PHD #233: Speed of Plaid
PHD #233: Speed of Plaid
Summary: Khloe and Wade talk for the first time as SL and minion, and Devlin shows off his fast-Viper shorts.
Date: 17 Oct 2041 AE
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Pilot Berths - Naval Deck - Battlestar Cerberus
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #233

A lot has changed apparently, and Wade missed great part of it. During his last mission, he got hit pretty bad, the Viper ended up in worse conditions and that doesn't sit well with him actually. Finally, he's been released from sickbay and is not standing next to his bunk, moving stuff into his locker and pretty much trying to get some order there. He is wearing his off-duty outfit, the regular greens with gray. The man looks around for a moment, nobody is there. Hopefully they didn't forget about him in the assignment sheet.

Khloe comes walking in, boots striking the deck a little harder than usual - striding with purpose, some might say. Once she gets into the berths she undoes the top few buttons of her uniform - Poppy's almost always in her blues, when she's not in her flight suit. Her characteristic, stoic scowl is on her face, with the usual doom-and-gloom storm cloud following her in.

Devlin rarely strides with purpose, but he is good at ambling without ambiguity, which is more or less what he does now upon entering the berths. He's dressed in shorts and sneakers and a tanktop, the latter sweaty enough to make clear he's just come from a workout. He tugs the hem up to wipe at his face as he heads down the rows between bunks, noticing Wade but not yet Khloe nor the dark cloud above her head. He lifts his chin in greeting to the pilot and fellow gym-rat, "Hey."

Wade takes a small picture frame from his locker and looks at it for a moment. He takes a deep breath and nods to himself, only turning around when he hears Devlin's voice "Hey man" returns Wade with a nod and then adds "Everything good?" His attention now moves to Khloe and he offers light, informal salute "Captain" He didn't had the chance to speak with the woman yet. Everyone avoids the sickbay when they don't /have/ to be there so…it's been quiet. For the most part.

Khloe comes to a halt by her locker, tugging the handle and swinging the door open with a bit more energy than is necessary. She apparently gives herself a cutting look, peering into the small magnetically-fixed mirror to the inside of her locker door, takes a centering breath, then looks over towards the origin of the greeting. "Oh. Lieutenant Duncan. I heard you might be coming back to duty soon. Welcome back." She lifts her chin, glancing past him, to spot Devlin, then focuses her attention back to Wade.

"Yeah, not bad," Devlin replies to Wade with a nod, "You? I haven't seen you around lately, seems like. Been forever since I ran into you in the weight room, everything alright?" At the 'captain' he turns and spots Khloe, and salutes as well adding an identical greeting of "Captain."

Wade nods to Khloe's words and says "I can return to duty right now actually. Been cleared by the doctors. I hope they managed to save my Viper, it got hit pretty badly." Now he shows a polite smile and nods again "Thank you, Captain" He looks at Devlin now and offers "Better now, spent a while in recovery after my last assignment" Her clears his throat and closes his locker, saving the picture inside. He puts on his dogtags again and quickly reads them before adding. "Captain, do we have Wing Assignments?" He seems more than eager to go back to his Viper.

"First things first, Lieutenant," Khloe says. It appears she's fishing out her flight suit bits from her locker. "I want you to do a full sim suite, and I also want you to go through a physical aptitude test to see if you've got the strength to handle stick. You've been out for enough time to verify your qualifications. I'll have a plan drafted up for you by 0600 tomorrow."

"Oh, sorry to hear that," Devlin tells Wade, "Good that you're back now, though." He wipes at his face some more, and moves a little ways off towards his own locker, now in this room also. He focuses on getting it unlocked and opened as Khloe and Wade discuss the latter's fitness for duty, not wanting, it seems, to intrude on that.

For Wade, it has been a weird situation. He joined the Black Knights when Lucky was SL, and the impression she got from her was 'good person, not enough experience'. Then there was Shiv 'good person, hell of a pilot' and now, he is meeting yet another SL. "I'm sure I can still handle a Viper. But…" he takes a deep breath and nods firmly "If you need that, sure. One extra day is not going to kill me…" He looks over at Devlin and nods "It's ok, the danger comes with the job and we all accept it when we sign"

Khloe nods sharply. "All it is, is one day of testing. I'm sure you'll show green across the board and you'll be back in the saddle, so to speak." She begins undressing out of her blues, down to undershirts and skivvies, hanging and folding meticulously each part of her uniform. "I'd spend your time re-reading the Nugget's manual on Viper 101. As much as your stats under previous squad leads show that you're good, it doesn't hurt to brush up. Even I reread the training manuals from time to time. Always finding new factoids." Then she starts tugging on the legs to her flight suit.

"Yep, true enough," Devlin replies to Wade, glancing back over his shoulder at the pilot. He nods a little, and then turns back to his locker, tugging off his shirt and digging around for his towel and shower stuff, dumping shampoo and razor and things into a little mesh bag. Just in case anyone is feeling particularly regulation-happy today, the boxers visible above the waistband of his shorts are striped, and totally not military-issue.

Wade looks at Khloe for the longest time when she mentions going back to the Nugget manual. He presses his lips together and then nods in silence. "Sure…" says the man, a few seconds after that nod. He clears his throat and opens his locker again, getting a towel and a bottle of water so he can go hit the gym and do some weight lifting. The man takes off his tshirt and tanktop, placing them over his bunk. After this, he pushes his pants down and throws them over that pile as well. Wade takes a set of green shorts and a black tanktop.

Khloe pauses in her flight suit jacket, glancing disapprovingly at Devlin. "I hope you got skidmarks on your usual boxers, Decoy," she comments, slowly resuming suiting up for whatever flight duties she has. "If you like, I can loan you some regulation women's briefs." It's not clear if she's picking on the Ensign or if she's serious, as she's wearing her usual humorless, stoic face.

"No, sir," Devlin replies to Khloe without turning to see that disapproving glance; maybe he doesn't need to. He just continues what he's doing, dropping his dirty shirt into a laundry bag and cinching it back up in the bottom of the locker, and pulling out sandals that he puts on once his towel is thrown over his shoulder.

Wade looks up at Khloe as she addresses Devlin and then looks at the man. He doesn't really say anything because really, what's the problem with wearing different underwear than the standard issue one. Some regulations are crap. He puts on his shorts and then the tanktop, rubbing his right hand over his left arm, there's still some faint bruising there but nothing even close to what it used to look like. "You going out, Captain?" asks the man. Now he looks at Devlin and says "By the way, congratulations on your marriage." this is offered with a polite smile and a nod.

Khloe finally smirks in response to Devlin's answer to her. "I guess stripes will make your Viper go faster," she quips. Nodding once to Wade, she says, "CAP in a bit. Thought I would get some practice sim time in before I had to launch." Yet, she's gearing up *now*. "You can never practice enough. Somewhere, sometime, a Cylon's going to be either luckier or better skilled than you… if toasters could have luck or skill. But they seem to." Shrugging into her jacket, she buttons and zips up.

"Imagine what the plaid will make it do," Devlin replies to Khloe before turning to nod at Wade and reply, "Thank you. I'm surprised news made it all the way to sickbay." He smiles a crooked but friendly smile and then listens to Khloe's explanation to Wade before just offering, "Captain, Lieutenant," by way of farewell and turning to flip-flop towards the head.

Wade listens to the Captain and nods "Agree" He hands the towel over his shoulder and opens the bottle of water, taking a sip from it. He looks at Devlin and shrugs "It's a wedding, that info is bound to get passed over the entire ship" he nods politely tho and adds "Don't mention it" His attention moves back to Khloe and just says "Well, good luck" he offers an easy salute and turns around, making his way to the gym.

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