PHD #350: Stiff Neck
Stiff Neck
Summary: Circe checks Wade's neck for injury. The conversation moves from one topic to another.
Date: 11 Feb 2042 AE
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Circe Wade 
Being able to accommodate combat casualties requires room, and the Sickbay has it. Beds line each side of the room with privacy curtains strung up and readily available. Large vaulted lockers hold access to the supplies at the far end of the area. Nearer the front, a Petty Officer sits ready to dispense simple items like ibuprofen and aspirin. Further to the rear is an area prepped twenty-four hours a day for emergency surgery. To the side are a set of double doors that lead to the Recovery Ward where patients can recuperate.
Post-Holocaust Day: #NUMBER

The chaos of the sick bay has died down some now that most of the patients have either left after being treated or are discretely hidden behind their own curtained off areas. There is still a shift of medics that have been assigned and after her own rest and time offduty time, Circe returns. An old Fleet Medicine book in hand, she sits on one of the stools for the moment, leaning her head upon her hand as she reads over the pages, engrossed.
She yawns and lifts a hand to cover her mouth and run a hand through her hair. Her foot is hooked at the lower rung and taps faintly out in a beat as she hums.

Right after the chaos, Wade had to go on CAP, so he didn't get the chance to visit Sickbay to get himself checked. Which, he should have. When he got off CAP, he took a shower and stopped by to visit Khloe, going out again for a moment and now returning, to get that checkup done. The man is wearing his off-duty greens at the moment, dog-tags dangling over his chest. He takes a deep breath as he looks around the place and finds Circe. Since she doesn't seem overly busy, he makes his way to where she is and offers "Excuse me, do you have some time to see me? I need a medic to green light me for Deck work"

Her head lifts from her hand and turns at the question offered from the pilot. She shifts then, sitting upright and drawing her elbow from the table. "Yes, of course.." She looks over his rank, "Lieutenant." She motions over to the other stool next to her set up. She grabs for the stethoscope and hooks it around her neck to let it hang. There is a faint recognition of him and gives a look down her Malone stained boot. "Ahhh, I remember. How did it go?" She asks, waiting for him to sit before she steps in front of him. Her hand draws out the flashlight and she places her fingers beneath his chin to have him look up faintly. "Look to the right." She says in a very matter of fact tone before the light is clicked on and she checks his eyes, blinding light first to the right with a brief wave over.

Wade offers a polite node to Circe and steps forward, immediately looking down at her boot as she does that. Yeah, he remembers that one. "Sorry about that, Crewman. I didn't know he was going to do that" And he didn't, true enough. He takes the offered seat and takes a deep breath "It went ok, quiet, nothing bad happened. My neck was a little stiff during most of the CAP and started to get a little better reaching the end of the flight." He lets her guide his chin with her fingers and in the meantime, he looks to the right as requested. "Lot of work for everyone it seems" idly says the man.

"When isn't there?" she asks almost rhetorically. "Hazard that comes with the job, I am just glad he was okay." She says of Malone. "No need to apologize, not your fault." Circe gives a passing flash of the light over his left eye. "Stiff neck…move your head in a circular fashion to only what is comfortable. When there is pain let me know." She says. Her hazel eyes lower to watch the muscles, a hand lifting to the back of his neck to lightly rest at there to check for any change of position. "At least it was quiet this time." She remarks, "What of the other pilots?" Medical didn't tend to go missing, but then again Marines did. It was a wonder she wasn't used to this yet.

"True enough" says Wade about Circe's first words. "Aye, that is why I never liked Sickbay…too many, hazards" adds Wade, offering a very faint smile. "Yes, it does seem that way…I think it was caused during combat landings" offers the Viper Pilot, explaining the why of his pain. He nods a little and starts to move his head as she requested only slowing down a little when he has it tilted to his right and a little back "There…that's when I feel it the most" He closes his eyes and sighs "It was worse actually, now it's not so bad." As for her last question "The other pilots? I think they all reported to Medical, I know my CAP wingman didn't get hurt so at least that's one less to check"

There is a faint nod, "Well if I had my way, you all would check in after." She says and draws her fingers from his neck. The field technician nods her head, "Just some minor whiplash. I can get you some minor painkillers to help you rest. If it gets worse you will need to come back in, but I don't think you have any lasting nerve damage if it is getting better. If it happens again after a landing, you will need to apply a cold pack for twenty minutes at a time only. That should ease it." Circe says and smiles. "Hazards? Here?" She smirks a little at this, the curl of her lips upward reaching her eyes with a faint glimmer. "We prevent those hazards. It's rather calming here on most days. Great place to study." She says and shifts the stethoscope to her ears and fitting it into place before she places the sound sensor to the upper right of his chest. "Breathe in deeply and then release slowly." She instructs. Her hazel eyes which seem to wander as she listens flit up to study him further.

"Pilots are a rare breed, most of us stay away from Medical as much as we can, you can ask around." says Wade, smiling a little at that. He nods after the diagnosis and says "Well, if you could give me a couple painkillers, that would be good. I need to head down to the Deck to help out with the Repairs and don't want this pain to be bugging me all day" He clears his throat after that and looks around the room, that is, pretty quiet at the moment. "It /is/ pretty quiet, now that you mention it, and hopefully there won't be any opportunity for a lot of people to fall here at the same time." Now, he takes a deep breath, holds it for a moment and releases slowly, just as requested.

As he releases, she moves on. Wash, rinse, repeat. Circe coaxes him with soft words for each time and finally moves about him to check twice upon his back. "Well, given the usual, it should stay quiet. This was just unfortunate." She intones and unhooks the stethoscope from her ears. "Painkillers it is. Naproxen is the best I can do without one of the Doctor's harping on me but it should allow you to stay focused and make you feel ready to run a marathon." She moves off to the side drawer and pulls out two capsules, shaking them into a small cup before relidding and closing the drawer with a brush of her hip. Returning, the Leonite offers it to him with a bottle of water. "Here, stay hydrated as well. It can dry out your body."

"In that case, better for you guys" says Wade, smiling a little more at that. "Naproxen" repeats the man and chuckles with some amusement "Perfect, I have been wanting to run a marathon" He follows her with his gaze as she moves away and then stands up already setting up to leave. He takes the cup with the capsules and the bottle of water from here "Well, water is the hardcore drink by default, one must never run low on that end." He moves both capsules into his mouth and takes a healthy sip of water to seal the deal. He swallows and then clears his throat "Do I need to sign anything? I admit that I don't come here often."

A raised brow and a look of amusement touch her gaze and she laughs. "Nah, it was just a check up. Though I do hope you make yourself a more frequent visitor." Circe states and then looks a moment to be flustered, "What I mean is that our pilots are priceless and we need to spend the time and effort into making sure you are in your prime when you fly…" She pauses and then rubs a hand to the back of her neck. "Cheesy?" She asks him, wondering if it was a bit overboard. "I work with marines, you will have to forgive me. I don't get flyers very often." She laughs a little.

"More of a frequent visitor" repeats Wade with a faint smile and then tilts his head at what she says next, he laughs a little and then shakes his head "Nah, I think you could write that on a Recruitment poster and it would work quite well" To this, he smiles a little bit more and returns the small plastic container to her. He keeps the bottle of water. "I understand, Marines are indeed, the main visitors here. We pilots are covered by tons of metal. But, it can still get complicated, as you've seen. And it's something I've been commenting on but I feel it's not the last we see of these guys, the Raiders I mean."

"They obviously want us gone.." She comments of the Cylons. "I mean it would seem apparent. I don't think their attacks will end." Circe let's her voice trail and then she shakes off the impending doom attitude and smiles, a brilliant show of white teeth to try and lighten the mood, "Well when we need posters to recruit..then I will look into it." She turns the cup in her hand, looking down at it a moment. "As for marines, it's mainly that I have to join them on foot whenever they are give orders. Like I said - it's peaceful here but the upside to hitting the ground is the ability to get off this ship. Though I bet you are more at home here than I am." She says.

"They definitely don't like us very much.." simply says Wade, nodding at that. "Well, regardless, we gotta do something right? We either fight, or run…or whatever, but something" He smiles a little at that and then says "So you gotta patch the Marines in the field? Meaning you get to shoot things, that's always fun, isn't it?" He smiles again and then goes silent for a few seconds to formulate his answer "I miss the ground, I mean, what it used to be. But I was assigned to my first Battlestar in 2036, right after Flight School. All Battlestars since there so, it's been a long time. Of course I miss the shore leaves and all. I was actually down in Leonis when they attacked."

"Yeah I get to shoot things..not very good at it yet and prefer to by pass that when I can." Circe admits but it is words about being on Leonis that cause her to shift in a miniscule way. The corpsman then nods her head, "I was just assigned here months before the attack…but, where were you on the surface when they attacked?" She asks. Her hazel eyes search his face, part of her wishing to hear more. The usual crossing of her arms does not happen, instead her hands clasp before her. "What do you remember?" She asks, suddenly far more invested in the conversation.

"Probably better than me with a gun, I'm…pretty bad, to be honest" says Wade, nodding at that. Now, he tilts his head and presses his lips together for a moment before saying anything "I…I don't have happy memories, from that day…just so you are warned." Now, he takes a deep breath and offers "I was stationed in Battlestart Chimaera, we were working as planetary defenses for Leonis. My brother was getting married so I got an extended shore leave, two weeks. We were getting things ready for the wedding, it was only a couple days away and…they attacked. My parents died right there, my brother died a few hours later and I dragged a man out of there, the father of the bride. He was a retired Rear Admiral. He died a few days later. After that, I just wandered alone for a few more days and I found refuge with other survivors, in a club called 'Aquarian Pete's'"

There is a slow nod, "I am very sorry." She intones. "I didn't mean to bring up anything, I just. They didn't get any survivors from the Ilium province?" She asks. Circe's smile has faded entirely and the medic clears her throat again, "I haven't had a chance to do any looking..I mean rather that I haven't had the heart to even start. I like to assume they died quickly rather than be hurt or sick." She says and runs a hand up through her hair, drawing a long breath. "But I am probaby wasting your time." She manages a worn and tired smile - one that looks overly used in times of need. "Besides, asking you to relive a painful memory was not right of me,…sir." She says.

Wade shakes his head at that "Don't worry about that." he shows a faint smile that soon fades after she asks about the Ilium Province "Umm, I'm sorry I..I'm not sure, I know that there was a lot of people there, it was a whole big mix…confusion all around." He clears his throat and adds "You can always check with the Marine CO or XO, they'll probably have a full list of survivors" He nods to that "I'm sorry as well, I didn't know you were from there." Now, he smiles a little more and says "Nah, you are not…this thing is just starting to work on my neck and no, don't say that, you asked just like any other person would have asked, it's fine." He smiles a little and adds "Oh, and I'm Wade Duncan, callsign Drips"

That after thought of introductions brings her out of her thoughts and she smiles gently, "Circe Lagana. I don't get a spunky callsign." She extends her hand the short distance to him. "Drips…you got a clean bill of health for now." She smiles and grips his hand firmly when offered. She steps back to the counter, signs over the clipboard and checks off a few things. "Everything really does look in order, again if your neck as some sort of problem or anything else crops up, come back and any of the doctors can see to you." She tears the paper free, folds it and holds it to him. "Just in case they ask for it. I got my own copy." She then lifts a brow, "You are free to go if you want. I can't keep you here since you are actually one of the lucky ones." She smiles a bit more at that "Just needed the name."

Wade shakes Circe's hand and smiles at that "Nice meeting you, Circe Lagana" He chuckles a little and says "Well, you know, callsigns can be a bit of a curse." His own is proof. Now, he nods and smiles "Perfect, I can get back to work then." He takes the offered piece of paper, takes a look at it and saves it in one of his pockets. "Busy day, gotta go down to help get the birds back in shape, should we have to go out again in a rush" He nods to this and takes a step back "Take care Circe, I'll see you around" He smiles at this and turns around, soon making his way out of the place.

"Nice to meet you too, Drips." She finds it slightly amusing before she turns to slide her stool back closer to the station. "A regular check up will do you good, sir." She says over her shoulder with a nod of her head. The field technician smiles a little as she watches him go and then turns back to her book. She slides one hip back onto the stool before she sets the stethoscope aside and leans heavily against her elbow back over her book. Have to stick around for her shift.

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