PHD #467: Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Summary: Sawyer seeks out Evan to cheer him up in an unconventional way.
Date: 9 Jun 2042 AE
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Evandreus Sawyer 
Pilot Berths
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear
Post-Holocaust Day: #467

Evandreus is flat on his back, staring at the ceiling, feet at about shoulder width and a hand on his chest, monitoring the flutter of his heartbeat as he peers grimly at a piece of paper in his other hand. A scrip from the s'bay, to fill, as needed, anti-depressants. This is how it started the first time around, and Evan can't help but feel the ineluctable wheel of fate pulling him back toward the center, never letting him escape the gravity of the singular persona that consumes the dark side of his waking hours. The scrip, for the moment, remains unfilled, but the eyes regarding it are near to resigned even as he lifts a hand to set it up on the shelf behind him, on top of his sidearm in its hard plastic case.

What's that Toto? We're not on Caprica anymore? Then what is Dorthy doing, waltzing in the hatch? To be fair, Sawyer didn't go so far as to glue sequins to her red pumps, but she did manage to find what passes as a blue checkered dress and her hair has been pulled into pigtails. No dog, alas, but a basket is slung on the crook of her arm and she goes so far as to skip into the Pilot's Berthing.

Evandreus might be a friend of Dorothy's, but there's very little of the rainbow about him, today. All cloud and no sunshine, and a tired, achey squint to his eyes as he lowers his arm to his side and wedges himself up on an elbow to peer at the journalist skipping into berths, mouth open unevenly as if internally gaguing whether or not he's totally lost his grip on reality or what.

Sawyer stops just in front of Evan's bunk, reaching into her basket of tricks to pull out an item, "Lions!" It's a flask. "And Tigers!" A bag of popcorn, freshly popped. "And bears, oh my!" The last is her laptop, which takes some finagling to get out of little wicker womb of wonders, but she finally sets it heavily on his mattress. If he's lost his mind, she's certainly not helping to bring him back to sanity.

"Uh —" is a little grunted syllable, barely uttered as Evan tries to grapple the flask tossed his way, then, "Ah, hot —" when there's popcorn, to boot, steaming away in his arms as he executes a strained-looking sit-up. "What's going on?" he wonders, fuzzy-brained, getting the popcorn bag by the corner and scooting so the Soybean can climb up.

Sawyer cracks open her laptop and moves to manuever it to sit on the shelf of his bunk, carefully situating it ontop of his other belongings even if she has to respectfully scoot some out of the way. "We're off to see the Wizard!" She comments, her forefinger stabbing at a button which starts an old black and white movie to come to life on the display. Only then does she climb up into the bunk with Evan, toeing off her red heels so they clunk heavily to the deck before she scoots in.

Evandreus is forced, at length, to smile, the expression starting in his eyes before it ever gathers up enough steam to hit his mouth. He toys with the hem of Soybean's checkered dress with a finger, floofing it with a shy little look. "Soybean," he tells her, a fond, warm address. "You dressed up. That's so hot, girlie. Movies used to be like that back home. We'd all go up to the roof and have a movie night, watching it on a big sheet hung up out there, and we'd all dress up and have a big party."

"Well tonight we'll have just a little party." Sawyer says while she busies herself with fluffing his pillows accordingly, smirking as he messes with the crinoline bulstered fabric. "Only you and I are invited." She flops over and holds her hands out in a c'mere gesture, even going so far as to pat her chest just above her heart indicating she's saving a front row seat just for him. "And bring the popcorn, we're about to miss the tornado."

Evandreus is decidedly less spiffily dressed, in sweatpants that have been lounged around in long enough to be slouchy but not long enough to smell, in tanks of the usual sort. But he opens up the popcorn away from his face, letting the steam finish venting, and, tucking the flask up under his arm, he crawls up alongside and snuggles in like a snugglebun does, setting the popcorn at her opposite hip where both he and she can reach it, letting the flask fall on her stomach. "That sounds really nice," he whispers in those close quarters, "Hey, y'know… sorry I didn't come find you. I heard about the fight, honey," he twists one corner of his mouth downward into a sympathetic little grimace as he glances up from his pillow at her chest.

Sawyer looks down crookedly at Evan. "You call that a fight? Nothing valuable was broken, the MP's weren't called by the neighbors, and there wasn't a bonfire of the other one's possessions on the front lawn. That wasn't a fight, dear, that was just a hiccup." It's altogether possible Sawyer is severely downgrading the event for Evan's benefit, but she didn't dress up as some movie character because she's the one that's blue. Well. Mostly. Her fingers pluck one of the fluffed kernels out of the bag and hold it at the ready at Evan's lips for him to eat.

Evandreus eats like his namesake, taking little knobs of exploded corn and squeezing them between teeth until the little curls fall off, only at long last taking the kernel in the middle. And the assurances that all is well with Soybean and the Boots seems to do its own part to set him at ease. "You know, I was just saying the other day I'd really like to get out of my brain for a little bit," he picks up the flask and listens at it. "You must have been sent by the Grape God, himself," he tries after a joke, but it fails into something more soppy than jovial. "Thanks," he whispers.

After he's done nibbling away, Sawyer takes one of the pieces of popcorn for herself. "You're welcome. Nothing like some mindless hours of technicolor programming, it does the body good. And some junk food. And some snuggling. And a little nip of something deliciously artificially cherry flavored. Just a warning though, I get entirely blubbering sometime around when the Tinman finally gets a heart." Her non-snack hand lifts to toy with Evan's hair, craddling his head against her so she smooch his forehead.

"I promise to cry with you," Evan replies, as if it were some noble sacrifice, when in actuality his eye so frequently overflow with tears that nobody in the vicinity can get flood insurance anymore. He slips a leg over her legs and his eyes threaten to close when she plays with his hair, only staying open to watch the door open into the land of Oz. He reaches for a piece of popcorn on his own, nibbling it down as he settles in to watch. He lets the film go on a while before piping up again, almost absent-voiced, "They gave me permission to get back on the meds. Since Cam's out of commission and I'm not getting pincushion therapy 'til he's better. I dunno whether I want to, though."

"The decision is yours, just make sure you're making it for the right reasons. If you need help, you need help. No one is going to think less of you for it." Sawyer says quietly, as if not wanting to ruin the sanctity of their mini-movie theater. "But this is always going to be a difficult time for you, whether or not you're taking brain candy." Should he need to wash down any of that popcorn, he'll find an overly sweet childhood drink in that flask instead of actual alcohol. "But you can't not take the help, whether it's pharmaceutical or talking to a counsellor, or just squirreling away with me and watching silly old movies. You can't not take the help." She repeats emphatically. "We won't let you."

Evandreus shrugs up a shoulder in a slow, pained pull, twisting his back into the gesture. "I feel trapped, Soybean," he whispers. "Some days I really feel like I never even left that room, like I'll blink my eyes and wake up back there, with everyone else gone. Just him and me and that damned," he lifts up a bare toe to prod at the gun case next to the computer on the shelf, moving it a millimeter or two. This has all evidently been stewing in him for weeks, by now.

"You're forgetting one thing," Sawyer might have had an inkling about why Evan has been down and out, which he's gone and confirmed. "And that's me, beating the holy Hades out of the door on the other side." She kisses his brow again, then again. Then again and again until she's quickly peppering him with tiny little smackers. "Have I ever done my Munchkin impersonation for you?"

Evandreus looks up, eyes all runny ahead of schedule, and swallowing over any noise he might be trying to make, he presses his lips together and shakes his head no, looking up at the lips as they come at him again and again, eyes all an invitation for her to do so, even if they're a little on the watery side.

"Good." Sawyer says simply, pretending that's an end to that matter as her eyes go back to the little screen of her laptop as it flickers the images from the old recording. A sly smile starts to curl at the corner of her lips and she looks down to Evan with a little laugh. "Okay okay." She clears her throat, and when she speaks again, her voice is several measures higher and severely nasalled. "We welcome you to the Lollipop Guild! The Lollipop Guild! The Lollipop Guild! We welcome y ou to the Lollipop Guiiiiiiiiiiiiiild! And …something something something!" Because she's clearly forgotten the words.

Evandreus gives a monstrous snort, his sinuses all full of goo from his weepfulness and the impression drawing a laugh, forgotten lyrics and all. He lifts his hand, then, embarrassed of the noise, and gives a few weepy flavored shakes of his shoulder to indicate laughter behind the hand before he snorts again, more gently, and finally just smiles. "You're too cute, you know that?"

Sawyer's laugh is just as embarrassed as Evan, which means it's a safe bet she wouldn't break that 'impression' out for just anyone. "I prefer to think I'm just the right amount of cute. Need to blow your nose? You can use the hem of my dress, it's a rental."

"I won't get snot all on your pretty dress," Evan pledges, running his hand along the fabric of the skirt and folding some of it over his thumb with his forefingers as he goes, snagging his own tank on the way back up and using it to wipe his face down once, preferring not to blow, but to snort away anything that might have been threatening to drip further. "Who did you rent it from?" he has to wonder who goes around with Dorothy costumes on a battlestar.

"I borrowed it from a sweet little old lady on the Elpis. She was going to cut it up and make pillow cases out of it. I think she found the dress in the clothing drive, with the intention of getting back to her dancing days. Sweet dear, and it only cost me two drink vouchers for the week, which leaves me exactly six more days to figure out more excuses to dress like this." Sawyer grins before tossing up a piece of popcorn to try and catch it in her open mouth. Failing miserably, of course.

"I bet Short Kal would love a visit from Dorothy. We could show her the movie, and I could take a picture of her with you, for when she grows up," Evan muses gently, eyes drifting back to the movie until a piece of errant popcorn rolls down in front of his face and he moves to nab it in his lips. "I honestly don't know Tall Kal's preferences on bedtime dress-ups?" he angles that statement weirdly, as if a question in its very uncertainty. "But I think you're totally hot in it," he encourages her with a playfulness in his eyes. "I wish I had some more pictures of Tavi, some of the stuff he used to dress up in. I remember this one Adonaia… this gorgeous red dress, a little old-fashioned, but, man, he knew how to wear it."

"Only if we can dress her up like Toto, and I'll carry her around in my basket." Sawyer says wryly, reminding Evan only, "The hiccup, remember?" So Tall Kal's preferences really don't factor in here. "But thank you." She nestles down in further with Evan. "If you want to talk about Tavi we can. But! After the movie. We're escaping our brains, remember?" And with that Sawyer points back to the screen. "Shh now, this is where they meet up with the Cowardly Lion." And sooner or later, they'll follow the Yellow Brick Road, discover the man behind the curtain, defeat the wicked witch and all will be right in the world again. Or so they can pretend.

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