PHD #001: Sleepy
Summary: Three of the Harriers finally get a chance to rest and assess the situation.
Date: 27 Feb 2041 AE (Early AM)
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Quinn Marko Evandreus 

[ Raptor Squadron ] [ Naval Deck - Battlestar Cerberus ]

The Raptor squadron pilots and ECO's call this place home.
Berths line the walls with a locker between each one. A table and chairs sit in the center and there is a hatch to the Pilots Head, which connects to the Viper Squadron Berthings.

Marko, bleary eyed and slightly wobbly after a long shift on CAP, meanders into the barracks like a man punch drunk. Clearly, he wasn't expecting to find the Captain inside, and her appearance makes him blink in surprise. "Captain? Thought you were on the next CAP?" he asks, furrowing his brow as he tries to remember the flight schedule.

Quinn looks up, having been taking pretty much every other CAP, or trying to… but she's also working with the brass on permission -to- get the Raptors jumping and find out more than the basic area around them where Cerberus is dead in the water. So few birds yet being operational means that not everyone has to take a CAP though, and so as long as her younger pilots seem capable of flying, she's been letting them stretch their legs a bit too. Someone, somewhere told her she needed to rest. Perhaps several someones have said it. So… she came back to rest. Not that it's been possible. She's currently sitting up in her bunk, about two sets of luggage beneath her eyes, red hair unbraided and ready for bed… but bed isn't happening. She blinks drowsily up to the younger officer. "Hm?…no… was on the CAP before yours. Don't have enough birds to go around the duty roster so… off for a few, apparently. Unless someone can't fly." She admits, her voice husky with exhaustion and lingering, quiet shock. "How was CAP?"

"Oh..okay…Sorry, sir. Eh, CAP was, eh…pretty much one big box meal of Terribly Boring with a side of Shit Scared and a pint of Confusion to wash it down with." Marko sighs, smirking a little at his own joke as he starts to peel himself out of his flight suit. "Got a few nibbles on DRADIS, but who or whatever they were, they didn't stick around long enough to even make a play at triangulating our position. Didn't even get a transponder fix on 'em." he yawns. "Just a little unnerving."

Quinn draws in a slow breath through her nose. She can't lose it, far, far too many officers under her who need a safe space to do so. So she keeps it together, trying to blink some of the lacking sleep out of her eyes as she gives him a glance that is -almost- a smile, but not quite there. It's more just understanding and concern. "Yeah… much the same as my own CAP. Boring is better than anything else, though… Lets hope they stay that way. Have you slept yet?" She studies his face gently, standing up to cross in the young man's direction. She leans against the table near to him now, instead of hovering listlessly in her own unmade bunk.

Marko doesn't reply at first, merely nods in acknowledgement of Quinn's words as he finally get the last of his suit off and, wrinkling his nose a little, stuffs in into his laundry bag. "Sleep…eh.. a little, sir. Caught a few minutes in the ready room before pre-flight brief. Too keyed up to sleep right now." he confesses, rubbing at his eyes. "What about you, Cap? "

Evandreus heads into berthings juggling a hot pack in one hand, wincing, 'cause, well, it's really hot, keeping on tossing it up into the air with a grimace until he throws it on the table. His right shoulder's all bandaged up and in place, and he's been going about topless to facilitate the bandaging, his torso having turned a series of strange colors during the day from all the rstraint bruising from the crash. He is, however, wearing a pair of sweats. "Ow ow ow hot," he comments.

Quinn shakes her head quietly, "Tried, but yeah… keyed up is a good word for it." She admits softly, pushing one hand back through her red hair and exhaling a quiet breath through her nose. She almost hovers near him, wanting to help, to listen, perhaps to even hug him. But she doesn't know this one all that well, so she doesn't invade his space. She just studies him quietly. "If… if you need to talk, you know you can… come to me. Part of what being a mama bird is." She gives him a brief, reassuring wink… before another who -definitely- needs some mamabirding comes in. She blinks to Evan, concern deeply washing over her face. "Dear gods, Evan… go… go lay down. I'll get a towel to put this in." Yes, he's getting mothered. She -does- know his personal space issues. Which are none. She moves quickly to her locker, grabbing out a towel to wrap the hot pack in.

Marko smiles a little and nods to Quinn. "Thanks, Cap. I appreciate it, I really do." he replies sincerely, too young and too inexperienced to know when he really should be breaking down. "Honestly, right now, not trying to think about anything more than a minute away." he sighs, starting to do a few deep knee bends and stretching excercises, accompanied by all manner of quiet little pops and cricks. The joys of being an ECO. Evan's appearance does seem to brighten his mood as much as it does Quinn's. "They got you out of medical all ready, Bunny?" he asks, popping his neck one way and the other. "You look like somebody's just been pulled through a pipe." he points out in as friendly/teasing a voice as he can manage.

"They let me out yesterday," Evan informs them, "But they've got me on light duty, so— I spent the night down there with Stiffy." A pause, "Thanks, Juggles," he tells her, "She's not awake, yet. They don't know when she'll wake up." There sounds to be an 'if' underneath that 'when.' "I've been icing the shoulder, but they said to unwrap it and heat it tonight, then try some stretching, and to head in to a late night appointment. If all checks out I'll be on the flight roster again tomorrow," he lets his Cap'n know, settling into a chair. "Can you help me unwrap this?" he wonders, to one or the other of them. Whoever might have a free hand.

Quinn folds the hot pack gently into the towel, bringing it over to Evan's lap, now no longer burn worthy though still quite, quite warm. "Of course, hun… then maybe I'll take a turn and go sit with Stiffy. She'll come out of it soon." Maggie states with a flat confidence in her voice, as if there were no other choice. She'll keep it together… keep the light on, so to speak, so hopefully they all have something to come home to. She looks back to the stretching Marko, nodding in brief approval about this thinking style. It's all any of them could do, really. Finally, her green eyes fall back to Evan's shoulder as she gingerly begins to unwrap the bandage.

The news about Stiffy deflates Marko slightly and the young man nods in reply to Quinn's words about taking a turn to sit vigil on her. "Put me down for a session as well, Cap." he says simply. "Glad to have you back, Buns."he adds, offering the other man a hand. "Who else is still down there?" he asks, wincing even as he says it.

Evandreus draws his lips together into a tight line as his Cap'n begins to manipulate the bandage and peel it away, revealing by far the worst of the bruising, his shoulder a green-brown to an almost blue-black in a stripe where it got caught by the restraint and his whole weight was thrown upon it. He slowly lifts his elbow to his side, feeling out his range of motion before lowering it again and lifting the heat pack to his shoulder. "AUGH," he notes. "Um. From us? Nobody. Duckie from next door is pretty bad off, though, she'll be down there a while. And one of Shiv's guys is in there."

Quinn's expression crumples just a bit as she sees the damage done to her Bunny. Not exactly sympathy pains, but close. She doesn't say anything as she, gingerly as humanly possible, finishes taking away his bandage and then reaches the wrapped up hot pack to softly rest on his shoulder. "Here… just sit back and relax, Evan… You want anything? Tea or something?" She asks softly, searching his face for a few moments. Now her concern is torn, but she doesn't give up looking back in on Marko every few moments either.

"I have a bottle of juice up on the shelf above the head of my bunk," Evan tells his Cap'm. "If you could nab that for me, that'd be great, thanks," he offers, words warm but worn. He hasn't slept much, and it's catching up to him. He takes long, deep breaths as his shoulder throbs in the heat. "You take such good care of me, Juggles," he murmurs.

Marko doesn't know if he wants to look or not as Quinn peels the bandage off Evan's shoulder, but morbid curiosity does win out and the young man takes a sharp, hissing breath at the sight. "Damn…Wait…Ducky? You mean Lucky?" he asks, shaking his head, too tired to puzzle it all out. "Cap, we need to start handing out frakkin' programs." he sighs, crawling up into his rack, then sitting up sharply and nearly falling out of it.

Quinn stands up, reaching for that juice herself, not really sore in the least. Limber, mostly. Exhausted, but too awake and with a racing mind to think about sleeping. She unscrews the top of the juice, so he doesn't have to stretch his arm to worry about opening it, and then hands the container over. "There ya go… and it's my job, Bunny. I'll always be here to take care of you." She promises warmly, leaning over to kiss his forehead a moment, now that he's settled in with his juice. "Though I should have put you straight in bed, not in this damn chair…" And then her eyes flicker back to Marko, giving a half tired laugh…"Yeah, we should…"

"It would have been hard to get the bandage off with me laying down," Evan points out, "And I have to get back to sickbay after I stretch it a while." Which he looks… so… very inclined to be doing. Or not. "Lucky, sorry, yah," he notes, to Marko. "But if we hand out frakking programs, then everyone will know who's frakking whom. And nobody wants that," he remarks with a little smile, then chugs some juice from his big quart-sized plastic bottle. "Keh. I could lie down a moment, though. I'm worn right through, almost."

"Just an idea's all." Marko chuckles, shaking his head as he opens his laundry bag and hauls out his flight suit, wrinkling his nose at its sour odor. "It's the Taurian half of my nature. Always looking for a way to make a cubit or two." he smirks, opening the breast pocket of the suit and pulling out his little bright blue whistle on its steel ball chain. "We could do a clean version, then charge more for the frakking roster." he offers, giving the whistle a kiss before stuffing the suit back in his bag.

Quinn nods towards his bed. "Go lay down, Evan…I'll wake you up in an hour and get you down there, alright?" She rarely calls him just 'Evan'…it a bit too personal, even after all they've been through. But tonight it doesn't seem to matter. She wants that closeness, and possibly he needs it too. She lingers close, incase he wants help getting up. A short, tired laugh brushes her lips. "People are frakking each other on this ship? … Damn. I miss all the fun. We've barely had a month to even get to know each other." Marko is just given a bit of a smirking glare, though it's teasing, shaking her head. "Save it for the hair dresser, boys… you can get all your gossip out there."

"It's true," Evan acquisces to Quinn, "It's a little early. But it'll start up soon. It has hapened before," he chuckles a little. Not that he ever partipates in that sort of behavior, the Bunny as pure as the driven snow, by all accounts. Despite the fact that he seems to know about all manner of perverted practices. "Can I sleep in your bed, Cap'n?" he asks her. Since it's on the ground floor and his is ladder-access, of course. Or because he wants cuddled.

Marko slips the chain around his neck and tucks it into his shirt next to his tags. "Men plus women plus time equals…" Marko nods, climbing back into his own rack. "Eh, I know this is against the regs and all, but…" he says, fishing a flask out from somewhere in his rack. "If it's okay with you, sir…Maybe a sip of this'd do us some good."

Quinn smiles a bit more as he asks if he can sleep in her bunk. "Of course, Bunny… just crawl in. It's not made or anything… " Which means blankets are turned back and pillow is messily fluffed all for him already. SHe offers him a hand up, to his good arm, of course. Marko and his flask are given a brief look but she turns back away. "I saw nothing, Marko… but if I didn't see anything, then nothing happened, right?" She won't give outright permission… btu she sure as hell isn't going to stop him

"Oh, man. I shouldn't, for honest, I'm going to the Sickbay later," Evan points out. "But, y'know… if a little bit of that got in my juice somehow, it'll totally disappear in the next couple of days," he grins a little loopy grin as he give his Cap'n his arm and stands up, heading over to her bunk to turn around and sit, then stretch out and lay down. "Ohman. They must give SLs the nice mattresses."

Marko gives his Squad Leader a long, appraising look, then down at the flask for an even longer, more searching one. "Hey Bunny…catch." he says, and tosses the flask to his friend. "You need it more than I do."

Evandreus's head is on the pillow and will like as not get clocked somewhere uncomfortable by the flask chucked at him, which elicits a murmur and a snrrk before he's sawing away at logs. Yes, the Bunny snores. Rather impressively, for a lad of his stature.

While Maggie was trying not to pay attention, she does realize that 1. Evan is half asleep and 2. He's too sore to probably be moving fast. She jerks an arm up, moving rather fast herself though, and manages to catch the flask just in time. She rolls her eyes at both of them. "Troublemakers." She teases them gently. "Sleep well, Evan…I'll wake you up." And then moves to his bottle of juice, topping it off with some of whatever is in the flask…"No one ever saw this." Once she's poured about a third of the contents in, she reshuts the flask and hands it back to Marko…"We'll all need it later. Keep it safe."

Quinn then goes back to Bunny, reaching for her sheets, she gently pulls them over him and tucks him in before dragging the curtain shut on her bunk

"Fair enough, Cap." Marko nods, taking the flask and tucking it back in its hidey hole. "Night, Cap." he offers before pulling the curtain on his own bunk. "Okay…how the frak do you set the alarm on this thinnnggh…….zzzzzz…."

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