PHD #424: Sensitive Information
Sensitive Information
Summary: Gallagher brings Raptor related information to the marines.
Date: 26 Apr 2042 AE
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Constin Gallagher Vandenberg 
Security Hub - Deck 6
More than just an office for the Marines and their XO, this room has remote surveillance views of the Brigs as well as a state of the art communications center built into the far bulkhead. A locked and heavily armored door to the aft leads into another room, the white lettering on it reading 'ARMORY.' There are a few desks scattered around the room for getting necessary paperwork done and the Commandant's picture hangs on the wall next to one of the President.
Post-Holocaust Day: #424

The hatch to the Master-at-Arms office opens and Vandenberg steps out, with Constin a step behind. With two hours until the changing of shifts, the Security Hub has settled into a late night lull.

Vandenberg heads over towards a desk with a heavy black courior case on it and a few sealed map tubes. She's grinning over her shoulder at the man and looking a little red in the face. "One of these days, I'ma plant charges under your chair just big enough to remove that cheeky grin." She chuckles and moves to gather her things, the woman in her duty greens.

Through the doors from the hallway walks a woman in the typical military duty clothing. Gallagher approaches the first occupied desk and clears her throat. "Excuse me." She says to the person at the desk. "Who would I talk to about the investigation of Sawyer Averies, Tyr Bannik, and the cylon?"

The marine Lance Corporal at the desk in question points Gallagher toward the Master-at-Arms, calling toward Constin, "Gunny?" The big sergeant turns an eye toward the call, looking from marine to Gallagher. Eyes tick to the rank insignia briefly, before he voices, "Can I help you, sir?"

Vandenberg gathers up her maps and the bag off the desk and glances up towards the woman arriving. Her eyes flit between Elf and the Lieutenant and she walks over with a lofted brow but doesn't say anything. Just listening for now.

Gallagher glances between the Lance Corporal and Constin, nodding, turning her attention fully to Constin. Glancing at the man's rank she responds, "Yes. I'm Lieutenant Gallagher. I was put in charge of going through the ship that Tyr Bannik, Sawyer Averies, and the cylon came back on. After we downloaded and analyzing the systems data, we found some data that should be past along to you."

"Huh," Constin grunts lowly to the news. "You judge this to be sensitive information, sir?" he queries as steps come to a stop, boots going to shoulder-width as narrow blue eyes fix on Gallagher.

Okay, that has the Captain's full attention. Vandenberg quickly sets the map tubes down and begins unzipping the black bag. She digs through it and pulls out a yellow legal pad and pen. Pages are rapidly flipped to a blank on and she dates it. This report might be for Constin but the S-Three is hanging on hearing what the Lieutenant has to say. "If you need a secure room to file this report, Lieutenant, we've got some."

"I'd consider it sensitive, gunnery sergeant." Responds Gallagher. "That is to say, also, I don't know who all has access to the ongoing investigation. So I'd rather the fewer people who see it the better." She states simply. Turning her attention to Vandenberg, she nods "That would be good, sir. A secure room would probably be best."

Constin nods once to Gallagher's answer, taking a step to one side and indicating his office. Punching a seven digit code into the keypad to unlock the hatch, the big marine turns the wheel to haul the hatch back open. "Swear I oughta just sleep in the damn thing," he mutters under his breath. "Sirs, if you'll step inside?"

Vandenberg glances to Constin and then to the Lance Corporal. She motions to the stuff she set down. "Anyone touches this stuff, you give them one warning before you shoot to wound." The short Marine officer doesn't sound like she is kidding. Her attention falls back to the Lieutenant and she motions for the Engineer to follow. "Inside." Van trolls a smoke from her pocket as she walks past Elf. "At least rent is cheap."

Making her way into the office, Gallagher snorts. "The rent may be cheap here, but I dunno…do you really wanna sleep where you write reports? You might end up having nightmares about the reports." She shakes her head, waiting for the others to enter after her, waiting to retrieve the information from her pockets until after the door is closed.

"Little late," Constin grunts at the threat of nightmares of paperwork. Pulling the hatch back closed after the three are inside, he voices, "Lieutenant, have a seat. This is Captain Vandenberg-" Elf doesn't point at or otherwise indicate the officer he names. "She's the Corp Operational Planner, any intel regarding this case can be considered cleared for her." The disclaimers taken care of, he waits for the officers to sit, before taking his own chair.

"We dream have nightmares about paperwork anyway. We try to send that crap to Captain O'Hare but it doesn't always work." Vandenberg stands to the side of the office, setting her pad and paper down on one of the chairs. The cigarette is lit and she reaches for a metal tin on a shelf. Gee, wonder if she spends enough time in here, herself? There's a drag on the smoke while introductions are made. "Anything coming off that Raptor is of serious interest to me in an official capacity. Whatcha got?" She taps the ash into the tray.

"All the joys of getting promotions, eh?" Gallagher murmurs, shaking her head. "I try to steer clear of it myself, but sometimes there's avoiding it, eh?" She grins coyly. But that quickly fades. It's time to get back to business. Serious business. "As the two of you may have already heard, we cleared the ship. There were no explosives, bugs, or modifications of any kind made to the Raptor." She takes a deep breath in, taking out of a pocket both electronic records to hand to Constin as well as her own paper notes. "Amongst the information we were able to download, however, there were multiple pieces of interest. These 'pieces of interest' includes the FTL data which confirms their travel info, which route they took to eventually get to us."

Taking a deep breath in, Gallagher looks up from her notes to both Constin and Vandenberg. "We found some other information that, perhaps, answers one of the bigger questions that were had…how they found us." She pauses for a few seconds of silence, just glancing between the other two in the room. "Records show that they received a transmission from…" She takes a deep breath in, "The Praetorian on the 18th. It was a very small packet of data that contained the jump coordinates for the Fleet's position in the Ouranos Belt."

Constin settles into his own chair, leaning elbows on the desktop as Gallagher speaks. Expression relaxed into a stern neutrality, the marine nods at two points in her initial answer. As talk of the FTL data turns to 'how they found us', the MaA's interest is clearly piqued. He doesn't echo the revelation, but does promptly write down 'Praetorian, 18 Apr'. "Lieutenant, in your estimation how could the Praetorian send this data to a Raptor? What would the Praetorian need to reach that Raptor?"

Vandenberg leans down to her pad of paper, smoking with one hand and taking notes with the other while she squats in place. She jots down everything, underlining a few points. Its all in some incomprehensible shorthand only Constin can probably read. "Frak me sideways, man," she mutters to Elf. "Knew it stunk." She looks back to her notes to scribble a few more lines. "What was the origin of the flight and jumps? Lampridis, Gemenon?" The cigarette bounces between her lips as she speaks, eyes lifting to the LT.

Turning her attention first to Constin, Gallagher thinks about her answer for a moment. "I'll be honest with you, it's all just conjecture and hypothesis at this point. We don't really know with complete certainty how the Praetorian was able to reach the Raptor." Looking to Vandenberg, she says, "It would appear that the Raptor jumped back to Ophion from Gemenon by the skinjob, and then from there it jumped to the Fleet's location." Speaking not to a specific person, but to both of them now, she says, "One hypothesis we have is that maybe the Raptor picked up the transmission when it returned to Ophion. Or…maybe the transmission from the Praetorian was somehow…left at Ophion for the Raptor to find." She shakes her head. "This is all just hypothesis, though, as I said. We're not clear just yet what happened."

Constin's already narrow eyes tick briefly more narrow as he considers the implications at length. "For the record sir, can you state you name, rank, and division of service?" the MaA prompts of Gallagher. A deep breath is drawn before he addresses the Lieutenant again. "I'ma need the specific time the bird received that message from the Praetorian. Also, how you all figured that it came from Praetorian?" Aside to Vandenberg, he notes, "If there were any intermediate jumps, then Bannik were lying."

Vandenberg jots down the notes, nodding. Ophion. "Well if they fired a buoy of some kind, it would track. But that's one helluva risk if.." She trails off, shaking her head. "The Colonel Hahn needs to be aware of this so we can send a Raptor back there to check. Command needs to know, too." She plucks the cigarette from her lips and blows the smoke towards the ceiling. "Possible. He also may not have known there were two jumps. He's a good guy from his jacket, Elf. But I've been wondering if they ever actually reached Gemenon or it was someplace else altogether that just looked like the falls. This would appear, on the surface, to corroborate what they're sayin." She looks back to Gallagher, then, but says no more for the moment.

"Name, rank, and division of service? Isabella Phoebe Gallagher, lieutenant, engineering." Gallagher looks at Constin curiously, but decides not to question it. For all she knows, he could just be following procedure. She's not an MP, after all. "As for specific time, it was approximately ten minutes before arrived with the Fleet. Any more specific, I can show you the logs myself." She responds. She nods to Vandenberg. "A buoy is a definite possibility. I would agree with that."

Constin leans back in his seat, looking to Vandenberg when the officer makes those notes. "Agreed on Hahn." His only comment on the subject of Bannik is a short, "Huh." A breath drawn in and let out through the nose. Another nod to Isabella. "Would like as much detail as you can give, sir." Back to Natalie: "Gonna need to call up the duty rosters on Praetorian. You're right, this gotta go through command."

Vandenberg crunches over time but shakes her head. "Man I was drugged out of my mind on the eighteenth. I could barely lift my hand let alone think about that day in any rational fashion." She takes a long breath and ashes the smoke into the tray. "Okay Lieutenant Gallagher, since you're point on this information, with the Gunnery Sergeant's permission, I want you to personally inform Colonel Hahn and Command about this information. If we've got someone tracking us, that's vital to fleet warfighting capability. You good with that, Guns? She's the specialist." Vandenberg tilts her head towards the Engineer.

"If you'd like, I can go through the information we downloaded with you, and if you've got any questions as we go through it, I'll do my best to answer them then and there." Gallagher responds to Constin. "And you'll also see there the exact time." She comments. Glancing over to Vandenberg, she nods. "Of course, Captain. As long as the Gunnery Sergeant here is fine with my continuing to inform the Colonel and Command. I don't want to overstep my boundaries."

"Agreed," Constin mutters to vandenberg's notion. Not the most technically savvy of men, is Constin. "Sir," he drawls, "You'd have to explain it to me twice. For the best if you take point on this. Take this buoy theory to Hahn and Makinen. If the Cag agrees, would like a look-see at the original location we jumped from." A frown as he queries, "Would the Raptor's data reflect whether the bird opened fire at any point?"

"I'm with the Gunnery Sergeant. I'm better with non-interface systems like explosives triggers. Computers aren't my thing. Take it to the two named and forward it to Command on the double." Vandenberg takes a quick drag of the smoke. "You find out anything else, you send it direct to Constin, here, and CC it to me. All that clear?" She ashes quickly, rising from her squat by the desk.

"Well, I'm always around if there's questions. I'm happy to answer them. Even if I have to answer them twice. Or three times." Gallagher says calmly with a shrug. "I'm happy to take this forward to the appropriate people. Including those the two of you suggested. Hahn and Makinen." She nods. "And of course. As far as I'm concerned, I'm just providing the information. The investigation still belongs to the Marines."

"Understood, sir," Constin answers Gallagher. "Unless you have anything further, just now, I think we both got a few tracks to run down. Obliged to you for bringing this so direct, Lieutenant. Any more questions come up, I'll get hold of you.

Vandenberg nods her agreement. "Appreciated, Lieutenant. See to it." She takes a final drag of the smoke and drops it into the tin. "Well solves that mystery. Opens up a new one. Feels like one of those godsdamned wooden dolls that has more dolls inside of each one. Getting closer to the last one." She clicks her pen shut and rolls the legal pad back to normal.

Gallagher stands from her seated position, putting away the items she brought once more. "Of course. I won't keep you two any more." She nods to both Constin and Vandenberg. "Gunnery Sergeant. Captain." And with that, she turns to make her leave, pushing the door open, and closing it back after herself. Back to work she goes.

"Sir," Constin returns to Gallagher. The big sergeant rises, and offers a salute to the Engineer as she departs, before commenting to Vandenberg's 'wooden dolls' metaphor, "Yeah, them things always made me want a hatchet. Lets move, fore this track gets colder."

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