Dr. Serene Wilkinson
Doctor Serene Acantha Wilkinson
Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale as Serene Acantha Wilkinson
Alias: Ser
Age: 31
Features: Approachable, Intelligent, Kind
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Doctor
Department: Civilian
Position: Pediatrician


Serene is a pediatrician originally from Leonis. Her father, Peter Wilkinson, may be known to some as a former Rear Admiral and commander of the Battlestar Forseti.

Immediate Family

Name Relation Notes Status
Peter Wilkinson Father Rear Admiral, Colonial Fleet DECEASED
Nerissa Wilkinson Mother Elementary School Teacher, Picon. DECEASED
Eryx Wilkinson Brother Successful Lawyer for popular Law Firm in Leonis. DECEASED
Derek Duncan Fiance Successful Lawyer for popular Law Firm in Leonis. DECEASED
Wade Duncan Brother in Law Lieutenant, Junior Grade Viper Pilot serving on Battlestar Cerebrus ALIVE
Derek Wade Duncan Wilkinson Son Son of Derek and Serene, born in Aerilon at some point after Warday. ALIVE

Work Experience

Nemean University - BS in Biology August 2028 - May 2032
Nemean University - MD in Pediatrics August 2032 - May 2036
Kythera General Hospital - Residency May 2036 - July 2040
Parkside Family Medical Practice - Partner July 2040 - February 26, 2041
Aerilon Caves - Refugee Doctor February 26, 2041 - October 31, 2041

Physical Features

With what in some cultures might be called ‘elfin’ features, Dr. Serene Wilkinson has an easy air about her that certainly helps to make her patients at ease very quickly, even the smallest of them. But, under that soft exterior is a hint of fire that shines through her deep brown eyes when she becomes excited or passionate about something. For the moment, her wavy brown shoulder length hair is pulled up into a utilitarian twist, secured at the back of her head by a long straight clip that cuts across to hold it in place and only let a few shorter tendrils out around her face, softening the severity of the quick arrangement. Standing around 5’6”, she’s neither overly tall or short, giving the impression of being much taller when she exerts her authority over a situation at times.

On the Grid

Known Associates

File Image Name Notes
Wade_icon.jpg LT Wade "Drips" Duncan Wade… Finding out that he was still alive is always going to be one of the best moments of my entire life. Even though it means I really know what I've lost, it's good to have gained something in return. And having someone like him around for Dare is going to be such a blessing, I thank the Lords of Kobol that he's safe. And I keep hoping that he'll stay that way. We have an… interesting history. But one that brings me comfort when things are falling down around my ears.
Lunair_icon.jpg LTJG Raine Lunair A strong woman in a difficult position. The amount of patience she shows in her position bringing on all of the refugees to the fleet is amazing. I can relate to dealing with people in difficult situations and having to keep them calm and safe while you get the information that you need, but in my case it's generally for a much shorter period of time. The kindness she shows so many people is truly a blessing on the fleet.
Shiner_icon.jpg Midshipman Dave Wright Drawn over to the Elpis by our climbing wall, he seems like a sweet kid. Not always the brightest marker in the box, but he does have his heart in the right place. He's been through a lot, it's obvious by how defensive he is about what he's had to earn, but it seems like in the long run if Wade can get him up to speed he could make a great pilot someday.


  • Serene's son Derek is called Dare and was born while she was hiding from the Cylons on Aerilon.
  • She spent much of her young life growing up on Picon before her family returned back to Leonis after her mother's death.

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