Tanya Sonnier
Specialist Tanya Sonnier
Amy Lee
Amy Lee as Tanya Sonnier
Alias: Tanya
Age: 26
Features: Green Eyes / Black Hair
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Specialist
Department: Deck
Position: Air Eng (Mech)


Born on Scorpia, a dock worker for Scorpia Fleet Yards for four years before enlisting in the Colonial Fleet.

Immediate Family

Father Edward Sonnier Dock Worker Scorpia Fleet Yard
Mother Donnia Sonnier Gardner Government Facility

No siblings.

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
2037 Recruit Boot Camp / A-School Enlisted on Scorpia at the age of 22.
2037 Apprentice Battlestar Hyperion Assigned as Air Eng (Mech) Port Side Deck Crew
2038 Crewman Battlestar Hyperion Promoted to Crewman.
2040 Specialist Battlestar Hyperion Promoted to Specialist.
2040 Specialist Battlestar Hyperion Participated in decommissioning program for the Battlestar.
2041 Specialist Battlestar Cerberus Assigned as Air Eng (Mech)

Physical Features

Tall, stocky woman standing at approximately six feet tall with short jet black hair and ocean green eyes. Her cheeks have small freckles and she has a small scar on her left cheek as well as plasma burn scarring decorating her left forearm. Her skin is a light brown and freckled along with her cheeks. She appears to be in her mid twenties. She is plain looking and described at best, as pleasant looking. She walks with a purpose and her voice is quiet and somewhat soothing to the hearing.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Information currently unavailable.


She hates to rush any project, so much so that it stresses her to be rushed. She prefers to take her time and do things right the first time.

Recent Logs


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