PHD #221: Sideways Promotion
Sideways Promotion
Summary: Corrath brings up the subject of moving Constin up (but yet somehow down) in duties within the company.
Date: 05 Oct 2041 AE
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Madilyn Corrath 
Marine Offices - Deck 6 - Battlestar Cerberus
This offices consists of desks for those under the CO, along with his desk toward the back of the room. The S1 and S2 have desks here and the place is neat as a pin, with everything in its place. At the front of the room, a Marine sits at a desk to meet people as they come in through the hatch.
Post-Holocaust Day: #221

Midday, prime duty time. In the marine offices, things are basically the same old same old. The desks are staffed by the HQ company, signing off on things and taking care of day-to-day ship's business. At the very back of the offices is the Marine CO, seated behind a stack of papers and working away at a computer terminal for this-or-that business that only she can take care of.

With everything that's been going on, Corrath's taken to conducting the occassional 'tour' of the ship to ensure things are in order and this day seems to be one of those days, as evident by the MP brassard and web belt that's been added to the regular uniform. Stepping into the office, he's slipping a stack of papers from beneath his arm as he gives the Duty Marine a quick nod of his head. Then, it's off towards his desk to deposit the paperwork. Eyes flit across the others and when they fall upon Madilyn, he's giving her a respectful nod, "Ma'am. Was actually hoping you were around."

"Always," Madilyn replies to the inquiry and greeting of the S2. Peeling herself away from what she was looking at reveals that she's developed some serious dark circles from too many late nights and too much coffee in the last few days. "What's on your mind, Ell-Tee?"

Tossing the paperwork down onto the top of already existing paperwork on his desk, Corrath moves to slip around his desk and deposit himself in his chair. Then, he's turning it so that he can still face Madilyn, before he begins to speak. "Actually got a couple of things. First, relates to Sergeant Constin. I know he's working on his commission, but I'd like your permission to have him take over the duties of the MaA and retain them afterwards." Straightening his back in his seat, hands come to clasp in his lap. "We're not exactly flush with recruits and he's been doing most of the work, anyways."

There is the tradition, the precedent, the unwritten rule (or is it actually written somewhere in one of those dusty tomes of Colonial military law? Probably, but that's too much to remember off the top of any single person's head) that the seniormost NCO shall be the Master-at-Arms. If Constin gets commissioned, well, he wouldn't exactly fit that bill anymore. "I understand that," Madilyn replies with a nod. "I know that recruit and officer numbers are down, and it'll be a while before we can get some officers moving up without fast-tracking them at a ridiculous rate. The problem is that most commissioned officers would turn down that post to take up another position in the company. Have you spoken with Sergeant Constin regarding this?"

A quick shake of Corrath's head is given before he's offering, "No ma'am, I haven't. Figured I'd speak with you, first, before broaching the subject with him. While I know we have a standard in which to follow, the post has been vacant since the death of Barclay. In the intrim, I've been relying on Constin to manage the duties, along with taking over a couple of the tasks myself. If you'd rather, we can just continue as is and leave the post vacant." A pause now and his hands unclasp, arms coming to rest loosely on the rests of the chair. "In an ideal situation, I wouldn't have even considered this."

"Well, I'm certainly not opposed to the idea. I recognize the importance of having a single marine in the dedicated post of master-at-arms." Madilyn pauses there, steepling her fingers together, letting her elbows rest on the desk's surface. For the moment, she looks a bit disheveled compared to the tightly-wound and professional appearance she normally wears. "If he's alright with being a commissioned officer in the post normally reserved for an En-Cee-Oh, I'm alright with it as well."

"'ppreciate it, ma'am. I'll get with Sergeant Constin and speak with him and see how he feels about it." The words are punctuated with a nod of Corrath's head. "Second thing, was I wanted to let you know what we're currently working on. Got the reports all finished up to send through to you, but figured may as well give you the heads up." There is the briefest hint of a smile before he continues. "These random assaults against 'supposed' cylon sympathizers, along with the threats of further action have got to stop. As a result, I'm having people brought in for random questioning to see if we can't either spook them into submission or draw some information out. You may get queries from Deptartment Heads about this, so figured you'd want to know."

"Well, that's your baileywick, is it not? If that's what you think is the best plan of attack, I'm willing to sign off on it." The poor choice of words isn't recognized until after she says it, and by then, she doesn't care to make any attempt to rectify the phrase. "If I get queries from department heads, they may or may not be pointed in your direction. I've got my hands full in too many other operations right now to get fully vested in interogations of crew. Not when there's an admiral sitting in the brig."

"True enough, just wanted to make sure you were give the heads up. Didn't figure you'd appreciate an angry Dept Head banging on your door without at least some advance notice." If the faux pas upon words is notice, Corrath doesn't bother commenting or acknowledging it. Everyone's tired and things have a habit of slipping out. "Finally, Captain Nikephoros required some cameras setup in various areas in an effort to monitor things for one of her assignments. As a result, one of the Secured Storage closests on Deck 8 has had its access code changed to support the monitoring equipment for this."

Right to reasonable privacy be damned, the beauty of military law. "Where are these cameras positioned to record?" If Madilyn's heard about it in the recent past, it's slipping her mind at the moment. Sure, there was a sign off on something along the line, but the specific locales are slipping her mind at the moment. "Or are their locations under the purview of Captain Nikephoros only?"

There's a quick shake of Corrath's head to something that's asked and then he's following it up with, "Under our purview as well as Captain Nikephoros and the technicians who installed the equipment. They are mainly concealed in the berthings. Semi Public places for the time being."

"Alright, understood. I don't really want to deal with crew getting peeved about cameras in the head or anything. Those should be helpful in your investigation, then." Or in 'randomly' selecting individuals to be brought in for questioning.

There's a soft grunt as Corrath gives another shake of his head, "Trust me, ma'am, I've got no intention of having camera's installed in the head. I'll get the paper reports to you, shortly, so you at least have copies of them for your records." Hands shift to the rest of the chair as he begins to push himself up out of it. "Anything else you need taken care of, in the mean time?"

"Not unless you can deal with Abbot, stop assaults on crew members, keep hundreds of cilvians safe in the starboard hangar bay, and come up with multiple security strategies for a ship that's going to be crewed by civilians." Madilyn's giving a wan smile, looking sarcastic, but also a bit exhausted. She's not stopping him from leaving though, so there's nothing else she has to talk about at least.

"Can't on the first, working on the second, can work on the third, can help on the fourth." The words are echoed with a touch of humor, even as he touches two fingers to his brow in an informal salute. "Don't work yourself to hard, ma'am. Don't want to find that you've dropped dead of a heart attack or something." That said, he's turning and making his way back towards the hatch, no doubt to meander down to the Security Hub to continue the days work.

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