PHD #351: Shiver And Shakes
Shiver and Shakes
Summary: Wade tries to break through the icy exterior of Shakes and it doesn't seem to work.
Date: 12 Feb 2042 AE
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Solstice Wade 
Pilot Berths
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #351

That last flight, for Wade, was a little bumpy. Specially when his cockpit caught fire and everything filled up with smoke. Some might even be asking how the hell he landed the bird if his radio was dead and he couldn't see a thing. Sea turtles mate. Errr….signal lights mate. The man went to sickbay to get himself checked and after he received the green light, he made his way back to the Berths. He got off the flight suit and made his way into the Head, for a shower. Now, he reappears again, towel around his waist and he rubs another one over his hair. He opens his locker and looks inside, looking for something.

The idle chatter of the other pilots rise up and as Solstice enter's it is in sweats, dog tags shining and dangling at her chest. She moves past the newly washed 'Drips' and turns to look over her shoulder, "How are you doing, Lieutenant?" she asks. "Sick bay didn't keep you long." She observes. She pushes the curtains open to her bunk and reaches up and within for a book. SHe sets it down and then hauls herself up easily. Rolling to her hip, she tucks the curtain back to get a little more light as she props the book open and rests her head on her hand.

Wade is not really paying attention to the idle chatter, he only turns when someone asks something directly to him. Or at least he guesses it's him, there are other El-Tees around. He looks at Solstice and then nods to her "Shakes" there is a faint smile on his lips before he adds "Doing alright, no major problems. Medics wanted to check I burned my hands or if I had inhaled smoke" He shakes his head and adds "Helmet stopped that from happening and the gloves protected my hands…but, I will have to get a new pair, actually." He takes off the towel from his waist, he is wearing boxers underneath. The man digs inside the locker and takes his regulation tank top. After putting it on, he closes the locker and rubs his fingers over his eyes. No pants, apparently he is going to get some bunk time. "How are you adjusting to Cerberus?"

Looking up from her book in her bunk, Shakes gives a slow nod of her head. "Well good to see you alive and jumpin." She states. Solstice places a finger in the spine of the book to hold her place. "It's like most Battlestars, though it's newer…much newer than the Pegasus. It's just a matter of learning new faces." She intones. "Learning which ones to steer clear of and those that can be trusted." Her gaze drifts to her book and then back up to him.

Wade looks at Solstice while she speaks and nods in silence. Finally, he moves to his bunk and climbs the ladder. He leaves the curtain open and finds some comfort before he talks again "Thanks. I am not planning on letting the Cylons get me." there is a faint smile then and he clears his throat before saying "So you were in the Pegasus? I started in the Battlestar Corvus and was sent to the Chimaera one year after" he nods to this and the rubs his fingers over his eyes "You found a lot of folks to avoid already?" asks the man, mostly making idle chatter at this point.

"Just a few, namely the lech Spiral." She intones. Solstice turns the page and looks down, reading over the procedures before she then adds, "Pegasus for three years, then to Tau Garrison. Was there for part of a year before the attacks hit. My little brother, Ensign Vasco is with the CIC on Cerberus. One thing I have to be thankful about being Fleet. Some of us survived." Her eyes drift back down to her book.

Wade can't help to chuckle just a little bit "I see you met Spiral then" he shakes his head and yawns a little, covering his mouth while doing so. "I spent one year in the Corvus, four years in the Chimaera. I was in Leonis when the bombs fell, was rescued by the Cerberus crew a couple months after. Been here ever since." Now, as for her brother, he shakes his head and says "Ensign Vasco, I can't say I've heard the name. Then again, I don't know a lot of people from CIC"

"Just a young one yet." she intones. "Though he is thinking of switching to engineering." She offers, watching him yawn from her vantage point. "Drips, get your rest. You did well out there today. They are going to need you again and there is by no means anyway they are going to pin your lack of sleep on the newest ECO." She states evenly. Shakes yawns as well as if in reply. Her fingers lift to hover over her mouth as she does.

Wade nods to her and then "Oh? Engineering is a pretty good option, I agree" he nods to this and then tilts his head at her last, he chuckles softly and asks "Is this a way of telling me 'Shut up, I don't want to talk'? He smiles softly at this and rubs his fingers with his eyes "I will, I will…tomorrow is a busy day and all, you know" Now he nods and adds to her "Yawns are contagious, see."

"It's a thought process. Once in thought a yawn succeeds it's case." Her eyes flicker back to him from her book and she shifts a little. "What would you say if I told you to shut up? I don't think that would be taken quite as deftly as the advisement of sleep." Shakes observes. "Now if you were Spiral I would tell you shut your frakkin hole or find another less pleasant way to portray the topic to you." She gives a faint shrug. "But you have not given me reason to. So sleep, Lieutenant."

Wade shrugs casually at this and then rubs his fingers over his chin, taking a deep breath. He looks pretty tired, that's the truth. "I would have thought that you don't want to talk" He smiles at this and then nods again "Wow, he really did something bad, didn't he" Spiral he means. "Anyway, you are right, I should get some sleep after all." He adjusts his position in the bunk and leans his head back. Tilting it to the side, he nods and offers "You as well, Lieutenant" after this, he closes the curtains and goes to sleepyland.

"Just know his type." She murmurs, giving a look out over the berths. She grabs at something from the wall beside and slips it on over her wrist. The Soma braid falls into place and she twists it. "You too." She states softly to Drips before she rolls to lay down on her back and turn, lifting the book up to read it, using her knees as a prop. Sol eventually too feels the need for sleep and closes her curtains for slumber.

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