Ibrahim "Shiv" Sitka
Captain Ibrahim K. Sitka
Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix as Ibrahim K. Sitka
Alias: Shiv
Age: 37
Features: Dark hair, blue eyes, easygoing.
Colony: Sagittaron
Rank: Captain
Department: Air Wing
Position: Squadron Leader

Captain Ibrahim 'Shiv' Sitka was killed in an incident in the civilian hangar bay, where a man from Sagittaron seemed to recognize the Viper Captain and blame him for the incarceration of his daughter back during the Captain's marine days. He was reportedly stabbed multiple times and was pronounced dead on the scene.

(see log http://battlestarcerberus.wikidot.com/Ghosts-of-the-past)


Born deep in the heart of the poverty and war stricken Xenos province, Ibrahim has left much of his heritage behind since enlisting with the Colonial Navy. It's rumoured he entered the service initially as a marine, a claim that's been neither corroborated nor refuted by him. His service record has been mostly unremarkable, and he recently moved from active to reserve duty within the Navy, to focus on civilian flight instruction. He used to head up the military demonstration squadron, VSP-101 Snow Petrels, who were on loan to the Battlestar Cerberus for annual training exercises prior to Warday.

Following Cerberus' escape from Audumbla Anchorage on PHD #140, and the sacrifice of several of his squad, the Petrels were folded into the Black Knights, and Ibrahim was emplaced as squadron commander.

While not the most sociable of viper jocks, he is nevertheless known to be fairly approachable and easygoing, if not terribly well-versed (or perhaps simply interested) in military protocol. He tends to bring those he commands under his wing, and prefers to run his squadron with a steady hand rather than an iron fist.

Immediate Family

Mother: Habibeh Sitka
Father: Iskandar Sitka
Older brother: Mehrak
Younger brothers: Navid, Nouri, Payam
Younger sisters: Mona, Khatereh

Wife: Yasamin Sitka
Children: Sholeh (14), Josef (12) and Zia (3)


  • Ser Syed Remedial School, Aera Cura, Sagittaron. Attended for basic literacy up to high school equivalency
  • Fleet Academy, Virgon. Attended under the Disadvantaged Colonies Initiative

Service Jacket

  • Fort Argus, Sagittaron, Colonial Marine Corps (2021-2022 AE)
  • Light Cruiser Prometheus, Viper pilot, VF-13 "Stingers" (2026-2029 AE)
  • Aeskil Anchorage, Viper pilot, VF-72 "Banshees" (2030-2034 AE)
  • Colonial Escort Carrier Delphus, Viper pilot and Squad Leader, VF-45 "Hawks" (2035-2037 AE)
  • Picon Fleet Headquarters, completed Flight Instructor certification (2038 AE)
  • CFB Acropolis Forge, Reserve Squadron Commander, VSP-101 "Snow Petrels" (2038-2041 AE)
  • BS Cerberus, Flight Instructor and Squad Leader, VF-154 "Black Knights" (2041 AE-Present)

Physical Features

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • The Snow Petrels are a military demonstration squadron who've done numerous air shows, public appearances, PR stunts and civilian photo-ops. While nobody would call them celebrities, and they aren't quite on par (at least, anymore) with real world elite military squadrons like the Snowbirds or Blue Angels, some people may be familiar with the name, or have seen them make a brief appearance in a tv commercial or shopping mall.
  • Ibrahim himself is a civilian flight instructor, and teaches sailplane piloting at a school which shares a small airstrip with the military, on Picon.
  • He has (at least) three tattoos: a black 'barcode' at the base of his neck, just above his shoulderblades, four names inked into his right shoulder and bicep, and a highly elaborate piece covering his left arm from shoulder to fingers. The latter is inked in a style often known as Aquarian karyukai.

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Johnny Cash - Solitary Man
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Coldplay - Rush of Blood to the Head


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