"

Sawyer edges up onto her tiptoes so she can see what he's going to type into the computer, maybe she's just making sure he spells her name correctly. "Sawyer Averies. A-V-E-R-I-E-S. With QUODEL." She explains, giving Kostis a pleasant smile and a little sniffle.

"Averies." Kostis types with the swiftness of a generation raised on computers. "Alright, ma'am. Exam three…" He lifts a hand, pointing towards one of the private curtained areas far behind them. "And strip to the waist, please. There's a gown in there if you want to use it. Someone will be with you in just a minute." He's got a pleasant smile, one that doesn't even look forced.

Strip to the waist. Sigh. The things you do for a story. Sawyer glances towards where he directs her before she looks back. "Thank you." A grateful tone to her voice and a meek little smile, as she tries to play the withering part of an invalid. When she gets to the little station he indicates, the curtain gets closed presumably so she can change into that gown provided and wait for someone to see her.

Meanwhile, the cardiologist and both GPs have stealth moded away to more pressing issues. Rule one of being a Physician Assistant - shit rolls downhill. So when the curtain twitches and opens, it's Stavrian who's carrying her chart and a pen. He looks up and back, tugging the curtain shut behind him. "Miss Averies."

Sawyer seems pleasantly surprised when greeted by Stavrian, obviously recognizing him from the laundry room and their prior meeting. "So we meet again." She offers the young PA a pleasant smile, her posture straightening just a hint. "Sorry to be a nuisance, but I think I'm getting sick and being in confined quarters I thought it best to swing by here and just get poked at. Maybe get some vitamin C or something. Bit of a cold." She gestures in a vague motion that encompasses her chest, throat, and sinuses.

Stavrian smiles back, though it's one of those politely fleeting expressions that moves mouth and not eyes. There and gone. "I'm sorry you're not feeling well. This will just take a few minutes." He puts her chart down on the counter and opens it, reaching up to the wall pump for a squeeze of antiseptic gel for his hands. "Can you describe to me how you feel, please?"

"Uh…" Sawyer falters for a moment, but smoothes that over quickly with a laugh. "It's like when you bring your car into the mechanic. You suddenly can't describe that funny noise it's making." She rests back on her palms slightly while she waits for Stavrian. "Sort of an…ache in my throat. And a dryness in my nose. Lots of pressure right under my eyes and this morning I swear I sneezed a half dozen times." Of course, when he starts the actual physical exam, there's not much to see. She seems rather healthy.

Stavrian pulls a thermometer from the drawer, an electronic one. A metal tongue-plate's pulled out of another drawer, sterile paper ripped and end piece fitted onto the instrument. "Doesn't sound like a cold. We'll just make sure, here." He holds up the thermometer, waggling it. "Open, please?"

"It doesn't?" Sawyer says, momentarily nonplussed. Damn. She'll have to work on that impression. But to Stavrian it might just seem she's surprised to hear it might be something else. Either way, he's continuing on with the exam, so she obligatorily opens her mouth for the thermometer. It's far more pleasant to take a temperature that way then all the other ways he could have inflicted. Sitting patiently, she waits for him to read the temperature, which will of course say she's right around ninety eight point five.

Stepping into sick bay, Lance Corporal Cadmus Maragos immediately steps off to the side of the room, out of the way of any and all orderlies, doctors, nurses, or other personnel which may be coming and going. Quickly sweeping the room with his gaze, he frowns slightly, pulls out a small notepad from his breast pocket, and reads over it again. Apparently he's deemed it better to wait for someone of suitable authority to be available than to pester the rank and file with his questions.

Stavrian pops the thermometer in her mouth, after pressing a few buttons on the side of the little white machine. Once it's in, he gives her a very pleasant smile. "No talking." Haw. He pulls his stethoscope off his neck and fits in the earpieces, moving around behind her. "Breathe normally, please?" A puff of air warms the scope disc, and he sets it against the skin of her back.
Out front, the Ensign duty nurse has spotted Cadmus, and lifts his chin. "Can we help you, Lance?"

Telling a reporter not to talk is torture within itself. Still, Sawyer complies but only with a sigh out of her nose. As he uses the stethoscope to presumably listen to her breathing, she takes deep full breaths and releases them. Of course, all seems clear. Maybe she's just a hypochondriac.

"Yes, Ensign. I was wondering if any of the on-duty medical staff could answer some questions I had about the electrical fire in Storage Room 6B at…" Cadmus pauses, consulting his notes again. "…around 1900 hours, yesterday. Specifically about any and all injuries sustained by the flight and deck crew present."

Stavrian passes the stethoscope around Sawyer's back, taking his damn sweet old time. Surely that thermometer should've come out by now, but nope. It doesn't beep yet, tick tick tick. He finally pulls the earpieces out and slides back around the front of the gurney, picking up his pen and scribbling. "Lungs are clear. If it was something, you've probably fought it off." Oh. Thermometer, silly him. He motions with his finger and reaches up to take it out. "If you want some aspirin for the sore throat we can give you some, but. Really, just best to get water and take it easy."

The duty nurse nods, leaning forward over the desk and pointing down the hall. "Dr. Diego's in. She's been expecting one of you guys to come by. Just knock and head on in."

Cadmus nods to the Ensign, curtly responding with "Thank you, Ensign." With that, he walks directly to the CMO's door, knocks, and upon a muffled response, heads within.

Cadmus heads through the exit labeled <CMO> CMO Office.
Cadmus has left.

Sawyer twitches her nose, as if she's about to sneeze again. "Maybe it's just allergies?" She offers helpfully, "I really woke up feeling dreadful." A pause. "Say I was there in the hall when they pulled that poor girl out of the storage room. She was brought in with burns on her legs? How's she doing?" Maybe he should have left that thermometer in during the /entire/ exam.

"I don't know, ma'am. I'm not her attending." Latter statement's quite true. Former, who knows. Stavrian gives the thermometer a professional glance and unhooks the metal tongue plate, tossing it into a bin for re-sterilization. "I don't think it's allergies, Miss Averies." He scribbles at the bottom of the chart. "If there's another occurrence we'll run an allergy panel for you. But you sound just fine." His voice is pleasant, and he looks back at her with both brows quirked. "Anything else I can do for you?"

There's a little rise and fall of Sawyer's shoulders, a touch of resignation in the gesture. "Can't be sad that I'm not sick. Maybe I'll just make sure to get some extra sleep the next few days, see if that makes me feel any better." Her eyebrows rise just a hint. "I have a personal question, though, if you don't mind?"

"I'm sure it will." Stavrian signs his name to the bottom of her file sheet and retracts his pen tip with a soft click, sliding it into the front pocket of his scrubs. "What's that, ma'am?"

A slow smile spreads on Sawyer's features. "You don't like Aurelia much, do you?"

The corners of Stavrian's mouth twitch down at the same time that his brows twitch up, a kind of facial shrug. "I have my reservations." Word choice, he has it. "If there's nothing else, ma'am, I'm sorry but I do need to get my next patient."

"No, of course not. I wouldn't want to keep you." Sawyer's smile is a little pinched, a little more forced. "Far be it for me to ask a question on this ship and get a straight answer." Quickly though, she raises a hand. "Sorry. Sorry. Not your problem. Thanks for seeing me, Stavrian." That's all she knows the man by. No rank or anything fancy, just how he introduced himself the other day.

Some of the pleasantness bleeds out of Stavrian's demeanor as she goes through that first. "Miss Averies," he says, with not a scrap of the impatience she just showed him. "You requested my professional time, on duty. Now, if you'd like to have tea sometime, that's fine. But right now, I have to work. Please get some rest." He picks up her chart, starting for the curtain. "You can stay in here while you dress."

Sawyer slips off the edge of the examination table. "Tea. Perfect. I'm glad you suggested it, that would be lovely." Her smile is renewed as he takes his leave. "Thank you again. Vitamin C, aspirin and rest. I got it." And then she doesn't keep him any longer.

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