Dave "Shiner" Wright
Midshipman Dave Wright
Russell Howard
Russell Howard as Dave Wright
Alias: Shiner
Age: 21
Features: Athletic young man with a squint
Colony: Picon
Rank: Midshipman
Department: Air Wing
Position: Raptor nugget


Dave Wright, just another lower middle class kid enticed into the fleet by colourful rhetoric and striking recruiting posters. Former pool lifeguard, and now on the lowest rung of the ladder as an Apprentice Aircraft Handler on Cerberus's deck.

Coming from a generic, lower-middle class family on Picon, Dave Wright was never the smartest one in class, scraping through school only with considerable effort and the occasional exam resit. It's not that he's stupid, per se, more that there are so many more interesting things to be doing outside rather than stuck in a classroom poring over books.

Where he did shine, however (no pun intended) was in the pool, and swimming was one of his great loves. Every morning before school he'd hit the pool and he soon worked his way with ease into his school swim team, with the fortunate side effect that he was given extra time to complete assignments if there was a swim meet near the deadline.

On leaving school, he got work as a lifeguard at the local pool where he'd been swimming for years, but soon tired of the same routine day after day. By chance he spied a poster recruiting for the fleet, and on impulse went to sign up. His recruiter suggested the Aircraft Handling branch as suitable (by suitable, read: not too intellectually taxing), and he signed on the dotted line without hesitation. Passing through basic training without many problems (although his marksmanship leaves a lot to be desired), he got assigned to the Cerberus for his first draft, where in true Navy fashion as a Wright was immediately dubbed 'Shiner' and settled into the general grunt work of his duties happy as Larry.

Immediate Family

Shiner has his parents and one younger sister back on Picon. Or probably, more likely, doesn't any more.

Service Jacket

The Cerberus is Shiner's first posting. Way to welcome a guy to the fleet. By blowing up everything else. Thanks a lot, cylons.

Physical Features

A little over six feet tall, blond, tanned and athletic looking, with squared shoulders and a toned six pack, this young man could be a model. Or at least he could, provided his face was out of shot. Not ugly, per se, still his eyes are too narrow set and he has a slight squint, giving the impression that he's always particularly angry at the end of his nose. Still, his skin is clear, his ears don't stick out /too/ much, and he does have good teeth and a winning, if slightly vacant, casual smile.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Cidra_icon.jpg Not bad for an older chick. She's got a dry wit, and she'll humour me when I'm flirting. Besides, women in power are pretty hot. 7/10 Scratch that, she kisses girls. Hot. Seriously hot. 9/10.
Khloe_icon.jpg Smoking ass, and seriously fit. I think we finally have a kind of understanding. I don't mention her pert little butt, and she doesn't kill me with sharp objects. It works well. 8/10 She's got some weird touching issues, so no wonder she hasn't been laid in six years. Think of all that stored up sexual tension, though. WOOF! 8.5/10
Andrea_icon.jpg Stunningly pretty, but kind of annoying. Still, I wouldn't kick her out of bed for crumbs. Provided she kept her mouth shut. Or better yet, full. Tricked me into a Raptor, chained me up and nicked my clothes. I'm not her greatest fan. Smartass cow almost got me chucked out of flying! 4/10
Bran_icon.jpg Wise cracking pilot, and an absolute blast. When I wake up in jail, I want this guy beside me saying 'Woo! Let's do it again!'. If I end up half the pilot he is, I'll be happy.
Wade_icon.jpg This guy's teaching me how to fly, so I should thank him for it. He seems to be a bit more understanding these days, so maybe he's learning to be a human being as well as a pilot. The guy's on my side. I think. Not going to rely on that, but I think he means well.
Devlin_icon.jpg Fresh out of nuggethood and a really sound guy. Decoy's a guy who's actually encouraging me to fly, and sure, maybe compare notes on the women, too. Got himself shackled to some chick, which makes him a perfect wingman for a scoring mission. We find a hot chick? She's all mine. Decoy's already spoken for. Result.
Quinn_icon.jpg Jugs is more one of us than one of them, if that makes sense. She's more like extra deck crew than a hotshot pilot, and you've got to like that in an officer. Doesn't hurt that she's got this real easy way about her, so you can talk to her about anything. Cute, in a farmgirl kind of way, but frakking her would be too weird. Like frakking your mother weird. 5/10.
Sonja_icon.jpg Stick thin, with no boobs to speak of and a kind of annoying laugh, this one's a nugget. She's learned to fly on some hick farm somewhere and is all about peace and shit like that. Whatever, sweetheart. 3/10 In good news, though, she puts out! And better yet, none of that cuddling shit. Result! Just need to drag her to bed, now. 5.5/10


  • Swims like a fish.
  • Likes his coffee sweet enough to give you diabetes at 50 yds.
  • But prefers tea, if he can get it.
  • Most of his plans have the eventual goal of getting laid.
  • Most of his plans fail.
  • As the most junior man on deck, he'd been tasked the unenviable role of driving 'Henry', the big yellow poo truck, and keeping the civilian latrines clean on the starboard hangar deck. Shit happens. Literally.
  • Recently, however, he's taken a fancy for flying (to get the girls, some unkind people might point out) and signed up for nugget training.

Recent Logs


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