Silas Hestia "Hettie" Trista
Private Silas Hestia Trista
Billie Piper
Billie Piper as Silas Hestia Trista
Alias: Hettie
Age: 18
Features: Black hair, brown eyes, fair skin
Colony: Sagittaron
Rank: Private
Department: CMC
Position: Rifleman

On 25 Mar 2041 AE, Private Silas Trista was mowed down by Centurion gunfire during a recon and salvage mission aboard Parnassus Anchorage.


The youngest of a Saggie clan of freedom fighters and anti-establishment activists, Silas Hestia "Hettie" Trista was born into a turbulent time with more things counting against her than just a few. When she was only eight years old, her parents were killed in a bombing in Petah, one of the larger cities on the coast of the Southern continent of Sagittaron. The strife on the colony left a lot of people injured or dead, many families broken apart, and a lot of children without mothers and fathers. Most of her siblings were old enough to leave the house on their own, and every last one of them did. A good deal enlisted, several others took skilled jobs off-world, all to escape the colony. Silas was sent to live with her uncle, Rafael. Outside of the big city, the small town of Adiv was considered one of the 'safer' zones. 'Safe', on Sagittaron, is a relative term.

Immediate Family

Uncle: Rafael Trista, Mechanic (55)

Disposition of family unknown, ranks assumed (by Silas):
SMAJ Carolina "Caro" Hebe Trista, 39
MSGT Eris "Sissy" Pan Trista, 38
MSGT Angelina "Lena" Nemesis Trista, 36
MSGT Ajax "Jack" Erato Trista, 35
MSGT Roberto "Berto" Hephaestus Trista, 34
MSGT Rafael "Raf" Hermes Trista, 33
GYSGT Silvio "Silly" Eros Trista, 32
SSGT Andres "Dio" Dionysus Trista, 26

Mother: Rivka Amit (nee Tal), (47)
Father: Domingo "Dom" Thanatosos Trista, (50)
Brother: Ares "Ari" Hades Trista, (12)

Service Jacket

Fort Argus - Fort Argus, Sagittaron - Boot & first months of service.
Battlestar Cerberus - Feb 2041 to present.

Physical Features

Large eyes, a small nose, full lips, and a distinctive look might make this young woman more suited to work in the arts than the military, particularly given her habit of using kohl eyeliner. Her eyes are long lashed, brows dark and arched. Her shiny black hair is cut short, just to her shoulders, but usually work back in a tail. Strands of shorter hair frame her face, locks falling across her eyes and pale cheeks. Her skin is fair, and dotted with small beauty marks along her neck and shoulder. She always wears her dogtags, chain usually draped under her clothing. Her build is on the athletic side of slim, and she's fairly short, measuring just 5 foot 5 inches with her boots on.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • Trained in the traditional art of tatau (tattoo) with hand tools made of bamboo.
  • From the small town of Adiv, outside of the larger coastal city of Petah, on the Southern continent of Sagittaron.
  • Always carries a fat sketchbook with her, often seen scribbling in it.
  • Soma braid is conspicuously absent her person.

Recent Logs


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