Van Sholty
Private 1st Class Van Sholty
Anton Yelchin
Anton Yelchin as Van Sholty
Alias: N/A
Age: 20
Features: Young and full of h8.
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Private 1st Class
Department: Marines
Position: Rifleman, Charlie Platoon


OOC Note: This NPC is open for application! Please contact Polaris in-game for details!

When life throws you lemons, sometimes there isn't a juicer to make lemonade. Van was offered the classic choice of "CMC or the cooler" by a judge back on Picon. His buddy asked him for a ride to go pick up a friend. He obliged and found out a little too late that he was helping someone get away from an armed robbery. He'd been a peripheral to quite a few police investigations through high school and finally the police and DA decided they'd had enough. Off to the Corps he went and found himself stationed aboard Cerberus about six months before the bombs dropped.


  • Sholty was part of Operation Cobra Talon.

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