PHD #360: Stitches and Recreation
Stitches and Recreation
Summary: Circe removes the stitches from Wade's hand. They have a few visitors.
Date: 21 Feb 2042 AE
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Recovery Room
Post-Holocaust Day: #360

The recovery room is the promise of sickbay. Once there, patients are able to look forward to release. On duty again, Circe preps the metal tray with the items she will need to remove the stitches from a particular zealous pilot's hand. As the small snippers are disinfected, she wipes them clean and then sets them down. She grasps the tray and turns, moving towards the bed. Gloves already on, she pushes back the curtain with a metallic rush of rings on pipe. "Hey you.." She starts, offering a warm smile. It seems the corpsman is rather chipper today, like a renewed slice of hope had been given to her.

"How are you doing today?" She asks Wade, her smile remaining as she sets down the tray on his table and moves to stand next to him.

Wade has been distracted, thinking about, stuff. Yes, stuff. The man has his eyes closed when Circe reaches his bed and after hearing his voice, he opens them. "Hey" says Wade with a soft smile, taking a deep breath and looking at what she is carrying "Does that mean that I get to be on 'Light Duty' mode?" asks the man, offering a hopeful smile. "I'm doing ok, and you? You look happy" Yep, she does look quite happy, this pleases Wade.

"We will see what it looks like when your stitches come out. One step at a time, Wade." She informs him but there doesn't seem to be any negative inclination to the outlook. She reaches down carefully and lefts his hand. She lets his wrist rest on the back of her own and the other hand inspects the stitches that have been let to air the last couple of days. She nods her head and then bends his arm and sets his hand over his stomach. "We will get started." She says.

Turning she takes up the snippers and returns to the hand. Drawing it up with one, she cradles his palm against her knuckles, hooking her thumb over the back of his hand and her right begins the careful snipping of each loop. "I think you have been looking forward to this."

Wade looks at Circe and nods in silence, moving his attention back to his hand as she moves it around. "Yeah, you could say that. I need to get back to work after all and, you know, light duty is going on step closer towards the goal" He smiles at this and takes a deep breath "I still think I'll need to wear something to cover the arm and hand right, specially the hand I would assume?" The man doesn't move his eyes away from what she is doing, finding this something fascinating…or maybe he's just..that excited about getting them off. "So…what happened? You are in a very good mood it seems, I'm glad" Now, the man does show a soft smile.

Taking care to do her work right, she is silent and concentrate a moment as she turns his hand to start one of the other stitches along it. "Yes you will. I am sure we will have something for you. You need to let it breathe so nothing plastic or the like. It will have to be cloth. Don't let it sweat too much either." She instructs and then lifts her gaze to meet his as he asks. "Well I got to hold Kallistei.." She smiles brilliantly and then adds, "Just finding friends. People to listen. Finally letting out some much needed worries." She explains and lets the smile remain.

Circe is currently, taking the stitches from Wade's arm and hand, the man is still laying on his bed and she is apparently, sitting on said bed…or close to it at least. Wade is looking at his hand while she works "Yeah, I thought that would be the case, I will have to use my pilot gloves eventually but I can work that out, no problem" The man smiles at this and then tilts his head "Oh? Quinn's baby" he nods and smiles and then adds "Why wouldn't you make new friends and all, you are a good person" The Viper pilot nods in acceptance of his own words and then clears his throat "I'm glad, you know, that you are better"

Turning is hand once more to get a line of stitches along his wrist, she shakes his head. "You are going to have some glorious war wounds to show off to the women." She smirks a bit and her hazel eyes fall to her work. She begins snipping these loops as well. Leaning against the bed with her hip, the corpsman's smile warms further and she blinks a few times. A faint color touching her cheeks with his compliment. "Thanks, Wade. I try to be at least." She says and then lifts a brow and her eyes a little at his last words. "Yes well, its nice being able to talk with others. But I will be glad when you aren't bugging me about light duty. If things look good today, we will start some minor pee-tee." She intones.

Andrea pushes aside her privacy curtain and smiles. "Good morning, everyone. How are we doing. Oooh, we're putting holes in Drips? Brilliant! Do you have any bigger needles?" She takes the walker she has been ORDERED to use and stands to walk over to the bedside.

Shiner manages to charm his way into the recovery room, giving a cheesy thumbs up to all the sick people as he enters. "Yo! Hey, dude! LT Duncan, sir!" he greets, happily weaving around the side of the medic to look the man over. "Wow, does that hurt?"

"It's my job, to bug you with Light Duty, that's the way for me to get mentally ready to go out again…" says Wade, nodding afterwards "I torture people, you know?" He smiles at this and then looks over at Andrea "Just remember Andrea, whatever you do to me, revenge will fall upon you and you won't like it" The man offers a warm smile and then looks at Shiner as he approaches "Midshipman" offers Wade, nodding at him. He then looks at his hand and arm and shakes his head "Not as much as it used to, which is a good thing if you ask me"

The sudden attack from all sides has her blink and she turns about to look at those entering or joining. Circe's smile returns and she looks to Andrea first, gazing over the woman. "I am glad to see you up. If you want I could get you out of here for an hour or two. Go down to the pool. I am sure we could approve you for pee-tee down there." She explains and as Dave enters in his flare of charisma, she smirks some and shakes her head, "Wade, you have quite a few visitors. And as for light make yourself a nuisance I WILL find a reason to keep you bed ridden." She jests and then adds in truth, "It will be good to have you up and about. You are far too restless to stay here by any means."

Andrea sits on Drips' bed. "Been getting some PT already, and we figure to start swimming pretty soon. If these damned dizzy spells and hormone issues would just…" she suddenly glances at Shiner. "Ah, I mean, you know, being dizzy and stuff. Anyway, if that would just go away, I could probably be flying tomorrow."

"Did somebody say pool time?" Shiner queries, absently flexing an elbow behind his neck to crack it. "Dude, I'm all over that. Just let me know and I'll come down and swim with you," he offers, giving Andrea a slight nod. "Starting over and all that. Hey, Drips, could you, like, see your bones and everything?" he adds, with all the morbid enthusiasm of youth as he squints at the stitches. "I heard you were pissing blood everywhere and had all your bones sticking out and everything."

Wade can't help but to chuckle at Circe's words and he says "What can I say Circe, you are working now and…I need to get back to work" He nods to this, because it's a /fact/ "And I'm not restless, I just…don't like 'Hospitals' all that much. Nothing against you of course" He looks at Andrea and snorts "Yeah, I'm sure you'll want to deal with those" He smiles at her and adds "And you know, we might get to do PT together, score" He looks at Shiner, shaking his head to the man "Nah, no broken bones. Altho, I do think you could have seen then when they did surgery, I would ask Circe here tho, I was knocked out."

"Pool time is a good way to ease joints and muscles. It allows for movement without the stresses hard surfaces give." She explains and meets Wade's gaze as she snips the last loop of stitches. His hand is something out of a frankenstein movie, but all seems to be healing and looks to be minimal scarring in his future. Sitting on the side of the bed opposite of Andrea, she rests Wade's hand to her leg and leans forward and over towards the metal tray and desposits the snippers. She grabs a pair of tweezers and a small metal dish. She sets the dish down on the bed against the side of her thigh and then positions the tweezers in her right hand. "Oh, did the Midshipman tell you how I beat his ass in swimming a few days back?" She asks, a faint glow of glory settling to her features.

Her hand reaches down and takes his up in her left, cradling it once more as she begins the process of plucking out the clipped stitches. Currenttly the three are arranged about Wade's bed.

Andrea puts on a faux-stern face. "Eltee, am I to understand that you are being less than compliant with your medical process? Not being your usual mild-mannered self?"

Wade looks looks looks. Yep, he looks at the entire removal process and when Circe starts plucking out the stitches, he turns to look at Andrea "Damn right I am. I want to start light duty and PT, got a lot of things to do. I have to get flight ready as quickly as possible, and so do you, so don't make me kick your ass to speed you up as well" Wade chuckles at this and smiles at Andrea. His attention moves back to Circe and then makes a comment on where his hand was "So…do I assume you wanted me to touch your leg?" asks the man with an amused smile." He chuckles at this and then coughs just a little, covering his mouth of course.

Smirking at Andrea and the exchange between the two pilots, Circe is silent in her work. Each stitch is dropped into the small bowl. One flicked in after it dares to hang on to the tweezers. The medic continues down the line of stitches, pausing to run a finger along the puckered skin where it had resealed. She nods her head, seemingly pleased and then as Wade asks the question, her head lifts and a brow raises. "Wouldn't you care to know.." She seems utterly amused as well and even laughs softly. "But in all honesty, you couldn't do much with your hand anyhow. That is why you have weeks of pee-tee, sir."

Sergeant Lysander steps into the recovery room, off-duty brown fatigues making him one to stand out when compared to everyone else. Not that he is one to make it a habit of interrupting conversations, but the marine clears his throat while standing in the wake of Wade's comments. "How's being unruly going to help fix your hand when you can't even jack off with it?" There's a moment of reflection before he leans forward, hands clasped near to the small of his back, adding, "Sir."

Andrea gives the tech a look, and smiles. "Careful, girl. This one will break your heart if you let him. You know what Viper pilots are like. As for you…" she turns on Wade. "I'd be flying already if they'd just LET me. I dunno what kind of PT they want… its not like swimming exercises the brain." She looks up at Lysander and smiles.

Wade just shakes his heat to Circe and says "I can do enough, worry not" He smiles at this and then looks at Andrea "Well, you are simply…not a pain in the ass…at least not at the level you need to be" He chuckles just a little and then poses his attention on the new arrival, a person that he doesn't know. "As simple as training the other hand to do the job…" he nods "This one will heal soon enough, and I'll be able to get back to work" He clears his throat and looks at his hand again "Ok, so what do you think, Circe?"

The familiar voice causes her to look over her shoulder. "Sargeant, taking some advice and bringing your cheery self to visit with your fellow military gimps?" She winks at him and turns back to her work. As one line of stitches is undone and removed, she turns his hand, leaning over it a bit more to get a look. "So far it seems good..Cameron had to fix damaged muscle tissue so that is what will in essence be holding you are very lucky, Wade. Very." She says and eases her hold to go back to removing the lsat two long line of stitches left. Plunk, pull, plunk. It continues. "But it's healing rather well." She adds as if to reassure him.

"So when are you going to be flying again, sir?" Shiner asks Wade, although the question's partly directed to Circe. "And training and all that good stuff." Ulterior motive, see? "And if you want some wank mags, I'll drop some by," he offers casually.

Lysander raises an eyebrow questioningly. He then looks down the length of his body while lifting up his right hand. It's used in order to gesture masturbating before he pauses and drops it back down, to his side, just so he can lift his left hand and repeat the gesture. "Well, you might have a point - but I like to think both hands are used in a Viper, last I heard." Before he can really try to start air-masturbating with both of his hands simultaneously his attention is drawn towards the womenfolk of the room, particularly Circe. He innocently smiles. "Maybe." His hands are placed at his sides. While Circe explains about the hand injury, he sidelongs to Andrea with a casual stage-whisper, "You'd think physical therapy stood for frakkin', but apparently not."

With that said and done, the marine turns back to the main conversational piece: Wade's hand. He adds to Shiner's question with a subdued, "I hear the war of attrition out there is taking its toll. So I take it the best of the best are still needed out there."

"I know, I know…the reason for PT…" says Wade, trying to move his fingers a little bit. In reality, they react quite well, they are of course not running at it's best but it's better than a few days ago "I think I'll be ok" says the man now, smiling at that. "You know, as much as I'm thankful to the Doctor for fixing the hand and the arm, you are the one that is here most of the time, helping me, so my thanks are mostly for you" He smiles a little again and then looks at Shiner "Well, I guess it depends, but I expect to be flying again in a couple of weeks, and perhaps be at the Sims in one week…" he looks at Circe with a 'Damn right' expression. His attention moves to Shiner and he rises his good hand "Throttle" then raises his bad hand "Pitch and Roll" Yeah, that's what each hand does in Viper…well, when it comes to control.

"A couple of weeks when we are looking at it roughly, though it depends. Wade here might very well be out sooner with how adamant you are." She looks to Shiner and lifts a brow. "Patience is a virtue that the el-tee here does not have in stock." Circe narrows her gaze at his 'damn straight' look and clicks her tongue in wordless chastisement. But the motions behind her are not lost as she casts a look. Her lips part at the miming and she clears her throat, trying to school the grin that is spreading to her lips.

Wade's words make that smirk slow to a smile and she nods her head. "The doctors have a more…direct and to the point job. Just doing my duty rounds. It seems it was me that got picked to take out your stitches. Besides, being here helps me just as much as you." She says and the last line of stitches is sought as she holds his hand, giving him a look. "Don't move your hand again or we might be doing stithces again." she warns.

"Leftie's better anyway," Shiner notes to the marine. "It's more like a stranger. Like when you sit on your hand first. Same thing." Turning back to Wade, he nods at the assessment. "Cool. You'll let us know if we can get you anything, right, sir? And then you can get back in the sims where you belong, teaching us poor bastards how to get ourselves blown up just like you."

Lysander makes a note of remembering things. The things about how to fly a Viper, that is: left hand throttle, right hand pitch and roll. It also helps to be brutally aware of Shiner's comments and take to a light chuckle, "Duly noted, definitely duly." He then relaxes with a deepened inhale and nods, mostly to himself, since he's just here for the general situation report on the pilots' statuses. Curious marine is curious.

Wade looks at Circe and shakes his head "Alright, alright…I won't move my hand" he chuckles at this and takes a deep breath "But yes, two weeks tops, if not earlier, hopefully earlier." He clears his throat and places his attention on Shiner "In your case Midshipman, I'll offer the crash course, which basically is…to put you in a Raptor and I get to shoot you down with missiles" He smiles at that and nods "Good plan I think" Now however, he nods and offers "I will let you know if that's the case Shiner, thank you" There is a small smile of appreciation there.

The last stitch is removed and she looks over the hand in her grasp. "Well, it is the best it is going to be at this point. Which is good." she didn't mean to make that sound negative. Circe rests his hand back down and stands, taking up the bowl with the old clippings and moves to the tray. She sets everything down and then rolls the gloves off, snapping them slightly as she discards them and takes up the tray. "I have the rest of my rounds to do, which is just one more patient. But you can still visit if you like with him, Dave." She says to Shiner.

She moves past the two men and then adds. "Don't let him out of that bed, last time got me in trouble." She intones. She smiles at Lysander then, mouthing a 'thank you' before she starts to exit the recovery room.

"Nah, not me," Shiner points out. "I'm only here to see if there's any fit nurses. And maybe to see the LT, too, but mostly to chase the fit nurses. You make him better soon, though, right? I feel like a right dickhead for taking the piss out of him while he's a cripple."

Lysander takes to watching over things, polite in his observations and making only a handful of paltry side comments. "Don't worry. I'm sure he'll get you back when he's nice and proper. It's only fair, after all." He adds that and a wry grin for Shiner's sake before turning to Circe and offering an eased nod. There's even a smile that graces his expression. He'll get to departing soon after.

"I can do that. He will be training you soon enough." Circe promises Shiner, a nod given with a warm smile. She adds then, "You just be good to the staff here, or you won't be training anytime soon." She warns, a brow arching before she exits, the tray being taken to sterilization once more.

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