PHD #276: Signs, Skepticism and Sanity
Signs, Skepticism and Sanity
Summary: Sawyer brings the dream to Cora's attention, but it's a tough sell.
Date: 29 Nov 2041 AE
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Sawyer Cora 
TACCO's Office
Post-Holocaust Day: #276

Cora really should get an aide. Or maybe that's who Sawyer brushed past with little to-do as she made a beeline the TACCO's office with little ceremony. Not even dispensing with a knock, Sawyer just helps herself to the hatch after a juggle of some books and papers in her arms, shouldering in and kicking the portal closed behind her. "We need to talk."

An aide or a lock, at least. Cora looks up as Sawyer enters, watching the juggling of books and papers as she flips closed a notepad at her elbow and leans back away from the laptop open on her desk. "Don't tell me," she replies to the reporter after a beat and a glance at the stack of stuff she's carrying, "It's about Tauron and sparrows."

Sawyer grins wickedly like a Cheshire cat, all teeth and little mirth behind it. "So you know. Good. Then we can do more brainstorming and less informing, who told you about my dream? Lance Corporal Kincaid? He works faster than I thought." Unceremoniously, Sawyer drops her burden on Cora's desk, spilling some of the papers on the floor. "It's all going to come together soon, I can feel it. The serpent, the sparrow, twelve from one and one of twelve…" The normally analytical Sawyer is a little wild-eyed.

Cora looks a little bemused for a moment as she's caught a step behind, and she moves only slowly to reach for the pages that drift across the floor towards her. "I don't know anything about your dreams," she says, "Just that the prisoner was babbling about sparrows. Kincaid was there the first time, I assumed that was what you were referring to? She didn't much like it when I mentioned the serpent or the thirteenth, either," she adds. She is watching the reporter a little carefully, and doesn't hand the papers she picked up back over, instead returning to her seat and looking at them.

Sawyer gives an odd little crow of delight, "No no no. So you don't know!" Swiping some of the other loose papers off her stack, uncaring that they too fall towards the floor, Sawyer cracks open a book on Gemenon. "Here. We need to go here, and there's a museum on Tauron that needs to be investigated too." The page the reporter is stabbing with her finger is an article on Lampridis Falls. "And we're running out of time." Before Cora can think Sawyer's gone /completely/ off her rocker, she perches on the edge of Cora's desk and starts to explain. "Do you remember that footage we watched. Of Tuata? I had a dream, an odd dream the other night. I was lead by a Sparrow to this museum. And the man there told me we have to go to the Falls. The dream happened at the /precise/ time that Kincaid reported the incident with the prisoner occurring. It can't be coincidence, Cora."

Cora flicks a glance at the pages Sawyer shoves onto the floor, but this time doesn't move to help pick them up. She looks at the other woman for a long moment before she eventually turns her eyes to the book and the bit about Lampridis Falls. They remain there only a moment before they're back to Sawyer. She's silent through that brief explanation and for a beat afterwards. She takes a breath, brows furrowing faintly and begins, "First of all, yes it can be a coincidence. I think it's an odd one and the connections between things said by the prisoner and by Tuata deserve investigation, but… I think you're getting a little carried away, Sawyer. Have you slept at all, in the last three days? No offense, but you're coming off crazy. How about you sit," she indicates the chair opposite her desk, "And rewind a little ways and explain this dream. If you're going to try to convince me to make tactical decisions based on it, I might as well hear the whole thing.”

"I'm not crazy." Sawyer says defensively, but of course that's the first thing a crazy person would claim. If it helps to prove the point, she complies with the request to take a proper seat, and pulls a chair closer to sit next to the TACCO. "Maybe it was just a dream, but it was terribly real. And if it was a dream, it was my subconscious stringing things together in effort to solve this puzzle. First, let me tell you my dream, and then we can piece together the other times we've seen the same symbols. There's an answer here, Cora. I can feel it in my bones." No, no mention of how much she's slept, but the answer has to be 'very little' at this point.

Cora doesn't argue about whether or not Sawyer is actually crazy at this point, instead shutting her laptop as the other chair is pulled up next to her own. This requires that she rearrange herself somewhat awkwardly so that she can watch Sawyer as she speaks. Her lips shift once, as if she is going to comment on something, but she stops, lets the reporter go on, and then says, "Okay, tell me your dream."

"It started off in the Rec Room on the ship. Why I was there is irrelevant, but as the Chronometer struck twenty-two fifteen," The exact time Kincaid reports the Five went off the hook, "A young man woke from where he was napping on the couch. He was panicked, said we were late but there was still time. He pulled out a detonator and when he pushed the button there was a blinding light. When it faded, I was down on the surface of Tauron with three others, Crewman Sofia Wolfe and two others I recognize from Airwing but can't name. A man and a woman. There was a tree, and in the tree a Sparrow which took flight towards an ancient town. Knossos. We followed to the steps of an old museum where the sparrow landed next to an eagle and it's chicks. There was a man there, spoke the same words about us being late and there was still time. He kept talking about Lampridis Falls, implying we should go there. A serpent appeared, snaking its way to eat the chicks but the birds were startled from flight. I said we needed to stop the Serpent, and the old man agreed. He said we're on the right path, Cora." Her hand touches at her forehead, pinching the skin together until it wrinkles. "Maybe I am crazy. Maybe I do need sleep, but…I swear, all this reference to thirteen. I swear it means Kobol. The thirteenth colony is Kobol, where we all came from and where we must go. Pieces of the answer are in that museum, Cora, and at the Falls."

Cora listens, and flips to a new page in her notebook, taking down what appear to be shorthand notes, basically unreadable upside down, as Sawyer speaks. She doesn't interrupt, making a few last notes before beginning with her questions, of which there are several. "First, have you spoken to Wolfe about it? If this really was some sort of vision and I don't for a moment concede that such things exist, talking to her would be a good start. Second, how did you know it was Knossos? Third, I'll need as detailed a description of the bomber as possible. Four… I'm not sure how you're jumping to Kobol. References to thirteen seem to me to refer primarily to the Cylon's singular God. I've yet to hear any mention of Kobol in anything related."

Sawyer gives a shake of her head, "I haven't been able to find her. Do you think…she had the same dream?" Sawyer leans back in her chair, chewing at the interior of her check in a pensive manner. Doubt should be something that the Journalist is used to facing, but for the life of her she seems a little overwhelmed at the moment. "I had been doing a lot of reading about Tauron prior to this dream, I knew I recognized it, but couldn't place the name until I scoured back through the books and found the name. It's purported as the oldest settlement on the planet, Tauron. The bull! The man kept talking about the bull and so did your prisoner. The ensign in the Rec Room though, he was…he was of little consequence. Dressed, though, in duty blues. Unassuming face." There's a shake of her head, as if she's trying to grasp the falling straws of her dream. "Thirteen though…that's what I'm having trouble with. I know we were linking it to the models of the Cylons, but there are too many overlaps. Twelve colonies all originated from Kobol. Twelve cylon humanoid models all supposedly originated from their God. But this old man in the dream, it's like he was trying to lead us…home." With the last word, Sawyer lifts her eyes to Cora, a rare plead quiet evident in them.

"No, probably not," Cora replies to Sawyer, "But if you want to say the timing is significant and maybe this was more than a dream I'd think you'd better find out what the other people in the dream have to say about it. If the setting means something, maybe the others involved do, too." Not that she seems convinced of either of those things at this point. She listens some more, jotting down another little addition to her notes here and there, and then looks up at the last. She meets that pleading gaze, and her lips purse faintly. "Now you're just guessing," she says, "Did the man mention home? Did he mention us actually going anywhere? Or doing anything beyond stopping a serpent? I don't suppose he gave any hints as to what the serpent was or represented?" She reaches for her cigarette, left smoldering, forgotten, in the ashtray, and flicks it before taking a long drag and shaking her head.

"It was a dream or a vision, not a frakking step by step manual. If we're not smart enought to figure this out on our own, then maybe we don't deserve to be saved!" Sawyer stands up so abruptly, her chair goes skittering backwards to slam into one of Cora's filing cabinets. "We're running out of /time/, Cora. There's a window that's closing and we're going to miss it. Send a team to the ancient ground of the Bull, to the museum in Knossos, if your team doesn't find anything there then lock me up for all I frakking care, because then I /am/ crazy. Or better yet, send me with the team. I have more pieces to the puzzle. Pieces you and I never had a chance to assemble."

"We're running out of time? Did you get that from your dream too?" Cora looks skeptical, and then annoyed as the chair slams into her filing cabinet. "Sawyer," she says firmly, "Look. I agree that there is a puzzle here. Leaving your dream entirely aside for a moment, the Five has said some interesting things that I think deserve further research and consideration and probably some investigation on the planet. I am willing to discuss them with you to see if we can put anything together, and I am trying very hard to give you the benefit of the doubt about the rest of this, but you need to calm down, and take a deep breath, and think about what you're asking. I cannot go to command and say I want to send a team to Knossos because you had strange dream and have been spending too much time in the library. We're stretched thin enough as it is trying to manage the planetside operations we have going already, the ones that involve actual supplies and people. I'm not saying no," she clarifies, holding up a hand, "But I am not saying yes, either, not tonight. Go sleep, please. I have sleeping pills if you need them. But get some rest, and let's reconvene tomorrow and see what we can work out. OK?"

"I don't. Need." Sawyer leans over Cora's desk, hands curling around the books and other sundries that she brought, "Sleeping pills!" With a grunt, the reporter launches all her research materials at the wall, creating quite a clatter and a flurry of white hexagonal pages that paper the floor as Sawyer huffs out her breath.

"Seriously?" Cora throws up her hands in exasperation as Sawyer confettis her office in note paper. "What the frak, Sawyer? I only offered. If you don't want them, don't take them, more for me. You need to get your shit together, and I mean mentally and in the sense of you cleaning up the mess you've just made of my office."

"Clean it yourself. The answers you need are here, Cora. All the evidence you need that you should be looking at Knossos is on your floor. Ask Lance Corporal Kincaid, he's come to the same conclusion." Dejected, or perhaps finally giving over to the throes of exhaustion after that little adrenaline rush, Sawyer starts slinking towards the hatch.

"I didn't survive four months in a nuclear wasteland and another on Sagittaron to clean your papers off my frakking floor," Cora snaps, "I don't care how frakking revelatory you think they are. I'm sorry I don't respond well to you coming in here with big crazy eyes like you're on a bad trip, babbling about a dream and claiming our entire fleet agenda should be re-routed to finding a mythical planet because of it. Go ahead and stomp off self-righteously, then, and I won't tell you anything about what I learned interrogating the Five. Gods forbid we discuss the actual evidence."

Sawyer makes it as far as the hatch, and instead of opening it, she merely leans over and props her forehead against the cool metal. Shoulders slumping, it's a wonder if Sawyer'll be able to stay on her feet much longer as it is. "The ten sparrows, the serpent, they have to mean something. You said the Five spoke about sparrows, what did she say?"

"Tomorrow," Cora says, firmly but no longer angrily, "It wasn't just sparrows, and it deserves a real conversation. Come back tomorrow after dinner and we can go over all of it."

Sawyer's hand falls heavily on the hatch wheel, mustering the strength to yank it open. "Tomorrow." She agrees, leaving the mess to be cleaned up by someone else, but that's what Cora has lackeys for, right?

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