BCH #008: Sound Bite
Sound Bite
Summary: Every new introduction is a new story waiting to be uncovered. Sawyer meets Topher.
Date: 18 Feb 2014 AE
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Sawyer Topher 

Guest Quarters

Topher has his expression quickly turn sour as he enters the room. He shifts his eyes at the various bunks. Then finally he spots the one that he was assigned to and makes his way over. He flops down on to the bunk as he begins to pull out a notebook to write in. Once he flips through several pages he finds the proper month and makes several small notes.

Currently Sawyer's in the process of, well, packing. She's pulling articles of clothing out of the locker she was assigned, clipping the hangers into a garment bag she's laid out on an empty bunk. At her feet is a hard sided rolling suitcase, already filled with various articles of clothing and some equipment. As Topher enters in a gruff, she pauses in what she's doing and follows him with her eyes. "One of those days?"

Topher lifts an eyebrow in Sawyer's direction giving her a quirky smile. "Well it could be better. Though life is so rarely easy…at least mine. Some days I think I should have just taken up being a care free thespian like my siblings." He finishes his final notes in the organizer and then rolls it up. "So your escaping so soon? Hopefully your just getting an upgraded living arrangement."

Sawyer lays another pair of suit pants on the stack, "Apparently," She pauses long enough to grunt and push that hanger into a clip that's no dangerously overloaded. "My little foray with the pilots yesterday was such a success that I'm being moved to viper squadron to…immerse myself in their way of living. Which means I have to take up smoking, cussing, and scratching myself." Even she has the sense to smile at her own misfortune. Standing back from her suitcase, she pushes her hair out of her face with a sweep of both hands. "I'm sorry, I don't think we had a chance to meet." Crossing the small distance she offers the man her hand. "Sawyer Averies, Acropolis Monthly." So used to saying that, her introduction just rolls off her tongue.

Topher stands up slowly from his seat on the berth. He extends his hand giving her a nice firm hand shake in return. "Ahh well your misfortune will be their blessing. Certainly there will not be anyone more beautiful in those sleeping quarters. I am Topher Devon Aurelia vice president of Xyber armaments. I was on board helping integrate some of the newer software systems that we have developed." His eyes scan the shorter frame of the woman in front of him. "You haven't ever covered politics on Caprica have you?" He gives a toying smile as he continues to search his head for the familiar.

Sawyer shakes his hand heartily, no wilting flower this one. "You know if people keep complimenting me, one of these days it's bound to go to my head. You're too kind. Aurelia. That name seems familiar." She tilts her head slightly, but just can't seem to place it. "No, you'll have to excuse me. I was actually strictly a crime division reporter prior to this assignment. I think I stick out like a sore thumb in a military setting. Covering politicos, at least, I'd not be the only duck in a suit." A pause. "So are all the systems installed then?"

Topher gives you a playful smile when you refer to asking about the systems. Then he uses the cunning of the aforementioned politicos to change the subject. "Yes Aurelia….It seems I am the only one in my family who wasn't famous and beautiful. My brother Alexander the actor is on board as well as my kid sister. "As for compliments they only make sure you live up to expectations. Though once you get good at cards you will have to let me know so I can come take your money."

Sawyer touches her forefinger and thumb to her forehead. "Oh, gods. Right. Aurelia!" She seems genuinely abashed, though it could be just a show. What warm blooded woman /wouldn't/ know Alexander's family name. "I actually met your brother the other day. This is like a family reunion for you, isn't it? You have the same charm, even if you didn't chose the same profession."

Topher does his best to hide a shifty smile of embarrassment. "Ah yes well see now its you doing the flattering. Well as they are as much our mothers children. I have always been much more close to our father. I imagine your already trying to figure out how three family members arrived on the same ship. See that is something I will have to plead the fifth on." He quickly wipes away the embarrassed smile replacing it with the hard to read look of a public figure. "So what exactly is it that brings you to this little cruise? I mean is there something especially noteworthy going down I don't know about?"

Sawyer lifts her chin with a hint of a smile. "Ah, see. You can only plead the fifth in manners of court. I, sir, am the press. There is no such way to weasel yourself out of self incrimination with me. Careful.." She waggles her finger at him and starts walking back towards her packing project. "You get me intrigued, but don't give me the dirt…then I go digging and that's when things get messy." She leans over to zip up her garment bag, balancing expertly on high heels. Only a reporter would be foolish enough to wear sling-back shoes on a Battlestar. "I'm working with the QOUDEL as they do their investigation into the budget and costs of running one of these operations. One of those 'can we justify it in the eyes of the people' type exposes."

Topher quickly begins to almost retract at the mention of 'funding'. "Oh I see well there is always a need for such oversight." He bites his lower lip as he seems to watch you pack a bit too close. However if spotted he quickly turns back to pay attention to his bunk. "Well at least we have a beautiful master of her craft on the job. We surely wouldn't those government defense spending contracts to bankrupt the colonies." Then he slowly slides back down onto his mattress. He then slowly slides the rolled up notebook into the large pocket of his cargo pants. "Well I guess I will have to wander a bit too close to the Air Wing berthings now. See already getting me into trouble."

Sawyer grins back over her shoulder at Topher. "They can't keep me locked in there forever." If she knows she's being watched, she doesn't indicate it. "If I'm not mistaken, that means you are on the other side of this equation, yes? You're the man who wants to keep those government contracts wide open, a cut in spending would be a cut in your profit." She tries to keep the conversation on the neutral side, but there's that hint in her voice, of course, that she can never quite /stop/ being a reporter.

Topher tilts his head curiously as the question comes at him. He pauses in the way all trained public relations people the world over do. His thoughts quickly race through his answer checking and double checking again. Then finally he speaks in a playful almost flirty voice. "Well I will be honest while working for Quorum member Devanilo (Super hawkish right wing representative), I learned that its easy to slight defense spending while social spending explodes. The need for a strong powerful military is the backbone of our civilization. The last time we forgot this we were almost wiped out."

Sawyer finishes closing up all her cases, and she hoists the hard sided one up onto its side now that it's secured. She's not quite struggling with the tasks, but it's certainly hard work. "That." She says with a wide spread grin, as she straightens up and faces him fully again. "Is an excellent sound bite." Too bad she didn't have her recorder going. "May I quote you on that?"

Topher stands up making his way over to help with your luggage. "Well I would have to say no you can't quote that. However if you want to have dinner some time I am sure we can arrange an interview." He keeps his expression purposefully hard to read. Though his curiosity on your answer is very obvious. He reaches down offering a hand to get one of your bags. "As for these I will have to help you just so I know where I can find you."

Sawyer fusses with her hair again, dragging a lock of it behind her ear to tuck. "Oh, leave the suitcases be. They're sending up a private to haul them over for me when I'm through on the news deck. One good thing about the military: all the hired help. As to where you can find me, I was assigned tooooo…" Her voice drifts off and her eyes roll to the ceiling as if trying to pull the scrap of memory down from there. "Top bunk, row nine. Viper squadron." Dear lords, they're releasing this woman to the hounds of jock territory. "Now as to dinner…" Sawyer carefully reads his face for a moment. "You have yourself a deal." Her smile once more blossoms, "But if you'll excuse me, now, I have to go type up piece for my editor. Prove I'm not on some vacation cruise."

Topher stands up tall and straight as he can muster before putting his right arm into the air and bowing theatrically. "Ahh well Mi'lady till dinner then I guess." He flashes a smile before stopping his movements towards your luggage. "I may even have to tip them not to rummage through you secretive pockets. Then again it may be worth paying them to do so for me." He teases some nods a farewell to you in return. "I guess I should get down to the hangar deck anyway to see why there are bug reports."

Sawyer moves towards the exit with the steady clack of her heels on the deck. "And you say you're not a thespian…" She remarks, her tone amused, as she moves out the hatch to the nearby news room.

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