PHD #009: Sketch
Summary: Nostos and Naevi go on their first CAP together - Nostos proposes a callsign due to Neavi's actions.
Date: 3.7.2041
Related Logs: None.
Nostos Naevi 

Hangar Deck

The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.

Nostos is in his flightsuit and on the flightdeck and he is waiting for a certain someone. He looks over at one of the deck gang and asks, "What time do you have?" The knuckledragger grunts an answer which causes the pilot to nod his head, "Thanks." As he waits he picks up a clipboard and checks off all of his pre-flight work.

Naevi shows up before too long, adjusting her own chronometer on the sleeve of her flightsuit as she trots down the stairway and onto the hangar deck, "Got zero zero five six," she calls to her new wingmate, "You ready?"

Angelus looks at his own time piece, "I was born ready, question is are you ready?" Angelus hands his clipboard over to a knuckledragger, "Thanks." He says genuinely as he starts walking toward Naevi, "Got everything checked? All your pre-flight paperwork and all that jazz?" He is acctually asking more than doublechecking since he does his paperwork but he is more interested in flight than beauracracy.

"Nope," Naevi answers a little snidely, "I figured I'd get in the cockpit, push every button and then crash into the side of the battlestar. But if you're so insistant I'll do my pre-flight." She looks at him with a flat expression, holding up her clipboard with the filled-out form and passing it off to one of the deck crew with a nod of her head, "All done."

"Well, that would be one way to fail spectacularly and make sure that you'd never fly again but I must admit that would be pretty damn amusing." It would seem that flat respmses get a laugh out of him. "Alright, so, you and me on CAP, lets suit up and light the fires." Angelus begins walking toward his Viper. "Besides this will give us a few hours to talk and get to know each other better."

"Everything worth knowing blew up a few days ago," Naevi replies, unable to keep a streak of bitterness out of her voice despite trying to repress all those raw emotions, "But I guess that sounds like a plan." She makes her way to her own Viper, climbing up the ladder and slipping into the cockpit with well-practiced grace.

As Angelus makes his way to the top of his Viper he looks back at Naevi, "We lot a battle, doesn't mean we lost a war." There is no hint of anger in his voice but then again he is one of those idealistic types. "Alright, go through your flight prep and call to Acctual when you are ready to get permission to launch."

"Lost a husband and a daughter lately, too, have you?" Naevi murmurs to herself, not letting her voice carry through the air or the wireless - no need to bring that kind of ill-will to a CAP. Everyone lost something. She begins to go over her flight prep, something she could perform by rote but nowadays she never fails to make sure everything is in working order.

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "Alright, rook, I'm going to saddle you with Acrobat as a callsign for now. I'll call you this until something either sticks or until you do something that earns a better callsign."

[TAC3] Naevi says, "Suits me. All systems are green here."

[BlackKnight-308: Nostos] Halo gets permission to launch from the CIC and is off like a flash as he is launched into space. "Alright, you know how to fly, so the question is, do you know any manuevers or is there anything you want to try?" A course is set a short distance from the Cerberus to start the CAP. "Full burn to the following coordinates…" which Halo rattles off.

[BlackKnight-310: Naevi] Naevi's Viper hurtles out of the launch tube into space, wings tilting as she draws up alongside Nostos and falls into formation.

[TAC3] Naevi says, "I know the basics and the not-so-basics they teach you at Flight School. Never really got it much into my mind to learn anything extremely tricky … why?"

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "Oh, just curious. If you want you can try a simple roll or whatever else strikes your fancy while we are moving into position for CAP. Just make sure it is something you feel like you can do. As for why would you want to lean them, well, they can help keep you alive in combat situaitons."

[TAC3] Naevi says, "Or they can get you killed … hang on, I'm gonna try something."

[BlackKnight-310: Naevi] Naevi's Viper pulls out of formation for a moment before it executes a roll, textbook but nothing fancy or overly flashy. Just the basic roll. After which she moves back into formation.

[BlackKnight-308: Nostos] Halo's Viper maintains a safe distance as the roll is pulled and once Acrobat moves back into formation there is a tip of Halo's wing which is the way a pilot says good job.

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "Good work out there. Simple but effective. Also, remember in combat anything can get you killed including doing nothing. So, sometimes a maneuver can save your life out there. Also, how is your DRADIS reading?"

[TAC3] Naevi says, "Coming up clean. No unidentified contacts."

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "So, lets discuss callsigns, Acrobat works though I'm not sure if it will stick. We need something strong for you I think. Something with flair. Something that comes from something funny. So, since you seem to be a good pilot I have to ask this question. Have you done anything embarrassing or amazing recently?"

[TAC3] Naevi says, "Aw, c'mon now, Halo. You know that isn't how it works. If I'd done anything embarassing or amazing you'd have to find out for yourself. I'm not about to tell you I ran naked past the CIC or something."

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "If you ran naked past the CIC I'd have to give you the callsign Steak. Bluestreak if it was cold on the deck that day. Alright, fair enough. All I really know about you is that you workout doing gymnastics and you've got a family. I was thinking I might get a chance to learn a little more about my wingman. Bring your engines to half burn. Also, we are getting ready to pass the obs deck so if you want to do something amusing for them now is your chance.""

[TAC3] Naevi says, "I'd moon 'em if I wasn't worried about breaking the seal on my flightsuit and it weren't so tight in her- … heh heh, hang on."

[BlackKnight-310: Naevi] Inside her cockpit, Naevi rummages around in one of the pockets of her flightsuit and produces a piece of paper and a pen for taking notes on long recon flights. She scrawls on it quickly, grinning to herself before she turns her attention back to the flight.

[BlackKnight-308: Nostos] Halo doesn't do anything fancy for the Obs deck since he is more or less making sure CAP is a standard affair right about now. Though from inside of his Viper there is a pause and then a grin as a thought crosses his mind.

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "What is your obession with being naked all about? First it is in front of the CIC and now it is mooning the Obs Deck?"

[TAC3] Naevi says, "Call me a free spirit. Hang on."

[BlackKnight-310: Naevi] As Naevi flies by the Obs deck, she reaches to grab the piece of paper and presses it against the glass of the cockpit facing the Cerberus. Nothing too fancy … just a hastily drawn picture of someone's ass. Nobody in particular, of course. She looks past it with a wave to those who happen to be on the Obs Deck at the time.

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "Free spirit, huh, maybe we ought to name you something else. Like Artist? Nah, that is waaay to vanilla. How about Sketch? Oooh, now that has possibility."

[TAC3] Naevi says, "Or 'That Girl Who Draws Pictures Of Butts And Flashes The Obs Deck With Them'."

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "Oh, no, I like Sketch so much more, Sketch. Halo, to acctual, make note, the pilot formerly known as Acrobat will now be known as Sketch."

[TAC3] Naevi says, "This is like the first thing I've drawn since I was eight …"

[BlackKnight-308: Nostos] Halo's wing tips again which is to say that in his mind Sketch is going to stick until he is otherwise told differently. As he flies the DRADIS remains clear and this CAP is as smooth as could be.

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "Well, your first drawing says a lot and I think there is someting poetic in Sketch."

[TAC3] Naevi says, "Well, not like I can argue. Now you've just gotta make it stick."

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "Oh, I'll do my best to make it stick. Have no fear. Though I am one pilot with one opinion. However, I think this one has a shot."

[TAC3] Naevi says, "We'll have to see about that one, Halo. I'm kind of looking forward to your tireless efforts to make it stick."

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "We'll see about it alright. I can't wait to see it stick, Sketch. In fact, I think you should draw a few more pictures here and there. That could become your thing just leave random sketches around? You could even leave small ones on the back of your CAP reports. As for this, I'm putting a recomendation in the CAP report for your new callsign."

[BlackKnight-310: Naevi] Once again, Naevi's Viper falls out of formation to roll a few times before it returns to Nostos' wing.

[BlackKnight-308: Nostos] For his part Halo is still remaining by the book with no fancy flying, maybe he is attempting to be humble OR maybe he is trying to set a good example. His ego however is gone for now which is a considerable accomplishment.

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "That's the spirit. Keep that up and they might bump you up to Commander before you know it."

[TAC3] Naevi says, "Now you're just teasing."

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "I might be teasing…then again, stranger things have happened."

[TAC3] Naevi says, "Like the worlds blowing up?"

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "Tac3 Well, I was thinking a little less depressing. Something more like say an eltee suddenly becoming a major?"

[TAC3] Naevi says, "Frankly, I don't need the stress of a higher pay grade. The only reason I'd want it would be for money and money isn't of any use to anyone anymore so … ensign suits me fine."

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "Well, Sketch, keep it that way and who knows what will happen."

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