PHD #011: Shave and a Haircut Two Bits
Shave and a Haircut Two Bits
Summary: Sofia and Alexander meet up to get hair cuts and to mull over the current state of affairs - or the lack of knowledge surrounding it.
Date: 3.9.2041
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Alexander Sofia 

Barber Shop

White tile floors and a wall of mirrors are probably the two most striking features of the Barber Shop. Inside it are four chairs set up in front of the mirrors, a long counter running underneath the reflective glass. Scissors, trimmers, blow dryers, and combs standby for use like rifles on a rack. Magazines and a few standard military office chairs sit by the entrance hatch for those waiting their turn.

Alexander is currently sitting quietly waiting for an opening with the barber. A civilian has to wait for a cut since he military comes first. As he waits he flips through a magazine. Oddly enough this is a magazine with an interview from Alexander himself as he is on the cover with the words, exclusive interview on the cover. Oddly enough the actor isn't reading about himself at all as much as he is reading about something else without pictures.

While cuts for women aren't mandatory, Sofia likes to keep her hair managable without resorting to a gel helmet. She moves to sit and take a turn. She still has her bandages on, though there's fewer now. She's a-healin'! And on her way in, she notices Alexander. Sofia still seems a bit calmer than usual, but she's emerging from the fog. A little fingertip wave, "Hey there."

Alexander takes a moment to look around the room as he hears someone shuffling about. As he spots Sofia he stands and says, "You've been hurt?" He looks utterly concerned for the woman as he stands to greet her. "What happened? Are you alright? Who or what did this to you?" Suddenly the need for a haircut seems pretty pointless in the face of seeing his friend hurt. "Can I do anything for you?"

Blink. Sofia smiles a little. Her voice is still raspy, "It's a long story. I got shot by some cylons. I don't know how much I can tell you until they make an announcement. I'm a lot better since they let me out of sick bay." She seems happy for this, and her voice isn't /quite/ as raspy at least. She blushes, a little embarrassed looking. "It- It's okay really, I'm lots better than before," She offers. Though she looks touched by his concern. "I'm really flattered you worried about me though." Nod.

Alexander looks at Sofia and he studies her up and down and when he hears the womans voice he raises an eyebrow, "You got shot by cylons?" Alexander says looking utterly confused. "Where did you meet them? Sickbay?" The poor man looks utterly confused, "Why wouldn't I worry about you. You are one of the few people who I know very well on this ship. I would like to think I will see you around a lot longer. I mean, what if something happened to you?"

Sofia blinks. She mmhmms softly. "I did. And no. I was on a mission," She explains. "As I said - I'm not 100 percent on what I can say without getting us in trouble," Sofia admits. "Maybe somewhere else…" Cough. "And oh… um," She blushes at his admission. Then a smile. "Thank you. And I don't know. That's part of the risk of enlisting," She notes, "I could go up at any moment." Sofia shrugs. "So could you. I'd be very sad. But I don't intend to go gently into the night and all that, so I'll be around a lot longer," She promises. "I hope you're okay though?"

Alexander listens to Sofia as she speaks about what happened without saying what happened and he frowns, "I'm not going anywhere. If I die it is because this ship exploded. I don't get sent into combat." Alexander says softly, "And if you died I would think that this whole ship would take quite a loss. It would be very unfortunate." Alexander doesn't push on what Sofia can or can't say because he knows how the military works from his research and from his time on deck, "I am alright. I've been trying to find something to do to stay busy but I'm running around in circles really."

Sofia peers at him. "In that case, I think we'd all be hosed as it were," At least, if the Cerberus exploded. "And oh? That's very nice of you to say. Though I'm a Crewman like any other. Pretty low in the scheme of things," She chuckles softly. "But I'm really touched." She means it. She's a froot loop but she seems perceptive enough. "I'm glad you're alright. And hmm. Have you visited the library? There's literally buckets of random books, though I guess that gets boring too… There's video games and art in the rec room," She taps her chin thoughtfully. She seems relieved he doesn't push for more information at least. "If you like that sort of stuff.:

Alexander looks at Sofia and he smiles and says, "I'm a civilian and that means in terms of this ship you are here serving people and I'm just here eating food and taking up space." Alexander grins a movie star grin, "Which means you are on a different level from me." Alexander turns to look at the line for the barber's seat, "The library? Are you kidding, all of my books are coming from somewhere and that somewhere is the library."

Sofia mms softly, "It's my job. You just have a different one is all." She pauses a little at his movie star grin. She's not immune and this puzzles her. Dah. "Well, there's nothing wrong with that. Frankly I'm kind of glad…" Considering what happened to the /other/ civilians, at least. She doesn't seem to turn her head much if she can help it. "Oh? Hah," She smiles. "I thought it might have been the chapel's books or your own…" She rasps. A sigh. "You might like the gym, I think there's a pool," Ponder. "We can get in line if you want."

Alexander tilts his head, "Well, I am not sure what my job is anymore to be honest. Unless Caprica is still standing, and I'm doubtful that it is, there may not be need for actors anymore. QUODEL has gone quiet and to be honest I'm spinning my wheels. I'm still hitting the gym and I have been reading and that has been the extent of my escapades these days." There is a grin, "And if you want to get in line you will go ahead of me. I've been waiting for some time now while crewman and officers alike get a cut. I don't mind waiting a while longer."

A wince at that. "We don't know that just yet," She admits. Sofia shrugs and frowns a little. "Another man asked about jobs here too." She sighs softly. She does feel sympathetic. A look to Alexander, "You could try seeing um, like - I know we have radio operators. You have a good voice, things like that." There's bound to be a job for him right? She has to turn herself to shake her head, unwilling to use just her neck. "Hm? Oh no. I don't /have/ to get a haircut, I just get really shaggy if it gets too long and then they get mad." She smiles. "Figured I'd get it done."

Alexander shakes his head, "It was made clear that my help was not needed on this ship in any capacity since I was an officer in this Fleet when everything happened. It was after everything happened that I" a pause, "stepped down." There is something polite about the way he explains that he stepped down. It is professional and it sounds like something like a celebrity might say when they are either telling the truth or hiding something. Hard to say which he is doing. "For now, I'm not sure what I will do beyond waiting for QUODEL to pull back together." Alexander studies Sofia's hair for a moment, "Shaggy you say? You could grow it a bit longer and then you could either straighten it or you could perm it slightly." He points to Sofia's hair in two spots, "Here and here, it would place emphasis on your eyes."

Poor Alexander. Sofia looks sympathetic. "I think things are just strained now is all. We've got way more people than we thought we'd ever take care of. Logistics has been a nightmare. People are wanting jobs and I think folks've been trying… I mean, at this rate even I might get like a personal assistant," She jokes raspily. She has to clear her throat and frowns. She blinks and tries to follow where he points. "Maybe. That'd be nice, but - sadly, military perms leave a lot to be desired." Grin. She looks to the barbers even. "So I just keep it midlength and tied back for now is all." A resigned shrug, "You could come do art in the rec room. Miss um, reporter does that." Nod.

Alexander watches a barber work for a minute and as a marine gets a clean buzz and he turns to look over at Sofia, "I am sure things are strained right now. I saw some of what was going on when I worked for the Fleet. I can't say I have a clear picture right now but I know what things were like up to the attack." There is a grin, "Not even my sister tells me what is going on because of her dedication to the fleet." He then tilts his head as he holds his fingers up as if to look at Sofia through a camera lens, "Well, a pony tail won't work forver. Perhaps you could pin it differently?" He shifts his focus from his camera into a different direction, "I suppose the military doesn't like fancy hair styles." Alexander then smiles, "And I would think you could use a personal assistant I mean since you have so much work to do." As for working in the rec room and doing art, he remains silent for now.

Sofia watches the marine get a buzz cut too. She doesn't envy him. A look back to Alex, "It's no one's fault really," Sigh. "And I don't think most of us have a clear picture," She admits. THen a smile at his grin. "That is pretty devoted," She considers. Sofia has to go quiet from time to time to rest her rasping voice. "I usually do it up in a bun," She replies. "I'll try something," A grin as he holds his fingers up and she peers back at him. A brief pose is struck. Da daaa! She still is silly beneath the slightly subdued self. "No not really. It's just sort of impractical is all," A shrug. Military tends to be function over form, alas. "And ah? I dunno…" Hmm. A personal assistant. She ponders this, eyebrows furrowing. "We'll see. I mostly do grunt work though. But it's something to do. I am blessed in that way. There's also-" Sofia is thinking, almost going totally cross-eyed.

Alexander continues to keep Sofia in frame and when she strikes a pose he says, "You know, you might have missed your calling. You could have been a star. You've got good bone structure for film. I'd imagine your eyes would sparkle on film too." He then drops his finger camera and rests one hand in his jeans pocket, "If you get such a blessing as a personal assistant then enjoy it. Though treat them nicely. I learned long ago to treat those around you nicely because the people you meet on the way up are often the people you meet back on the way down if you fall from grace." There is a brief pause as he grins again at the pose, "And there's also what?"

Blink. Sofia chuckles at that. "I dunno about that… my sister is the talented one. I was never as good," She admits with a sigh then smiles at him. "I would," She puts her hands on her hips. "I was thinking." She drops the pose and frowns, what else. "I know there was at least one guy wanting work on board. You could try photography maybe," War photographers! "And work on that newspaper." She offers. "But I understand what you mean. I'm kinda low on the ladder here, but it's not so bad. I have a lot of freedom outside of work," She notes.

Alexander rubs the back of his neck, "All I'm good for is acting, mimicry, research. I can play a piano, paint you a picture, discuss politics, put on a play and I'm a decent shot and I can box a bit. Other than that I'm not good for much else." The actor smiles, "Though thank you for the suggestions. I will have to wait and see what comes up. For now I will wait for QUODEL to get itself together. It would appear that right now the military needs to protect us and that is the main priority which I agree with."

Hee. "Nothing wrong with that," Sofia smiles back. "But yeah, that is all we can do for now," She sighs. "I just hope - things aren't as bad as my stomach is telling me," She admits. "You can mimic things?" An eyebrow lifts. "That sounds kind of fun," She's calmer than usual, but still fairly friendly. She goes silent a moment. "Other than being shot, I've been kind of boring lately though. They will probably make an announcement soon," She remarks.

Alexander grins, "Of course I can mimic things. I look at the way people do things and then I do my best to copy them. It is one of the best skills I have learned. For some of my roles I have directly mimiced the living person who I was playing. I've been told more than once I am very scary in how acurate I am. Also, it helps me in learning accents. It is one way to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to audio and physical ticks in people." An eyebrow quirks, "You have been boring? I would say getting shot by a cylon is anything but boring." Alexander asks curiously, "What will they make an announcement about?"

"Oh?" Sofia smiles. "That's pretty neat," SHe nods. Then winces as she regrets it. Oof. She'll remember. "Well, no, it's painful. But not boring," She remarks. She looks sad a moment. "About - what happened. Maybe. Maybe not, I don't know. I can't say one hundred percent, but," A shrug. "We'll see. I hope it's not as bad as it looks you know?" She seems a bit uneasy. "Oh, I think we're up." Haircut time!

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