Jesse Stavrian
Lieutenant Jesse Stavrian
Adrian Grenier
Adrian Grenier as Jesse Stavrian
Alias: Able Five Actual
Age: 27
Features: Black hair; blue eyes
Colony: Sagittaron
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Medical
Position: Physician Assistant/Combat Medic


Immediate Family

  • Zemira Stavrian - Wife. Traditional Sagittarian arranged marriage.
  • Noura Stavrian - Daughter, 3 years old.
  • Yosef Stavrian - Father.
  • Neoma Stavrian - Mother, deceased.
  • Masid and Tanek - Older brothers.
  • Leia Kahn - Older sister.
  • Miryam - Younger sister.

Service Jacket

Enlisted: 19
Combat Medic - 193rd Enlisted Medical Battalion: 2033-2036
CLS-329 "Hairetos" - Marine Landing Ship

Attended Uniformed Services Medical School
Completed PA-C

Commissioned to Ensign: 24
Staff Physician Assistant: 2038-2039
Colonial Fleet Base Calydon

467th Medical Detachment: 2039-2041
CD-7217 "Diomedes" - Destroyer

Promoted to JG: 27
Transfer - Battlestar Cerberus: 2041

Physical Features

Standing at about five foot nine and with a healthy athletic build, this olive-skinned young man is likely in his late twenties. Under a pair of rather heavy brows, his vivid blue-gray eyes are large for his face, and the dark lashes around them only accentuate their size. His hair is so dark brown that it's almost black, and makes an impressive mass of loose, wiry curls. A very generous mouth looks like it should be built for smiling, but rarely curves quite that much. Both his hands have horizontal burn scars that lash across his fingers and the backs of his hands, at least a few years old. Around his right wrist is an old leather soma braid, a few pieces of metal woven within. On his left ring finger is a simple gold band.

Stavrian is dressed in an olive and brown woodland camouflage pattern. A subdued, tan brassard with a red cross is worn on the left arm. The long shirt hangs over the waist, and a brown, web belt is worn over top of it. A tan, hospital Corp pack is worn with medical supplies at the ready. There are two large pockets on the front of the shirt, at slight angles with the Colonial Medcorp insignia. The trousers, which have large, cargo pockets on each leg, hang down over black combat boots. On his left sleeve is the black, gold and white Battlestar Cerberus patch. The pins on his collar show a rank of Lieutenant JG.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Alessandra_icon.jpg LT Alessandra Sophronia: Met her in Sickbay when she reported for her physical. Started off grouchy, but she lightened up. Wuss when it comes to blood, it's almost funny.
Quinn_icon.jpg Captain Margaret Quinn: Caprican or something. Saw her twice in the chapel, and she lit out like her ass was on fire. One of those types, I guess.
Nostos_icon.jpg LtJG Angelus Nostos: Viper stick. Friendly. I wonder if he's really a serial killer.


Recent Logs


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