Jeremih "Shortbus" Snowdon
Lieutenant Jeremih "Shortbus" Snowdon
Victor Webster
Victor Webster as Jeremih "Shortbus" Snowdon
Alias: Shortbus, Shortie
Age: 32
Features: Dark hair, tanned, perpetual stubble.
Colony: Virgon
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Air Wing: VRC-30 "Providers"
Position: ECO


This NPC is available for adoption. If you're interested in apping Shortbus, please contact Leyla in game, either by page or +mail. Please note that adoption of this NPC will necessitate a transfer to the PC raptor wing, the Harriers.

If ever there was a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth, it's one Jeremih Snowdon. Born into high society, raised in the lap of luxury, there was no doubt Jeremih could have his choice of the life he wanted for himself. The life he chose, began with Fleet Academy, much to his parent's consternation, the life of a soldier being much too 'ordinary'. And then flight school, where his technical skill and analytical mind saw him settled into the ECO pipeline. His first tour of duty was aboard the CEC-211 Acacia, before he was transferred to the BS-68 Forseti. Upon his promotion to Lieutenant, he was transferred to the "Early Elevens", aboard the BS-132 Cerberus, just prior to her maiden flight above Picon.

And if ever there was a man who could be less influenced by the life of wealth and privilege from which he hails, it's the same man. Generous, gregarious and compassionate, sometimes to a fault, he's certainly one for wearing his heart on his sleeve. Quite glaringly the opposite from his first pilot aboard the Cerberus, one Lt. Leyla "Sweet Pea" Aydin. Rumour has it, he's responsible for smoothing out some of her rough edges, and the two remain close, despite her transfer to the Harriers and his to the "Providers". His current pilot is Sharlene "Piper" Daniels.

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