PHD #168: Security
Summary: Document security, information security, systems security, general shipwide security… Cora and Corrath discuss it.
Date: 13 Auguest 2041 AE
Related Logs: IIG, CIC sabotage, etc.
Cora Corrath 
S2's Office
It's Corrath's office. It's got a desk. Maybe some other stuff. Maybe not.
Post-Holocaust Day: #168

It's been one of those days aboard the Cerberus and while most of the marines have been dismissed for the evening, Corrath finds himself still locked away in the office of the MaA, obviously making use of it while the 'Sheriff' is off tending to other business. There's a stack of paperwork settled to the right of the desk, including a small datapad which occassionally rotates through a variety of images that the S2 seems to be reviewing while jotting down the occassional note. A mug of coffee is clasped in his free hand, though judging from the fact that it's still full and no longer steaming, he hasn't gotten around to actually drinking it yet.

Cora raps her knuckles on the door as she arrives, leaning into the doorway as she says, "O'Hare," in greeting, brows rising at the volume of paperwork on his desk as she adds, "Still available for our meeting? If this is a bad time I could do tomorrow, isntead." The naval intelligence officer carries a sheaf of papers and a black notebook beneath her arm, an as-yet-unlit cigarette twirled between the fingers of her other hand.

At the first sound of knuckles against the door, Corrath looks poised to say something, though it's quickly cut off as a voice follows the knock. Brows knit momentarily before he's setting down his pen so that his hand can move to deactivate the datapad. Eyes lift from his work, only to settle on the form of Cora before he's lifting a hand and motioning to one of the chairs, "Come on in. Now's as good a time as any." It's only then that the man sets the mug down before beginning to rise, "Can I interest you in a cup of coffee?"

Cora steps inside when invited, moving towards one of those chairs. She's in her duty blues, but the neck is unbuttoned and folded open over the tanktop and dogtags beneath. "Great," she replies as he agrees to the meeting, lowering herself into a chair with an effortless sort of grace. The cup of coffee is glanced at, and then she nods, smiling, "Actually yes, I'd love one. Can I interest you in a cigarette?" She holds up her own, digging into a pocket for a lighter, the pack from which it came drawn out as well to offer over.

At the acceptance of the offer, Corrath moves the few steps necessary to claim one of the clean mugs so that it can be promptly filled from what appears to be a freshly brewed pot of coffee. That done, he's moving back to reclaim his seat before leaning forward to settle the mug in front of her. "As for the smoke, I'd love one. Emptied my pack an hour ago." One of the drawers of the desk is opened and from within he pulls a small 'bowl' of sugar and cream, which he simply sets off to one side. Then, an ashtrays follows suit, though he settles that in the middle of the desk.

"Thank you," Cora says for the mug of coffee, drawing a cigarette out of the pack and offering it over. The pack is tucked back into a pocket and she lights her smoke, passing the lighter over as well before turning to her coffee. A packet of sugar is ripped open and emptied in, the mug stirred with a swirl of her wrist before she settles back in her chair. "You've been keeping busy, I take it?" she says, lifting her chin at the evidence of work that surrounds him.

Accepting the offered cigeratte and then the lighter, Corrath wastes little time in placing the smoke between his lips and lighting it, only to then offer the lighter back as he takes a long haul. When the cigeratte is finally claimed by the fingers of his left hand he's exhauling slowly, savoring the moment as if it was last. Finally, there's a nod of his head and a flash of a smile, "Thanks, yourself. I needed that." Then, eyes flit in the direction of the paperwork before shifting back to her, "Just a little bit. I'd be alot busier if it weren't for the good batch of MP's aboard the ship." The smoke returns to his lips so that another haul can be taken from it, though this one is much shorter then the last. "And yourself? They keeping you busy up there in CIC?"

Cora returns the lighter to her pocket, her own cigarette held between the first two fingers of her right hand, dragged on absently as she nods, exhaling smoke off to the side before lips curve into a 'you're welcome' sort of smile. "Good assistants make all the difference," she confirms, nodding, "I've been made an Officer of the Watch, the main perk of which is being able to delegate a few more things to the JTAC and junior intel officers." Another drag and she adds in case that wasn't answer enough, "More than busy. The air wing is beginning to run recon missions to some of the outer planets, so we've been pulling together old intel on those, and soon we'll have a flood of new intel coming in, presumably. JAG is gearing up for the admiral's trial, and there've been a few requests related to that. And then we've got the sabotage in CIC still needing a resolution."

"Officer of the Watch? 'grats on that, then. That outta help increase the work just a touch." As that's said, Corrath is settling back in the chair, his free hand moving to settle on the armrest. "I'd heard that the wing was beginning some recon. Gonna be interesting to see what they find out there. Or .. don't find, depending on how you look at it." The mention of the Admiral's trial draws a soft grunt from the man with his hand lifting to point at the filing cabinet, "There's a file for that locked up in the cabinet. It seems to multiple in size as the days go on." Another drag from the smoke is taken as he rolls his head from left to right, letting the bones crack in place. "Sabatoage. As if having to worry about Cylons attacking us at any moment isn't bad enough, we need to worry about what's going on inside the ship as well. That's something I need to bring up with the MP's and my CO. Make sure we're doing regular sweeps around the ship and that key area's have a full time detail, if possible."

"Thank you," Cora replies, "And yes, it's definitely cutting into my time. I appreciate the XO's…appreciation, but I rather enjoyed keeping my own hours for the most part rather than being tied to a shift in CIC. But anyway." She takes another drag and glances at the cabinet he indicates, nodding, "I'm not surprised. I'm pleased to stay as far away from that case as possible." She glances at his hand idly as it cracks, and then nods, "Additional surveillance will be necessary, yes. Actually, it's command's belief that the sabotage was committed by cylons — skinjobs — several of which we believe to be currently hidden within the fleet."

"You're probably aware of this already," Cora adds, smiling tilting faintly, almost apologetic, "I'm not sure why I'm repeating it. I suppose as a prelude of sorts." To what, she doesn't yet say.

"Keeping ones own hours is part of the reason I enjoy my job so much. That and it's a whole bunch of fun." The last of those words are laden with sarcasm and emphazied with a quick roll of his eyes. "As to the sabotage, I am aware of it and the topic has come up a couple of times in our briefings. Never hurts to hear that the opinion is shared by command, though. Even if it does reinforce that the situation is going to be extremely .. difficult to deal with." Corrath pauses long enough to take another drag from the smoke before allowing a faint chuckle to slip past his lips, "Don't worry about it. In our line of work, it never hurts to be sure of the facts and information." It's only then that he motions to the sheaf of papers that she entered with. "Do I even want to know what you have there?"

"It isn't like there are many better things to be doing, of course," Cora allows with a smokey half-sigh. She nods as he speaks of the sabotage, agreeing, "It will be difficult, yes." As for her papers, she chuckles softly and pats them, shaking her head, "Don't worry, they aren't for you. I had been working in the naval offices and it was more convenient to come straight here rather than dropping these off in my locker. In any case, I am coming to bring you more work, if not paperwork. I've been tasked by the CO with forming an interdepartmental investigation group into the presence of skinjobs on board. I'd like you to be in it."

"So very true, unfortunately." Corrath mirrors her half-sigh with one of his own before whisking it away amongst a quick smile. "Good. I was beginning to think I was going to drown in paperwork." While that's likely not possible, the paperwork does seem to grown with the days, rather then shrink. Then, when she explains her task, the man offers a faint 'hmm' before giving a nod. "Interesting assignment, I must admit. Won't deny that I've been itching to find a way to hunt those bastards down." There's the briefest of pauses, one that's long enough for him to take a final drag from the smoke before butting it out in the ashtray. "Count me in. We've probably got some files here that might be of use to you on this assignment as wel."

"Unfortunately," Cora echoes. She settles into her chair, one knee crossing over the other as she waits for his take on this offer, watching the marine carefully. His response is taken in, the lieutenant just listening and smoking in silence until she finally nods, "I'm sure that you do. I think your assistance will be invaluable. The project is classified Top Secret — the other committee members I've been recruiting haven't even been informed of its purpose as yet, and its simple existence is to remain confidential to members and department heads."

There's an almost mirthless chuckle as Corrath gives a nod of his head in response to something that she says, "Top Secret. There's a word I think we're both fundementally versed in." A hand lifts upwards, coming to rub at the side of his neck for a moment before falling back down, "I'll have one of my Sergeants go through the MP reports and see if there is anything interesting for me. If there is, I'll make sure you receive a copy of it." Now, hands clasp idly in his lap. "If I can inquire, who else have you managed to bring onboard for this?"

"One I wish were used more often," Cora replies with a darkly humored twist of her lips. The marine would likely know well her opinion of the XO's lax information security policies. She unconsciously mimics his gesture, a hand lifting, fingers brushing along her neck just below the collar of her jacket, a wisp of hair tucked home behind her ear before it drops to lift her coffee mug to her lips. "If possible, I'd prefer sergeant Constin," she offers, "I know he was involved in the previous investigations of sabotage, and I'd planned to bring him into the investigative group as well. As for the other members… you brought this on yourself," she says, smiling crookedly as she removes a stack of folders from her pile of papers and passes them over. Personnel files on each of those recruited so far, condensed down to their particulars and the bits she finds most pertinent.

"I hear ya there. That's a topic for another day, though. Preferably when there's alcohol available." With that said, he simply goes quiet fo ra moment, listening and then nodding his head. "Sergeant Constin it is, then. Was going to see if you had any MP's. Considering ship security and investigation is their bread and butter, they'd make a good addition." A pause and a momentary blink is offered as the stack of folders are handed over. "Lovely. Suppose I can only blame myself for this one, then." Accepting the paperwork, he flips through it quickly, most likely simply reviewing the names of those involved. It doesn't take long before he's giving a nod of his head and offering, "Oh, there's already an MP. Should have known. Beyond that, solid base of individuals there."

"Indeed," Cora replies simply, nodding at the mention of alcohol. She lets him have a minute to go through the files, nodding, "Yes, Rufinus with his police background seemed like a good choice. I was hoping for Maragos as well, but I'm told his case load is awfully full at the moment. If he frees up, perhaps he can be included. If there are others you'd like to suggest, I'm happy to review their files and consider. I wouldn't mind a few more MPs involved to balance out the rest. There will be, I suspect, a great deal of surveillance being set up and monitored, and MPs are better trained for that than any of teh others."

Not immediately replying to what's said, Corrath takes a moment to consider things before finally giving a nod. "Sergeant Maragos does have a pretty full plate. If you want him, though, I can see that things are shuffled around and balanced out amongst the other MP's. Aside from Maragos and Rufinus, the only other one I'd recommend that you approach is Constin. That should give you a solid 'knowledge' base to make use of." Stacking the sheafs of paper back together, he's extending them back in her direction. "Beyond that, looks like you're going to have your hands full managing this."

"I'll see if I can't find a chance to speak with him about it," Cora says of Maragos, "And yes, Constin is definitely on the list, our schedules just haven't left time for the meeting so far. I hope to get him brought in soon." She nods, and then lips press into a bit of a smirk as he hands the files back, asking, "Are you sure you wouldn't rather keep them yourself?" She takes them anyways, adding them back to her pile, and then nodding, "Yes, it's going to be quite the undertaking. I'll be meeting with the CO about it soon to get a clearer idea of what he's expecting and authorizing, and then we'll have the first meeting."

"Perfect." After that word, Corrath flashes an almost innocent smile, "Sure you don't want a job in the Marines? We could use someone with your level of detail in the MP's." It's a jest no doubt, one that he lets fade as he gives a quick shake of his head, "Nope. I don't want them. I've got enough paperwork without adding more pieces to it. Plus, I have a feeling that this group of yours is going to generate enough paperwork to last several lifetimes." Then, a pause and shorter nod. "Have fun with that meeting. If something arises, though, and you want a hand, don't hesitate to meander down and ask."

Cora laughs lightly, and nods, "Sure, as soon as I get a spare minute I'll see about a transfer." She jokes, clearly, and takes another sip of coffee before shaking her head, "I'm hoping to avoid most paperwork, actually. Too much of a paper trail begs for premature discovery and I've no desire to deal with the myriad headaches that would cause if I can avoid it. So." She nods, another sip of coffee and an arm stretched out to snag his ashtray with a finger and draw it over so her cigarette can join the remains of his. "I'd like you at the first committee meeting, actually," she says, "If you can spare the time."

A soft laught now and Corrath gives a slight bow of his head, "Excellent." Leaning back just a touch, the man allows the humor to fade from his features as he gives a nod of agreement, "True enough, but with something like this, there's always going to be a papertrail. Designate one of the MP's to keep a record of it and secure it away. They are good at keeping those types of things under strict lock and key. Plus, they know we tend to get -really- cranky when things get out before they are supposed to." A lift of a brow is offered now. "When's the first meeting going to take place? Not that I won't have the time. This relates to ship security, so I'll make sure I'm available for it."

"Hmm," Cora replies to his offer of document security, "Maybe I'll do that. We will need some place to centralize things. There will also be logstical issues, I'm sure, that may require your help given your access to the security hub here. But we'll come to that in the meeting, I think. As for its timing," she shakes her head a bit, "I'm not quite sure yet. Ideally, within the next week we'll begin."

A hand lifts and motions around this room, "No where more secure then the Security Hub. If need be, we can get a security cabinet with access codes that are known only to those involved. Something to think about and discuss, anyways." A cant of his head is given before Corrath is nodding once more, "Next week should be fine. Unless the CO or XO see fit to assign something to us that rates higher then this, I'll be available." He does move a hand to knock on the desk in time with that statement. "Hopefully you'll be able to get everyone together at the same time. That alone seems like it has the potential to be a logistical nightmare. Have fun." There's a quick smile added to the end of that statement.

"Assuming there aren't any more cables spliced into your security feeds, that is," Cora reminds, not-quite teasing about something so serious, "But yes, I think that sounds like a good idea about the cabinet. I'll bring that up in the meeting, or maybe make you speak to it. And I wouldn't expect anything more pressing, given the authority and autonomy I'm getting on this. It ought to be priority. But do let me know if something else does come up for you." As for the logistics, her brows wrinkle faintly at the idea and she nods, smirking, "Thanks. Yes, I expect that will be a nightmare. We may end up having two initial meetings rather than just one, I'm not sure."

There's an almost muted grunt as Corrath gives a shake of his head, "Checked daily. I'm a fanatic for security." Then, it's his turn to smirk as he offers another nod. "Either or, works, and I don't imagine anything more pressing. The CO and XO are pretty good with things and understand the need for security aboard the boat. That gives me a wide berth to determine my priorities for things." A quiet chuckle is offered as his shoulders lift in a half shrug, "Hopefully two meetings won't be necessary. Hard to tell what'll be going on when you schedule the meeting, though."

"I'm glad someone is," Cora remarks, "And yes, it's nice being able to control your own priorities, isn't it? At least I get free rein with this, though I'm not so sure I'll be pleased to've had responsibility for it once it's begun. We'll see, I suppose." As for the meetings, she nods, "You never know what's going to be going on these days. But hopefully nothing will come up, because I know there's nothing scheduled, so if anything did, it would undoubtedly be bad."

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