Sofia Wolfe
Specialist Sofia Wolfe
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly as Sofia Wolfe
Alias: 'Oh god she's coming' 'Noooooo' 'Sofa' 'The terror what stalks the inventories at midnight'
Age: 23
Features: Green eyes, brown hair
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Specialist
Department: Engineering
Position: Random Grunt #2984219 (Non-Red Shirt)


Sofia is a humble 3M engineer. She really does have a good heart, although she loves to play up the silly, evil side of middle management reveling in bad jokes, puns and her own role as a meat slinky. Updates under the collapsing thingy. Because exercise is good for you right?

Picture thanks to Demos. Provide her with cookies and tribute! Actress is Jennifer Connelly.

Immediate Family

Sofia's mother is an opera singer of minor fame on Aquaria, while her father does art. As for her siblings, they do music. Unfortunately, they rarely talk. Instead, family gatherings often consist of interpretive dance, pantomiming and as many alternate forms of communication as possible. No one ever said artists weren't weird.

Service Jacket

Physical Features

On the Grid

Soundtrack. Thingy. Even Roombas love to dance.


  • Sofia secretly enjoys aquarium keeping and adores pet fishies.
  • Sofia has a hard time not breaking into rashes and turns hilarious mixes of color much to her consternation.
  • Sofia gets shot in the throat a lot.
  • Sofia has a mild hesitance to dealing with officers, probably just because they seem so far away at times. But she likes people for the most part.
  • Sofia is in fact, allergic or hypersensitive to caffiene. While hilarious, it's probably not wise to exploit her flailing for entertainment.
  • There is no Zod. But there is a Sofia. And some roombas.
  • Do you like tea? Sofia apparently has some talent for tea making and tea rituals. Oooo. Too bad she's not allowed to break her no caffiene rule, since hypersensitive individuals can have psychotic fits if caffiene builds up. But herbal tea is still cool.
  • She has some ability to use and repair ECMs. Spooky.


Ta-dah, her personality type is ENFJ! At least, according to these peeps.

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