Stephen "Chuckles" McShane
Lieutenant JG Stephen McShane
James Morrison
James Morrison as Stephen McShane
Alias: Chuckles
Age: 38
Features: White hair, Ta Moko on both arms, does not smile.
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Lieutenant JG
Department: Air Wing
Position: Raptor Pilot


Stephen McShane was born to Brian and Abigail McShane on Tauron in October of 2003. Stephen was the first of what was to be a total of six brothers and two sisters, though the full total wouldn't be known until he turned ten. The McShanes lived in the Black Country, where Brian floated from job to job in an effort to provide for his growing family. A machinist by trade, Tauron's de-industrialization made earning any sort of living difficult for working-class families. When the youngest, Adelaide, was old enough for school, Abigail went to work as well to help provide.

Stephen's childhood was a busy one. Between helping to raise his brothers and sister, going to school, and working part time wherever he could manage it, he also spent time with his father learning the basics of metal work. It wasn't an easy upbringing, but it was a good one. The day after he turned 18, Stephen hitched a lift to the Tau Garrison and enlisted in the Colonial Navy with his parents' blessing. After testing, he was sent to the Colonial Military Academy on a track to OCS. Majoring in Building Trades with a Minor in Literature, Stephen graduated in 2025. The day after graduation he entered OCS at Tau. Flight School followed in 2026 before being tranferred to the BS Volans as a Nugget in 2028. The Manticores' squadron leader believed strongly in cross-training, and Ensign McShane learned not only how to fly a Raptor but Ordnance operation and even ECM. In time, he showed more aptitude as a pilot than ECO, and drew those billets more and more regularly. In the summer of 2036 he returned to Tauron on shore leave to visit family and met a young woman named Kelly. After just a few, short months in a whirlwind romance, he took an honorable discharge and asked her to marry him.

After a short honeymoon, Stephen and Kelly settled on Tauron, finding a little place of their own in Minos. It's there that they took Stephen's small savings that he'd put aside during his tour of duty and invested it in a cabinet business. Over the next five years or so Stephen's business held its own, making cabinets for the established and puzzle-boxes for the tourists. He also joined the Tauron Fleet Reserves, being unwilling to completely sever ties with the military. During that time, he added Tatau (tattoos) for each of their children in an interweaving pattern beneath the one for Kelly: James, Kirsten, and Samuel. Stephen wasn't home when the Cylons attacked Tauron, but when he heard the explosions he raced there as quickly as he could. On the way, he passed the remains of the children's school. It wasn't until three days later that he learned from a neighbor Kelly had been killed as well. Assembling with the rest of the Tauron survivors, he was rescued by the Cerberus task force. He re-enlisted without hesitation. After going through reinstatement training, Stephen passed his Raptor flight recertification and was assigned the rank of Lieutenant JG.

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