PHD #088: Sneaky Meeting
Sneaky Meeting
Summary: Alessandra seeks out the Marines' CO as per Tillman's orders to discuss urgent business.
Date: 25 May 2041 AE
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Alessandra Madilyn 
Abandoned Office
A dusty, misused office which has been used as storage.
Post-Holocaust Day: #88

It takes a bit of careful communications but a meeting place is eventually figured out and Alessandra makes her way to the designated place, the same unused office she chatted with the XO several in weeks ago; virtually forgotten, there are desks and chairs stacked up against several of the bulkheads and boxes stacked in the middle of what floorspace is left, making for several nooks for one to duck behind.

The meeting is carefully scheduled to take place at a time when the marine CO is scheduled to be off-duty, so that her disappearance from the office spaces and the marine deck will go virtually unnoticed. However, because not everyone knows that, she's worn her duty uniform as a way to wear her sidearm without seeming too out of place. There's no knock at the hatch, no coded taps or anything - since this place is normally unused, few people ever go in or out. Given that it's the planned-upon time and day, Madilyn doesn't hesitate to just walk in…but she locks the hatch door behind her.

Alessandra looks relieved when Madilyn arrives. "Major," she greets the woman with a semi-abrupt nod and a faint smile, that being as proper as she can muster the energy to be right now. "I am sorry for all the sneaking around but this is something that has to remain…" Not sure how to continue with that, Alessandra decides the best course of action is to just get down to brass tacks. "Major, I am one of the few who knows about the CO. I was part of the group on Leonis who was initially made aware of that information. I have since spoke to Major Tillman and offered my assistance where this matter goes but he told me I need to speak with you, find out what my legal standings are, if any, before I approach Major Hahn with my intention to get involved."

"I understand the necessity for secrecy in this matter, Lieutenant. The XO and myself have had several discussions on that very matter already." Madilyn doesn't bother to lean on anything in the room; rather, she just stands bolt upright listening to Alessandra. "What did you see Lieutenant? I'm sure you've told Major Tillman already, but I'd like to hear the details for myself. With what degree of certainty can you say that Abbot was involved in what it was you saw? Was it absolutely, infallibly the CO, or could you possibly be mistaken, even in the slightest?"

Alessandra leans back against the edge of one of the desks, careful not to accidentally topple anything else that's piled nearby on top of her. "Alright. What little I do know is based on what I heard from the others on my scouting team. I was injured at the time and laid out across the room from where the others were after we ran into a news crew who took us into the place they had been hiding from the Centurion in. Captain Laskaris, Ensign Apostolos and Petty Officer Fasi were shown footage that was of the CO walking with what sounded like a Centurion escort of several…tincans. Leading them around, sir. Now, I didn't know what to make of this and almost…almost…dismissed it as a prank but I knew they wouldn't lie to me. And then we later ran into one Lieutenant Shaker, a former Cerberus pilot. A pilot who had died on Warday. I had assumed he was just a looter but the Ensign. She recognized him and he her. She shot and killed him." This is where her voice cracks and she has to stop before she winds up crying again.

"So, video evidence seen by three crewmen of this ship that hopefully still exists somewhere down on the planet. Was this news crew still alive when you were evaced, Lieutenant? If the shit his the fan, I need to know that there's some piece of physical evidence out that linking collaborators to their crimes. It's frakkin' hard to accuse an admiral of treason without solid evidence." While Alessandra is pushed toward tears by her recollections, Madilyn remains stone-faced, taking only a deep breath and a bit of a sighing exhale. "If this pilot was confirmed dead on warday, and then seen alive again on the planet, I think our worst fears about these collaborators are becoming truer." Madilyn crosses her arms across her chest and leans her head back, closing her eyes and looking up at the ceiling, thinking.

"As far as I know, the news crew is indeed alive and the evidence intact, sir. I've since lost contact with the party since my return to the Cerberus, unfortunately, so I cant give a definite answer outside of that." Allie finally gets herself under control again and she looks at the Major even though she doesn't look at her in return, Madilyn watched carefully as she goes on. "Sir, I realize that this is a horrible thing for a person to be accused of but I really don't know how we can't take it in any way but seriously." Pursing her lips, Allie inhales deeply and then exhales slowly, trying to get the damn butterflies to go the frak away. "I'd like to help. In any way, sir. Even if only as a character witness if it comes down to needing one…please, let me help?"

"I think you're going to be helping beyond just being a character witness. You and those you've mentioned will likely be called before the JAG to testify and make sworn statements. So long as you're /absolutely/ sure that what you heard is the truth, that what those other three saw was undeniably the truth, unaltered, legitimate evidence, we should be okay. If, however, there's even a hint of doubt, our job becomes much, much harder." Madilyn says all that while looking at the ceiling. When she finishes, she turns to Alessandra. "For now, Lieutenant, you've done as much as I think could ever be expected. You survived on Leonis, you brought this information to people who can use it to protect others, and you've kept your mouth shut about it to others who don't need to know. I'll tell you what I'm sure the XO has already told you: we must continue as if we know nothing. Plans are being laid to expose these conspirators and eliminate them in one fell swoop. When the time comes to act, you'll be contacted, I'm certain."

Alessandra nods. "Of course, Major. I'll continue to keep on acting like I don't know frak." The pilot cocks a slight grin as she adds, "Which really isn't all that difficult, really. I'm just the messenger." The seat she took against the furniture is straightened from and she snaps Madilyn a salute, it done a bit stiffly thanks to the soreness she's still inflicted with thanks to her injuries. "Thank you for everything, Major."

"Should you remember any additional information, or need to speak with me again, you know how to contact me. As the plans are made and carried out, you may be called into action by the XO or myself. Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut. And, if Major Tillman hasn't told you, I do believe he's doing his best to minimize Major Hahn's involvement. He wants to limit her liability in the event of a massive shakeup in command staff. He has her support, I know that. The air-wing as well as the CMC will always serve to protect this ship and her crew against our enemies, from outside and from within." Alessandra's salute is returned, a little more briskly, and Madilyn gives her a chance to exit before she does herself, to give it a few minutes.

"I know, Major. And I intend to protect the CAG myself as much as is possible." Allie says that in passing as she makes her way out of the office. There will be no sign of there ever having been any form of meeting held here save for the few footprints on the dusty floor and one butt print on the end of the desk Allie had rested against.

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