PHD #477: Sprechen Sie Dinner Roll
Sprechen Sie Dinner Roll
Summary: Sawyer runs across Quinn in the Mess Hall and Shiner braves girl talk because it's safer than the alternative.
Date: 18 Jun 2042 AE
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Galley - Deck 9 - Battlestar Cerberus
Behind the two hangar decks, the Cerberus' Galley is the largest room on the ship. Nearly half the size of a football field, the eating area is made up of long lines of stainless steel tables that can be folded up and placed against the wall for larger events. Individual seats are the standard military issue, boring and grey with lowest-bidder padding. The line for food stretches across one of the shorter sides of the room while the kitchen behind works nearly twenty-four hours a day to produce either full meals or overnight snacks and coffee for the late shifts.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear
Post-Holocaust Day: #477

Free arms! Free time. Free… sanity, it really is. Maggie isn't actually having to care for her baby at the moment, nor is she on CAP. It means she can actually have a meal without giving someone else a meal which is, well… Remarkably nice. She's settled in at a back corner table, just actually trying to enjoy some gruel, peace and quiet. She's got her hair up in a messy top knot and her tanks on with BDU pants, apparently just off of shift.

Sawyer has just about as much free time as Maggie. With running the Fleet's only actual newspaper, (not including that random Manifesto publication that popped up), her own shift with the teething infant, throw in her favorite past time of fighting with Kal, and then mix in her own passion for getting in trouble…well? That lends itself to a life with many a meal on the go. The blonde journalist breezes through the line, only grabbing food that can travel. This leads to a dinner roll and a cup of coffee as dinner, and the woman skirts along side the back of the room to avoid the congestion of a gaggle of marines who just rolled in for some late chow. "Oh hey Maggie." MAGGIE! You can almost see the mental realization of 'oh shit, I need to talk to her' as it manifests in the sudden stop and change in direction of Sawyer's feet accompanied by a sudden curse as coffee gets splashed over her hand. Shoving the roll in the grip of her teeth, she changes which hand holds the mug and then shakes out the scalded one all the while plopping down across from Quinn at the table. "MMMFFff mff muumummFf." Does the pilot speak Dinner Roll?

The pilot should, after all these years of military meals, speak dinner roll. However, Sawyer has a particularly rough accent, it seems, which the Aerilonian cannot discern. She arches a deep brow at the words and just gives a helpless little shake of her head. "Sounds lovely, but I haven't a bloody clue what you jus' said, dear." Maggie grins a moment, taking a good bite of food herself and downing it smoothly as she gives Sawyer some time to actually swallow, then talk. "Something on your mind that you did a u-Turn fast enough to twist an ankle?"

Oh right. There is a roll in her mouth. Sawyer bites, rips and chews away a hunk of bread to clear it from her mouth before she tries that again. "Sorry, sometimes I get ahead of myself. You're getting married!" Sawyer might have more to add about what's on her mind, but first she takes a painful gulp of hot coffee as if she's on a deadline and has to fit in conversation /and/ a meal, or end up foregoing one of them.

Quinn gives Sawyer a half, slightly awkward smile, "Yes… yes I am. I… damn, I didn't realize people were going to make quite the deal about it. I think Pens and I are just going to track down the Chaplain some quiet afternoon… but… Yes. What of it?" Maggie states casually, clearly not thinking this is nearly the crazy big deal anyone else does. She speaks like it as if she was discussing a doctor's appointment or the weather on Gemenon.

"NO! You can't do that!" The roll is forgotten again, as this time it's used as Sawyer gestures animatedly at the woman. "I mean, that sounds great, do what you want. But you have to let me get you a dress for the occasion. Whatever you feel is befitting, but you will be in a dress, dammit."

Quinn's eyes clearly widen at Sawyer's quite emphatic response about not being able to do that. Damn. Maggie sets down her spoon and just studies the woman a bit closer, trying to read what has brought on the flood of emotion. She laughs softly…"A…dress? But… why? I mean, it won't fit anyone else, I'm bigger than most women on this whole ship. It'd be such a pain for just a few minutes of words? It's not necessary, really…"

"I already thought of that. We'll get your measurements, and get one made. I think if we cut up the periwinkle dress I wore to Marko and Raine's wedding, we can piece it together with some lovely ivory material or some such and BAM." Bam being echoed with the slam of her coffee cup on the table, resulting in /more/ coffee being spilled over yet another hand. "Frak." Sawyer sucks on one of the abused knuckles. "Maybe I had enough coffee today." She nudges it out of the way. "Anyways. BAM - instant wedding dress. Whaddya think?"

Quinn just -stares- at Sawyer, really wondering what has gotten up her bonnet as she studies the younger woman's face. She takes another small bite of her own food as she considers this all before just shaking her head. "Maybe you have. And… it sounds like a lot of works for a few minutes of words in some office somewhere. It's really quite sweet of you, but I don't want you having to sacrifice your dress… Really, hun."

"No no no…I insist. And just think, we get you all dolled up and I can take some photographs, so you'll have those few minutes for the rest of your life. Consider it a present. To myself. Look, I need you to get married in a dress that I provided." Sawyer reaches out, laying her hand on Quinn's. "Do me this favor, Mags. My sex life depends on it." Sawyer's grin indicates she's not entirely serious about that statement, but every joke contains partial truth.

Quinn gives the quietest little bit of a yelp as Sawyer takes her hand like that and states words Maggie cannot -quite- understand. She stares in confusion, "…What?" It's all Maggie can actually stammer out.

"Kal owes me a date, in return, I'm to get you a proper dress to get married in. So what do you say?" The yelp, in all of Sawyer's excitement, goes unnoticed. "I'm not above guilting you into this."

"Oh." Maggie stares at Sawyer in frustrated confusion now, a small frown decorating her full mouth and freckled features. "…I… will not pretend to understand what in the world is going on in you or Kal's minds. Why can't YOU just put on a dress and go on a date with him? He was frakking pissed at me that I got engaged anyway."

"Because underneath his macho bravado, he wants his best friend to have the wedding she deserves. But that's for you and he to suss out. Just promise me you'll think about it? Just think of aaaaaaaaall the dirty diapers I changed for you. Out of the kindness of my heart." Sawyer grins wickedly as she pushes back from the chair, laying on some of that aforementioned guilt.

Quinn groans quietly as the guilt is, indeed, kicking in. Maggie rolls her eyes to the ceiling and collapses back into her chair, shaking her head. "Frak, girl.. that's unfair. The diapers are a totally separate matter, dammit!" but it looks like Maggie might be on the edge of giving in.

"Diapers. Teething. Projectile vomit on my silk blouses…" Which Sawyer's since learned to shuck before getting within 10 feet of Kalli. By now, the journalist is keeping a set of clothes in the Guest Quarters and using the private shower in there. "It's just a dress and you'll look fabulous?" The words are said in a sing song manner.

Quinn stares flatly at Sawyer, especially as projectile vomiting is mentioned. "Bah. She is NOT that bad. She's a tiny little bundle, how much projectile can she get?" Maggie laughs warmly, knowing it can be pretty bad, but she does like to tease. "You are all such drama queens. And fine… fine… If you are that dead set on it, fine… But make it something other people can use. Put laces in or something."

"Better yet," The journalist's smile gets brighter by a half dozen watts. "I'll have it made to be something you can have shortened and wear again. Who would have thought that the date night I would be babysitting for you during would actually turn out to be your honeymoon?" The two women are seated across from each other at one of the tables in the back, discussing weddings and babies. It's not for the faint of heart.

Shiner is nothing if not faint of heart, sidling into the Galley only after first surreptitiously poking his head round the corner to check the coast's clear. Head down, he hurries over to the relatively queue for a bite to eat, surviving that perilous journey through the chow line with only minor jostling and a few dirty looks before having a look around for a safe spot to try to settle and eat it. The mother and the leggy reporter chick. Ideal. Who could start anything with Maggie there, right? He slides his tray onto the table beside the pilot and slips into the seat wordlessly. Head down. Munch.

Quinn gives a somewhat softer smile to the woman, earnestly touched by the thought. She parts her lips to protest once again but then she just stops herself, draws in a breath, and nods. "..Alright then. Thank you… truly. You… nor Trask, have to do this…you know that? I'd be fine just doing it small… but… Thank you." She dares to reach out and take the woman's hand just as Shiner is… suddenly there. She blinks, turning her head to the man. "Uh…Hullo?"

"I have ulterior motives." Which, to be fair, Sawyer made abundantly clear at the beginning of the conversation. "But you're welcome." Because even with those other motives, Sawyer could have found away around the 'Date Clause' if she wanted to. And then there is, "Mister Wright. Great to see you on this side of the bars."

Shiner continues to gobble down his food, giving a thumbs up so he doesn't actually have to, y'know, stop filling his face for long enough to reply. He even points to Sawyer, giving the thumbs up again and a brief nod. Another forkful of greyish mush gets rapidly shovelled into his mouth and he lifts a hand to Quinn. "'lo," he deigns to respond to her, only spitting a small amount of the food as he manages the one syllable.

Quinn stares between the two, a slow brow arching in Sawyer's direction as if to say '…How did he get here?' But then she just half chuckles and shakes her head. She takes the last few bites of her food and then looks back to Sawyer, "You're allowed ulterior motives… but your man could be smarter about just coming up to me, saying he's sorry and congratulations. That'd do a lot more for my happiness than bribing you to make me a dress, as sweet as it is."

Sawyer makes an emphatic 'MMM' noise, because she's right in the middle of chewing when Quinn makes her last statement. "To be fair, I saw you first. I probably should have given him the opportunity to hash things out with you well before I dropped the whole dress bit. You'll forgive me for putting the cart before the horse, or rather the dress before the apology. But as I said, this is about me, not you." She smirks, then gestures between Shiner and Quinn. "Have you two met? Shiner here is…well, he pops up damn well everywhere. Including in the brig with me."

"We've met," Shiner responds shortly, not through any real antipathy, but again because his mouth is only empty for that split second before he's shoved in another mouthful. He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, glancing around nervously. "Getting hitched?" he hazards, arching an eyebrow at Quinn. "Why?"

Quinn shrugs a bit to Sawyer. "He knows where I live. His Gods' daughter is my child. If he wanted to come apologize by now, he could have done it. He's just being stubborn." She admits, though she is actually quietly hurt and cannot entirely hide that. Then she looks over to Shiner and nods. "Yes, yes, we know each other. And yes. Pens asked me to marry him, I said yes. It's..going to be a quiet matter."

"MMM!" There's that noise again, this time because Sawyer managed to take a drink of coffee, and get preoccupied with that and be unable to answer Maggie immediately. "Give the man a break, he only just realized what an asshat he was being this morning. It's a slow process for him which requires wading through pride, hurdling over his own self-absorbtion, and clawing his way to the surface of being a normal adult human being. And I say that with love. He'll come around, and when he does, I know you'll forgive him. You have to. You're family."

Quinn stands, scooping up her tray and giving Sawyer a slightly wider smile. "I know you do…" She comments about the love matter, though there is a hint more curiosity in her features as she studies Sawyer, "And… I will forgive him. I always do. Anyway… I should go relieve Evan. Thanks for stopping by, hun… We'll talk again soon, no doubt."

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