PHD #420: Secrecy and You
Secrecy and You
Summary: Wade visits Vandenberg to see how she is, conversation moves to a whole different area. Bunny makes a sleepy appearance.
Date: 22 Apr 2042 AE
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Marine Berths
A lot of beds, what do you expect?
Post-Holocaust Day: #420

Later into the afternoon, the MOB is a quiet place while most are finishing work. Being the smallest berths on the ship, it isn't hard to find someone inside, either. Van is sitting up on her send level bunk with some unrolled maps. Her hair is in a bun, the whole mess held in place by a grease pencil and a pencil. She's chewing on a pen. The woman is in her greens with the top unbuttoned down the front.

Someone should be playing the Indiana Jones soundtrack as Wade ventures into Marine territory, but…no. The man is wearing his flight outfit and he is no longer wearing the arm sling, however, his hand is still bandaged. All in all, he was already allowed back into duty, officially. Finally finding where he wants to be, he steps into the Marine berths and looks around for a moment. After finding Vandenberg, there is a soft smile that draws on his lips and he walks towards her "Lieutenant" offers the man, not saluting but smiling. "I was wondering how long it would take for you to be out again" He approaches enough to see that she is holding maps but doesn't peer. "What do you have there"

At the sound of Wade's voice, Van immediately stops chewing her pen and looks up to the man on the approach. She even sits a little straighter. "Can't keep me down," she deadpans. "Good to see you up and moving again." There's a glance to her maps but she doesn't say what they are her eyes just flit back to the Viper pilot. "How- Wh-" Two false starts. Third is a charm. "What do you remember from the Gemenon recon?"

Wade tilts his head showing a gentle smile "You don't have to sit straight because I'm here, you know?" Now, he smiles a little more and nods to her words "It's good to be up, I think that, being laying there for so long affected me a little" He shakes his head at this thought and then shrugs his shoulders. He looks at the maps again and then arches both eyebrows, smiling at both false starts. "About the Gemenon Recon?" He takes a deep breath and then says "Well, I remeber the Raiders, the messages transmitted…I remember that I started feeling like shit and then, I remember what I saw…the image…and the smell. He nods to this "However, I don't remember saying those words. Although I have seen them in writing"

As Wade tries to peek at the maps, she swipes a hand gently and turns her blankets over them. Apparently this is seekrit stuffz. She even seems a little apprehensive around him. Just a little. "What was the image and smell you saw, Wade? I remember the words. I was sitting up front. I need to know what you saw, though." Its obvious this is important.

Wade just looks at her as she covers everything and takes a deep breath "So you ask me to tell you things and yet you cover what you are doing?" He presses his lips again and he adds "I suppose you also think I'm a Cylon? I've heard what people are saying" He takes a deep breath and runs his fingers over his chin and cheek, he needs to shave. "I saw a figure, blindingly gold, I had to cover my eyes. It seems to be more…light than anything solid, and I don't know if it was male or female. The smell, was the smell of anemones and this figure had a crown…well…it was more like a ring of birds, sparrows." After saying that, he goes silent and looks at her.

She waits until he is done, eyes flashing at the mention of sparrows. "I think that anyone who walked through that door and wanted to look at what I'm doing would get denied. All joking aside, Mister Duncan, I will absolutely shoot someone to protect what I am working on." And if the rumors of what took place on the Areion's deck are true, Van really wouldn't think twice. "What people think of you being a Cylon isn't my problem. What happened was mighty creepy, sure, but I don't think its a surefire test. You had a dream. Probably meant something. You and quite a few other folks have had these dreams. I'm not throwing them all on the suspect list because of that. None of our discovered Cylons, thus far, have reported dreams while aboard. Ultimately useless due to the sample size, but maybe it will help allay the concerns of others."

"Mister Duncan?" asks Wade arching one eyebrow. "Since when we stopped being on a first name basis?" He clears his throat and shakes his head "I mean no harm to whatever you are working on, I trust you know this already and if you don't…well…now you do" He nods to that and adds "So yes, the Sparrows keep repeating themselves. And…as for what I said, no idea." He coughs but covers his mouth "Excuse me" then nods and adds "You are not the only one that wants to know what these dreams or visions mean…"

"Since I am discussing potentially shooting someone for looking at what is under this blanket. That's when you became 'Mister'. When this is executed, you will understand the need for security. Guesses or ventures into what it might be are not welcome, either." Vandenberg's voice is glib nearly to the point of ice during that. Luckily she seems to be a little warmer about everything else. "So the Sparrows repeat themselves. Are the sparrows repeating as in physically? Or are they saying something? Also, any allusions to a serpent? Could you recall how many sparrows there were?" Its hard to not lead questions. "A lot of people might want to know but I've got a mandate from Fleet Command to get to the bottom of it. I've got four months into the investigation."

"Gods damn it Vandenberg…" says the man, looking at her and shaking his head."No, what I am saying is that the idea of Sparrows repeat itself on other dreams, I've seen then before, in the other one." He nods to that fact "They are not saying anything, there's no serpent. Altho I'm led to believe that the serpent is actually the river…then again, might be wrong." He shakes his head "And no, I don't remember how many Sparrows" He nods to her last words and says "Well, obviously you show a great interest in Gemenon and….we all know everything leads there" He shrugs "I guess that's cool"

"Wade. Settle." Its almost an order. "You said the sparrows repeat, I have to chase down different meanings." She looks back to her pen and tosses it to the blanket before her gaze slides back once more. "Focus on facts: You saw a feature of indeterminate sex glowing as if it were more light than physical form. It also had something resembling a crown that was actually sparrows." She sounds sure that's what they were. "You smelled anemones. Did this figure speak to you?"

Wade snaps his tongue while looking at Vandenberg and presses his lips "What I meant, Natalie, is that I saw Sparrows in that dream, and saw Sparrows in this…whatever you wish to call it." Now, he nods again "Yeah, exactly…it was a crown made of birds, sparrows." Now, he clears his throat and adds "I heard a voice…in here" he points to his head "I can't remember exactly what was said" More than likely, it was what he said out loud "And yes, anemones…" he presses his lips together and adds "I've read the AAR, I think you should know that the Anemone is one of the flowers sacred to the goddess Aphrodite" he offers a faint smile, perhaps that's something that could aid her investigation.

Vandenberg listens impassively, everything striking her evenly. "You believe what you said aloud is likely what this figure was putting into your head. Okay, no problem." And just like that she accepts it. Whatever she has heard about or uncovered must really be messing with her. Or explaining a lot. "Hmm. Sacred to Aphrodite." That's scribbled down in a note on her palm. "It means something.. The name, I mean. Bah, I'll look it up. What else? Any more dreams in the weeks you were out?"

"No, I said that I can't remember what was said, but I remember a voice" clarifies Wade. Now, he tilts his head at her last question and shakes his head "No, nothing else…that's all" His attention drifts for a moment, looking around the place but soon, he looks at Vandenberg again, just waiting to see what she says next.

Vandenberg nods her head a few times and stares at what she wrote on her palm. 'Anemone = Aphrod' She sighs and taps the pen to her lips as she looks back at Wade. "Interesting stuff. You can call this stuff whatever you want, Wade, but I believe the Gods are speaking to us. They want us to go to Lampridis Falls - which is a reason Maj- Lieutenant Colonel Hahn ordered the second recon we went on. Though I suspect this isn't going to stop when we arrive. I think it may get worse. The Gods have a plan in mind, I think. Its up to us to brave the fire and walk it."

"Natalie" starts Wade looking at the woman "I had…a shared dream about this, plus this last thing which I'm still trying to figure out what it was. But I believe the same, the gods are trying to speak to us and I want to know what is going on, I want to get to the bottom of it." He clears is throat and says "I know that I am problably going to be pushed back when trying to go to Gemenon again but, truth is…I need to go. That is why I hid the fact that I was sick, well, that and because Poppy was sick as well, I needed to help her by handling the Knights. It bit me in the ass in the end but that's because I'm a stubborn….ass…sometimes" He nods again "I need to go down there…"

"Command wants to know what is going on as well. Its not an idle consideration, Wade. Believe me. I've been given authorization to go anyplace I need and talk to anyone I want. We're working. When I know, you'll know." Vandenberg keeps that as gentle as possible, though her face hardens with the rest of what he has to say. "Your travel to Gemenon will be controlled by the CAG. I won't have any say in it. Should the battlegroup ever go, who is sent to the surface is a choice I won't be in a position to make. I will establish guidelines along with Liuetenant O'Hare, but that's it. Lieutenant Colonel Hahn is your key to setting your boots down there. Anything I would be working on as Marine S-Three would call for Marines only. Strictly."

Wade shakes his head "I never said I don't believe you…I do, actually." Regardless of how gentle Van can put things, Wade is not dumb. "Yeah, I'll ask with the CAG, I wasn't trying to get you to help me, I was just telling that to you" He presses his lips together for a moment and nods to her "Anyway, I'm glad to see you up again, you are definitely needed" He nods his head at this and takes a step back, turning around and walking towards the exit. He stops and turns around "And you know…I mean it." He takes a couple steps towards her "Regardless of all of this, let me ask you this because…you know, I have a feeling." He approaches again and asks "Do you have a problem with me? Have I don't something to upset you? And I'm talking in general, not really about this in particular"

Vandenberg nods a few times. "Just so long as that is understood. When it comes to these topics, Wade, I have to be all business. I can't get personal about any of it. Its all too important for me to slip on this." She takes a breath and looks back to the maps, now covered. Her voice isn't righteous or all-powerful. Just slow and steady is a law enforced by the weight of it all. The last catches her by surprise though and she shakes her head. "No. Not in general. The only thing I take issue with you about is a disagreement we had in the flight sims a few months back. Beyond that, nope. I'm just in the process of recovery plus swamped with work."

"You do what you gotta do Natalie, just know that I am not seeking for you to fail, if any, I'm seeking for you to succeed" says Wade, nodding to his own words afterwards. "Yeah, about that…" Yes, about that. He approaches her a little more and then crosses his arms over his chest "What exactly is it that you wanted? I mean, clarify it for me again if you please" He nods to this and clears his throat, waiting for her to speak about that matter.

Van doesn't seem to reply visibly to the first part of what he has to say. She just watches him from her bunk, the blankets mostly covering a bunch of maps. Its obvious they are under there and the Marine has purposely covered them. "The specific topic was in regards to having my position bombed or strafed to have me and my ground team killed to prevent capture. You were of the opinion that it was quitting on life. I was of a differing opinion. I realize opinions may have shifted on your end, but not mine."

Wade nods in silence listening to her words. He takes a deep breath and runs his fingers over his chin, thinking, really thinking about every single aspect of what she is requesting. "If it comes to that, if it comes to the point in which, I cannot save you people….if it comes to that, I will do it. If there is a way to save you before getting captured, I will attempt that first. In any way, KEW travel faster than Centurions so it will be easy to switch strategies." He presses his lips together and adds "It gives me no pleasure to do such thing, but the truth is, the fleet could see itself compromised should that happen, and there is a lot of people that depend on us"

Evandreus wanders in all sleepy-eyed in the wake of a warm shower and a swaddling in jammies. Or. Sweatpants and a tank top straight from the drier. He must not notice the topic of conversation on his first shuffling toward Vandy's bunk, or else he would certainly disapprove, but when he starts climbing in after his usual casual fashion only to find that he has been supplanted in Vandy's bed by a bunch of maps, that wakes him up a little, "Muh?" he wonders.

"If it ever comes to that, Wade, I'll want the fires as soon as I call for them. Period. No heroics. That means they are inside our lines." Vandenberg is deadly serious. "Its more than compromising fleet integreity, too. I'll do the deed myself if there is any hesitation." She stops as Evan approaches and looks to him as he climbs up. Natalie tucks the covers over the maps the rest of the way. "Hey. Got some stuff here I'm workin on, Buns. I can take it to the Map Room if you want the bunk but it takes priority, hon. I'm sorry."

Wade looks over his shoulder, finding Evan there. "Bunny" by now, he doesn't even ask what is he doing trying to sleep here. His attention goes back to Natalie "Not everything is about heroics, believe it or not. Like I said, if it comes down to it, I'll shoot you and everyone with you.." He takes a deep breath and adds "There won't be any hesitation on my side, rest assured…" And he is dead serious actually, at least his voice says so.

Evandreus gives a weary but understanding nod to Vandy, hopping back down to the floor and lifting a hand in a gesture that she should stay and have her space to work. The Bunny will slumber elsewhere. But not before he peers at Wade, face half-contorted in a signal What The Frak expression, half-colored with disgust. "Who are we killing today?" he mutters distastefully.

Natalie nods once to Wade. "That's all I ask for my Marines and I. Trust me, you would be doing everyone down there a bigger service than anyone knows." She sighs and looks back to the maps and then back to Evan with his question. "Myself and anyone with me. Hypothetical scenario only. We aren't assuming anything except the following of orders issued by the on-site commander."

Wade shifts his gaze back to Evandreus and he just shakes his head "Nobody, don't worry Bunny…we had enough kills with the whole Areion thing" He nods to this and then looks at Vandenberg again "We are all in the Military Natalie, regardless the position. I'm a Pilot, I do my duty. If your Marines need that, I shall support you. And I promise you this, I won't miss." There is a faint smile from his lips, which is a bit of a sad smile but still. "I'm tired Natalie, tired of just…you know…going from point to point. I want to secure a future for this fleet, for the people in this fleet. If you order me to shoot you and your group in order to prevent a problem and…to do you a favor, you got it"

Evandreus tries to loft his eyebrows, but can't get much energy behind the gesture. "Sounds like a fun saturday night," he coughs toward his shoulder then looks up toward Wade, suddenly, a brisk glance that threatens to veer away again but instead lingers, as if finding a spark of sensibility in an otherwise senseless world. He gives a slow, genial nod and jams a thumb into the corner of his eye, giving it a rub as he pushes with his shoulder against Vandy's locker, starting to amble for the hatch again.

Vandenberg watches Evan head out, her face somewhere careful about its neutrality. Her gaze lingers a moment too long before she looks back to Wade. "We're all tired, Wade. I know the feeling. I think Command probably does, too. We can't run forever."

Wade takes a deep breath, not looking at anyone in particular, just starting at a fix point on the wall. "That we are…" he nods to himself and shakes his head "Anyway, I won't bother you anymore" He looks at Vandenberg, showing a faint smile along with a nod "I'm glad you are back, I really am….plus….we still need to play with the sims whenever you get the chance." He takes a step back and then looks at Evan, patting his shoulder "Don't fall asleep while standing Bunny, you'll fall and hit your face against the floor" He smiles and walks away.

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