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Battlestar Cerberus is currently on hiatus. We may re-open to play out the final seasons at some point in the future, and will post updates on this site if we do, so keep an eye out if you're interested.

In honor of the MUSH's 5-year anniversary (RP began in February 2010), Polaris, Tucana, Hydra, and Volans reunited for a bit of a retrospective. It is blatant nostalgia, but it's done with love. - February 26, 2015

Read it here: So Say We All

The Story So Far

Forty years have passed since the Cylon War, when Humanity’s sentient servants rebelled against their creators, and for forty years the Twelve Colonies of Kobol have been at peace. Broken cities have been rebuilt; barren fields, replanted; battered spirits, restored. For most men and women, the horrors of war have been consigned to the hazy reaches of memory, to be dusted off every Colonial Day with flags, speeches, and parades. Mankind has reached its zenith, but as that old saying goes: the higher one flies, the harder one falls.

Two millennia after the great Exodus from Kobol, forty years after the Armistice, the children of humanity came home.

The Colonial Fleet was annihilated within the first hour of the attack. Nuclear warheads rained from the skies above all twelve Colonies, extinguishing in an instant all but the luckiest — or unluckiest — of people. And from her anchorage at Picon Battlestar Cerberus fled for her life as, all around, humanity burned.

More than a year later, against all odds, Cerberus endures. With a tiny fleet of escorts and a growing population of rescued civilians, the last battlestar to be produced in the Twelve Colonies struggles to collect what survivors that remain, to make sense of what's happened, and to stay one step ahead of her enemies long enough to figure out a plan for the future of the human race… and to ensure that a future will, in fact, exist.

This war will not be so easily forgotten.

Read more about our story so far in the Battlestar Cerberus game timeline.

MUSH Status

The game is currently closed to new applications. If you are a new player interested in getting involved, please keep an eye on this space, as applications may re-open in a couple months after a hiatus to re-charge and plot the next season.

As of July 17, 2042 AE, the battlegroup is in orbit over the planet of Gemenon, which has been occupied by both a few thousands human survivors rescued from all of the Twelve Colonies and skinjobs of the model lines Eleven and Two, who claim to have ceased any aggression toward humanity. Their goal? For the humans, they believe the path to a new home may lie beneath an ancient temple. Or an old home. For they believe secrets there may point the way back to Kobol, and that only knowledge housed aboard the Battlestar Cerberus - even if its crewmembers know not quite what that knowledge is - will be the key to finding it.

What the Cylons seek on Gemenon remains more elusive, though they claim the secrets to their own past, and perhaps any future they have as "individuals" in the eyes of their God, will be found in the same place as the road to Kobol. Meanwhile, back on colonies such as Caprica, Picon and Canceron that are still ruled by aggressive Cylons, the enemy seems to be turning against itself, and the Twos and Elevens claim "civil war" between the model lines is imminent. Will they find what they seek on Gemenon before outside forces destroy everything?

About the Wiki

This wiki site began as a simple repository of logs and PC profiles but has grown to encompass hundreds of pages of player-created content. Needless to say, there's a lot of information here, but please don't feel obligated to internalize every little thing! The two bits of mandatory reading are our files on Joining the Fleet and the Cerberus' various departments. We encourage you to consult the rest at your leisure to enrich your RP.

Thanks to Trask's player for giving our wiki a facelift!

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