Jared "Beatdown" Sikes
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Jared Sikes
Carmine Giovinazzo
Carmine Giovinazzo as Jared Sikes
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Age: 27
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Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Department: Air Wing
Position: Raptor Pilot


Jared Leonidas Sikes is a Junior Lieutenant in the Colonial Fleet. Under the callsign "Beatdown," he serves as a Raptor pilot aboard the battlestar Cerberus.

Jared Sikes was born the son and first child of Aquarian shipping magnate Eamonn Sikes and his wife Martina. Though Aquarian by way of birth, Jared was of dual heritage, Caprican on his father's side and Tauron on his mother's. Jared had only one sibling, his younger sister Kaylie.

Jared grew up well-liked by his peers, and his family's wealth left him wanting for very little. Despite his coming from money, Jared lived a very humble lifestyle, preferring not to show off. In sharp contrast, Kaylie Sikes was a person of marked excess, blowing whatever money their parents gave her on expensive clothing and other material possessions. As the Sikes children grew into adolescence, Jared took on a number of interests, including playing drums, making metal sculpture, and studying the martial arts. The latter proved the more prominent of his after-school interests; Jared would partcipate and highly place in several tournaments over his years in high school. Kaylie, again in notable contrast, began to lead a more and more decadent lifestyle, so much so that the rest of her family began to worry about her going too far.

In Jared's final year of high school, he met and spoke with a Colonial Raptor pilot who had arrived at his father's company to pick up a shipment for his battlestar. The conversation left a lasting impression on Jared, who made the decision to join the Colonial Fleet and specialize as a Raptor pilot. Jared's training in the Fleet Military Academy progressed without incident, but his time there was marred by the news that his parents had disowned Kaylie after having found drugs in her bedroom. Jared would maintain contact with Kaylie regardless, but stopped short of enabling her habits.

Jared's first assignment as an Ensign was as a Raptor pilot aboard the battlestar Heracles, which at the time of his posting was assigned to orbital patrol of Virgon. His martial-arts skills, which he continues to keep in practice through workouts and the occasional dance, earned him the callsign Beatdown. Jared spent roughly two years on Heracles when, while on shore leave at a Virgon tourist spot, he found Kaylie working as a prostitute and propositioning his squad lead. He angrily took her aside and told her if she didn't clean herself up, he'd consider her just as persona non grata as their parents did.

Jared would serve another year aboard Heracles before a higher-ranked position aboard the battlestar Cerberus presented itself. Perhaps, as a means of ending the embarrassment of the discovery of his sister's new profession, Jared applied for and was granted a transfer onto Cerberus' air group.

Immediate Family

  • Eamonn Sikes (father), C.E.O. of Fairsail Shipping, native of Caprica
  • Martina Parami Sikes (mother), housewife, native of Tauron
  • Kaylie Sikes (younger sister), drug-addicted prostitute currently residing on Virgon

Service Jacket

  • Battlestar Heracles, Raptor pilot, 3 years
  • Battlestar Cerberus, Raptor pilot, recent transfer

Physical Features

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