PHD #179: Shirts, Skills, & Smoke Inhalation
Shirts, Skills, & Smoke Inhalation
Summary: One random evening in Jharkand, Kaz, Sawyer, Sofia, and Cora discuss the above.
Date: August 24 2041 AE
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The Farmstead, Sagittaron
Farmhouse, fence, smoldering pile o' barn.
Post-Holocaust Day: #179

Kaz chuckles once more. "So, use it like everyone uses the press, is what you are saying then, Miss Averies?" See how easy that was. He's grinning and taking time to just hold the cigarette in his finger, as smoke eases out of his nostril and is sucked back up through his teeth-ad the pushed right back out. Someone takes his lung deterioration seriously. "Sure. I'll give it a read, if it means- you'll look over something for me?" a raise of a brow as eyes dart between the two women for a moment.

Sofia watches the two again. She smiles. "That's good, and no worries, I'm sorry if I seem fussy," She replies. Sofia is sitting near a Raptor with Kaz and Sawyer. She's wearing something like a tunic or toga wrapped up in lieu of her shirt. She tilts her head, "Look over something for you?" She peers owlishly at Kaz. "And hey, I think I read your last piece," Sofia struggles to remember.

"I do a bunch of historian pieces for the ship, but I meant more the one that nearly got me stoned to death in the hallways by some." Sawyer even has the audacity not to seem sheepish about it. For better or for worse, she seems to stick behind her writings. Curiousity is piqued by Kaz's request, her eyebrows lofting upwards and her forehead crinkling with her, "Oh?" In inquiry.

Cora steps out of the farmhouse, away from the marine she's speaking with and an ensign in the tactical division and then wanders away. Sofia and Sawyer are spotted and she heads in their direction, nodding politely to the trio, "Evening."

"You talk about a Gemenese priestess or something?" Kaz muses aloud, "Or insult the scrolls?" A faint chuckle, before he is nodding all the same. "Yeah. er." and then he's reaching in his back pocket, to hand out a rumpled envelope. the paper well worn-showing this thing has been nigh everywhere. Also given the smudges of mud dried in with blood here and there- it has. "I wrote this on Leonis..I would like it if you made sure my grammar is up to spot..Maybe rewrite it on a better bit of paper?" A faint sad smile case as he brings the cigarette to his lips. "Seen a bit, that has." However if Kazimir was going to go into depth, it is squashed as another woman has come to join the small gathering by the Raptor. "Evening." the ECO, returns.

Sofia tilts her head and listens. Her eyebrows lift. She smiles a little, "Hey… more writing is good. People should remember and know these things. Even personal memoirs are important." She seems to have opened her perspective on it. She sighs softly. Then a headtilt at Sawyer. Oh. "What? Someone tried to hurt you?" She seems worried. "Hello there sir," She smiles and waves to Cora too.

Sawyer looks down to the piece of paper, but has no qualms snapping it up, blood smudges/weathering or no. She doesn't open it just now, assuming it's not something that he'd want shared immediately with the group. "Son, I'll take this and spin it into written gold if it's worth a spit. I can have the ship wallpapered in this if it's what you want." Sawyer shakes the folded piece of paper at him once before she's tucking it quickly away. Which may or may not have anything to do with Cora's appearance. "No no no." She clarifies to Sofia. "I've just got some nasty looks, that's all. I was merely using a hyperbole."

"How're you doing?" Cora asks Sofia first, checking, "Not too badly singed, I hope?" Sawyer tucking that letter away as soon as she walks up is seemingly ignored, the lieutenant turning her attention to the ECO rather than the reporter, brows drawing together faintly as she says, "You were picked up off Leonis, weren't you? I don't think we've met, but I recognize you from the transport. Lieutenant Cora Nikephoros," she introduces herself, offering her hand.

"I was." Kaz, states before he is rising up from where he was sitting. A quick glance over towards Sawyer, before he is nodding, and wiping the hand that is not cigarette guarding, down his pants leg. "No we haven't. I would have remembered." And there a rough grin is passed to the woman, before his own hand is out. "Lieutenant Kazimir Meszaros." the ECO, replies while shaking Cora's hand. "Most folks, call me Kaz. Much easier, for some, sides only my mum an da called me Kazimir. Always feel like when I hear it, it's trouble." A kiss of a tooth. "Nice to meet you, Cora."

Sofia pauses, and considers Sawyer's words. "Oh. I was wondering where they'd have gotten rocks," She admits. "That and no one deserves to be stoned," She smiles up at Sawyer. To Cora, she looks over, "I'm alright. Singed- mourning the loss of a good shirt and undergarment, but that's life. I cannot complain." It stings like frak, but what can she do? She smiles up to Cora. "How about you?" She asks quietly, "I think you were pushing the birds too." She was admittedly, coughing and weeping from all the phosphorous smoke. Then a glance to Kaz. "Seems like an okay dude." At least she's honest. "I brought most of the nuts and stuff over. We did some salvage from the barn but…"

"The loss of a good bra is always something to mourn." Saywer imparts to Sofia before she smiles in the direction of Cora. It's an easy expression, for once, not some practiced thing she slathers on for public consumption. "From what I gather, he's one of Cidra's boys." She further fills in the counter-intelligence officer before taking another drag of her cigarette. "Well. I should turn in, now that I've got a good spot of some reading material." She nods to those gathered.

"Was that your only shirt?" Cora asks Sofia, brows rising in surprise, "I've got another if you'd like it," she offers, before lips curve faintly at Sawyer's comment. "And the lack of a decent shirt, as well," she replies, returning the reporter's smile for a moment before she looks back to the man in question, smiling, "Nice to meet you, Kaz. Pilot or ECO?" She asks as she takes his hand in a firm grip. Her voice is a little hoarse, her eyes a little red, her arms dotted with what look like splatters of fresh burn-marks, small and mild, but still visible. She glances back over her shoulder once, offering, "Have a good night, Sawyer."

Kaz looks towards Sofia, and then back towards Sawyer for a moment. "Find me when you've looked at it." said simply to the departing Sawyer, and then a glance back to Cora. "Nice grip." Apparently his brow is up, as to why the others are dropping information, left and right. "Was I just in an information docket?" Kaz asks aloud, before he is taking a drag of his cigarette. pushing the smoke through his nose he can only give an airless rattle of a chuckle. "Well. That's new." At least, to him it is new. The burn marks are noted as he gives the LT a once over, before he is grinning again. "ECO. But, I have my qualls to fly as well." A switch hitter, so to speak.

"Yup," Sofia agrees quietly, smiling wryly at Sawyer. She nods. "Be well," A wave to the reporter. Then a grin at Cora, "Oh, I only brought one with me. I figured I'd wash or swap it out," She admits. "So for now, I am Lady of the - I dunno," She ponders and looks at herself. There's a faint laugh. "I'm sorry to cause trouble. I didn't really count on catching fire. But I also didn't want to give a show every time I lift my arms," She wrinkles her nose. "It's good that you're alright." She concedes. "And CAGs are omniscient. I think." She ponders this. "Or maybe that's CIC."

"Will do," It's sort of a catch-all answer to all of them as Sawyer hobbles off towards the main house, favoring her left leg ever since her stint out into the woods where she got strung up in a tree like a pinata.

Cora smirks faintly at Kaz's praise of her grip, letting go a moment later. Sofia gets a look, slightly puzzled, "Really? You brought one shirt with you for a trip of indefinite length? What were you going to wear while it was being washed?" She shakes her head a bit and repeats, "There are extra clothes about, in case survivors needed them. I'm sure we can find you something." She turns back to Kaz just in time for that once-over, giving him a similar look in return before explaining with a faint hint of a wry smile, "Spent a lot of time in a burning barn last night. I don't usually sound so much like a man. Where'd you do your flight training?"

"And here, I thought your voice was giving you a rich quality." As for Kaz, he looks much better than he did when on the planet surface. In fact he's had time to shave and put some meat on his bones. A much less armed hobo look than what he was sporting months back. "Still it's a good sound for you." a faint wink there, as he takes another drag of his cigarette before he is offering it out to the CIC officer. "I did that in part at Tau- majority in Anadyomene." Which was leveled to dirt and molten ash. There's a faint glance back towards Sofia before he is reaching down on the ground for where his duty jacket had been tossed. And the green article of clothing is again offered back to Sofia. "It'll be better than a sheet."

"I had one, but I'm not sure where it went to," Sofia finally aadmits, sheepishly. She looks embarrassed by her loss. "Sure. Just one shirt is fine." Sads. She quirks her eyebrows, "You don't sound like a man." She looks over to Kaz. A faintly amused look. "Thanks, but that's kinda heavy- Guess I should though unless I want to be mistaken for a wandering fortune teller or hanger on. OoOoOOoOoO." She wiggles her fingers dramatically and coughs. "Feels like the worst sunburn ever. And really? Huh." Poor Kaz. Sofia's fairly sympathetic at least.

"Oh, it does that without the smoke inhalation," Cora assures Kaz with an amused twist of her lips. She is looking less filthy and starved as well, though tan and faintly burnt all over again. And her clothes are actually her own, and fit, which is always a plus. That wink draws a laugh, which unfortunately forces her to turn away as it becomes a cough, hand pressed to her sternum for a moment before she gives her head a bit of a twitchy shake and turns back, "Ah, alright. I did a bit on Caprica before opting to Intel." Sofia's finger-wiggling draws a smile and she nods, "Yeah, the heavy fatigues won't do much good for that, but I'm sure they can track you down a new t-shirt or tanktop or something if you ask. Some lotion for that burn, too." She rubs a hand over her opposite forearm absently.

Kaz grins again at that. "Really?" almost a challenge, or maybe a push-hard to say with how the pilot is grinning. A glance to his cigarette and he is taking another long drag, before blowing the smoke-and flicking the offending bit of dying paper and such away. "Did you?" comes that bit of scratch to his voice. A look over for the canteen he had borrowed from Sofia, snatching it up to offer that out instead. He can wait before having another swig. "What kind of bird were you flying, if I can ask, Cora?" As for the fatigues, he's shrugging and tossing the thing back into the open Raptor. "If they don't have any, one of the Raptors first aid might have some cream than can work..or an arisol can." A shrug as he looks from snipe to spook.

Sofia smiles up at Cora. Then a wince at her cough. "Really?" She seems surprised at the news that Cora did flying. "And I have some aloe. I get skin rashes a lot when I'm stressed so …" She figured best prepared. "You're welcome to some. I'd like a t-shirt at least, because roast snipe - I am sure is icky, there's no spices to roll me around in," She notes wryly. She shrugs and nods. "Did you need some lotion?" She asks Cora, concerned. She grins as kaz offers the canteen.

"Really," Cora replies to both, though it's Kaz's challenging look she meets. The cigarette he kills gets a quick glance, a brief flicker of something in the intel officer's expression as she watches it disposed of. "ECO, actually," she replies, turning back, "But only for part of the program, before I decided there were better ways to apply my skills." At the offer of lotion she shakes her head at Sofia, replying, "No, thank you." The canteen she accepts, though, taking a quick sip and then another, wetting her lips before replying, "Thank you," as she hands it back.

The ECO holds the stare back quite easily. Eyes not wavering once, before he's grinning again as he leans back up against the Raptor. Folding his arms over his chest. "Oh? And what better ways are there at using those skills?" he might as well ask. However once the canteen is offered back, he softens and takes it up. A long swig is in order before responding. "You're welcome." Ad then it's passed off to the snipe again. "Both need lotion. I guess I am bloody lucky I tan." a joke there, that doesn't reach-given the half hearted chuckle he gives with it. "Other than fires and mortar shells. Y' enjoying your time down here?"

Sofia blinks. "Oh neat," She smiles. "Lots of things I'm learning about people lately," Sofia considers. A look between the two. She laughs softly at Kaz and accepts her canteen. "Yeah, sucks to have sensitive skin. I look like a purple people eater if I wear the wrong kind of sweater." She grins weakly. "It's not too bad. I like feeling solid ground - seeing day and night again…" Sigh. "And the fresh air is really sweet compared to the usual. But I should stop slacking and go find myself a shirt," Can't wallow in self pity. She grunts and stands. "It was good to see you both sirs," Smile.

"I didn't say those skills, I said my skills," Cora replies to the ECO, correction too tinged with amusement to hold an edge. At the comment about tanning, she lifts an arm, remarking, "I do tan, to a point. It's a little intense out here, even when things aren't going up in flames." She listens to Sofia, and then offers a smile when the snipe talks of heading off, lifting a hand in vague farewell, "Good to see you too. Have a good evening. Good luck finding that shirt." To Kaz, she shrugs, "It's better than Leonis, I'll give it that."

"Oh." a grin at the clarification, but soon the pilot is looking back to Sofia as she is heading off. A tick of a finger to his forehead in a quick salute as the crewman is making her way. "Good t' meet you Sofia. Get that burn looked at yeah?" called out, before he is glancing back over to Cora. There's a motion to the shaded part of the Raptor where he's been hiding since finishing his inspection. In case the Lieutenant would like a seat. "What were those skills of yours, if I can ask, Eltee?" Kaz asks, with a grin. To the comparison of his home though, there's a faint frown and a nod given. "Yeah" finally, added. "Least we're not shacked up in a strip club…."

Cora turns at the gesture, and steps into the shade after a moment, taking a seat in the Raptor's open doorway. "Intel analysis, obviously," she replies with a quirk of a smile, "Cryptography, tactics, the standard CIC bit." She brushes a lock of hair back behind her ear as her chin lifts in a sort of reverse-nod, "Ah, you were one of those in the strip club? I was in a bar across the city. Happened to run into the Cerberus team just in time, thank the gods. Anyways, yes. Though the strip club I imagine contained significantly fewer terrorists."

"Fewer terrorists, yes." Kaz replies, as he turns, taking back his seat, so as to regard Cora. "But we had a frak ton of toasters." He mutters before he is looking back to the young CIC officer. And with that he is leaning in a little, relaxed as he chats. Currently, Kazimir and Cora are seated in under the open side canopy of one of the landed raptors, talking. "So, Cora." Kaz, begins as he takes another swig from the canteen. "Where are you from?" It's pretty clear where he is from.

Kadena slips closer after a bit of work, her expression weary. After the explosion the other day she's been keeping herself busy in effort to not think about it and has gone as far as to help with various small tasks when her medical skills haven't been needed. The sound of voices draws her attention and soon she finds herself drifting closer, not approaching fully just yet to make sure she won't be intruding upon something private.

"True," Cora replies to Kaz with a nod, "There were plenty of toasters." She scratches the back of a nail along her throat and across her clavicle before asking, "Can I borrow that again?" The hand dropped out in request is for the canteen, and then a brow tics upwards at his question, "Can't you tell? I must sound worse than I thought. Caprica. The City, specifically." Kadena's approach draws a glance and a nod of greeting to the junior lieutenant.

"Lucky you all rolled in and got us out. I was afaraid we were going t' have to melt the stripper poles down for bullets." As for the Caprica crack, there's a shake of his head, before he is offering the canteen back. "Coulda fooled me. You got the attitude for it, but you sound all." a pause as Kaz searches for the right word, and a grin. "Husky." There, that works. A turn of his head though when Cora is nodding towards Kadena. The ECO offers a smile to her as well, before he is giving a nod as well.

"Lucky for both of us," Cora replies, "I was down to my last jar of maraschino cherries." Her lip twitches in a brief show of distaste at the very memory of that Kythera staple before she turns to watch as Kaz searches for a word to describe her current voice. When he chooses 'husky', she laughs (huskily, of course). "I'm going to assume you mean that in an old-fashioned film star sort of way," she replies as she rises, taking another swig from the canteen and passing it back. "I'd better get back to work. It was nice to meet you, Kaz."

"I'll drink to that." Kaz, muses before he is taking the canteen back, and doing just that. There's a grin, at the chuckle, as he nods. "I of course do. " replied easily enough before he is slightly standing with her. Polite- a pilot can be. "It was good to meet you Cora." Another swig of the water, that has slowly been warming due to the sun's heat. "Hope to run into you again someitme." added, before he is sitting back down.

Cora looks at him for a moment as he stands, gaze ever-so-faintly narrowed as she observes that show of good manners. "I'm sure I'll see you around soon," she replies after that pause, another following the words before she flashes him a brief sliver of a wide smile, and then turns and heads on her way.

Kaz chuckles, and raises a knuckle to his forehead and salutes once more in Cora's direction. "I'll hold ya to it." Smile caught and returned before he's turning to clamber back into the raptor One hand reaching for where ever he tossed that clipboard from earlier.

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