PHD #090: Sharing Info and Theories
Sharing Info and Theories
Summary: Ethan meets with Cidra to discuss Specialist Coll
Date: 28 May 2041 AE
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Cidra Ethan 
Naval Offices
This area is set-up much like any standard office building. Cubicles have been constructed using cheap waist-high walls, their contents left neutral for whoever needs to use them. Inside each cubicle is a desk with a laptop and chair. Simple overhead lights bring dull illumination to the room except over the back wall where each one of the colonies twelve flags hangs from its own pole. Fake, potted plants dot the room and seem to be standard issue along with the water cooler and coffee machines. Off the main room are a few private offices such as that of the JAG or CAG.
Post-Holocaust Day: #90

This, is the first time Ethan visits the CAGs office. Since he is about to hop on his Raptor for the usual CAP, he is currently wearing his flight suit, helmet held under his arm. The young Ensign examines the room for a brief moment, and after spotting his final destination he heads that way. Ethan knocks on the CAG's office door and waits there. He had an interesting conversation with Lauren Coll, the Specialist that was sent to the Brig.

Cidra has her hatch slightly ajar. It generally is when she's in her office, as a semi-invitation for whoever happens by to interrupt her. She's sitting at her desk at the moment, in duty greens rather than flight gear or officer blues. One might note she's wearing her sidearm pistol at her hip. Odd, that. Cylon threat or not, she doesn't often wear it on duty unless she has to.

Ethan steps inside Cidra's office and lightly looks around, trying not to focus on anything in particular. "Major." offers the Ensign, standing straight and saluting the CAG. "Thank you for receiving me, I know I'm close to going out on another CAP so I'll try to be brief and not take much of your time" He nods to this and clears his throat, but will let Cidra say something if she wishes to.

Cidra stands, acknowledging Ethan's salute fluidly. "Sit, Ensign, please," she says, indicating a chair on the opposite side of her desk. She sinks back into her own. "I have more than enough time. Go on, please." That's all from her for the preliminaries, apparently.

"Thank you, Major" says the Ensign and then, he takes a seat. The man clears his throat and nods, right after that, he starts "I stopped by the Brig, earlier today, while I was off-duty" he nods to his own words and explains "I found out that Raptor Six-Five-One was the one Specialist Coll was going to work on, Six-Five-One is my bird, well, not mine but, you know." he moves the chair closer to the desk and offers "Specialist Coll mentioned that, she didn't believe that information was properly transfered to you by the Marines. I think she wishes for you to hear her, you know, tell the entire story" He nods to this and remains in silence.

Cidra sighs heavily. "The matter of Specialist Coll. I let her say her piece to me, Ensign, such as she was in the state of mind to do so. To be honest? Even had she defended herself differently I would have still referred it to the JAG. A Raptor crew is MIA, Fresh. Likely dead. Lieutenant Nostos is dead, his plane blown to bits as he left the launch tubes. Captain Sitka nearly suffered the same fate, and the Viper of his that was sabotaged did not fare any better. Is Specialist Coll involved in these horrific acts? I do not know. The Marines seem not to think so. But I was told procedures were tightened on that Deck, before Raptor Three-Oh-Five was bombed. I was told this *could* not happen again. And still, it was bombed. Perhaps the woman did nothing wrong. If that is the case, then she will be cleared. She has a chance to speak for herself and have the JAG hear her. But this cannot just be let slide. It must be investigated fully, or I feel I would be putting the lives of you and all my pilots, and the deck hands for that matter, in grave danger."

Ethan listens to the CAG and when she finishes, he nods firmly "Yes Sir, I agree." he shakes his head "I, like you, don't know if she wasn involved, or not." He presses his lips together before continuing "I don't own the truth, heck, I never did. I just can offer my view on things. Do they have foundation? No, so far I believe we are in a very delicate situation" He runs his fingers over his hair and licks his lips "She mentioned that no JAG has visited her so far" Now he clears his throat "She also mentioned a set of key spots that ECOs and Pilots should check before going out on the Raptors, things that she mentioned believes are directly linked to what the bomber -whoever- it is, is doing. She mentioned <INSERT LIST OF THINGS. TO BE ADDED WITH LAST LOG> " He nods after that and takes a deep breath "Sir, I'm not asking that we don't follow procedures. I'm just offering my thoughts on this, I think we /should/ run those checkups on each Raptor. What do you think?"

"I think anything we can check should be checked," Cidra says. "As for the efficiency of the JAG, that is her business. I am quite confident in their ability to handle her case, though she may be too distraught to see things moving properly. I am not without sympathy for her, but this must all be seen out to its conclusion, or I would be derelict in my own duties. Has she shared this information with the MPs?"

Ethan considers Cidra's last question for a moment and then says "I wouldn't know, Major. When I visited, there was only two Marines there, one at the access door and another at a desk. She of course said this in a normal 'volume' per se, so they probably heard it. Now, did she said that to them before, I don't really know" He clears his throat again and sits back against his seat "I did ask her a couple things…" he shrugs at that "maybe silly things but, she mentioned that before leaving Three-Oh-Five alone, she had a cup of coffee from the Deck Machine. Days went by now but…" he shrugs casually "…maybe we can check and see if there is are any residuals of something that /might/ have been placed there" He shakes his head "I want to catch this person as bad as you do Major, just trying to help out a little bit here."

"I understand that, Ensign. I truly do. I feel much the same," Cidra says. "If there is trace evidence left on this Deck Machine, the MPs will find it more expertly than ever you could. We must trust them to do their jobs in this. I realize sometimes that is the most difficult thing of all to do."

Ethan smiles to the CAG and stands up "Thank you, Major" he nods to this and then takes his helmet "I'm afraid this is a short visit, gotta get on that Raptor and head out" He stands straight again, salutes and says "Major, by the way, thank you for the letter. I appreciate both the Captain and your words, they meant a lot"

Cidra stands again, acknowledging Ethan's salute once more. "Clear eyes and steady hands out there, Fresh. And the appreciation is ours. You and Knickers undertook great danger in retrieving our people from Leonis, and did it with skill more veteran pilots would be proud of."

Ethan smiles once again, he nods softy and says "I will keep doing my best, Major" with that said, he turns around and leaves the office. Off he goes, to another mission, in which hopefully, his Raptor won't go boom.

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