Sawyer Averies

I'm not calling you a liar,
but don't lie to me.
I'm not calling you a thief,
but don't steal from me.
I'm not calling you a ghost,
but stop haunting me.

Ms Sawyer Averies
Julia Stiles
Julia Stiles as Sawyer Averies
Alias: Scoop; Nanners
Age: 30
Features: Blonde hair, brown eyes
Colony: Virgon
Rank: Ms
Department: Civilian
Position: Editor-in-Chief; Command Pet; Chief Attache to the Jelly Bean Jar


Sawyer is the type that always gets her story, even if she has to dig a little deeper then the law or her own morality should allow. No matter what the angle, it should always point to the truth. She's a columnist rather than a television reporter, having become a published writer at the age of twenty six for a magazine called the Acropolis Monthly, a digital and hard copy circulation that is available on all of the Twelve Colonies.

Immediate Family

Work Experience

Physical Features

A neat clip of blonde hair is parted off center and layered delicately to hang at the soft line of Sawyer's jaw. She has broad features and large eyes, accentuated by the careful application of subtle make-up that brings out the richness of her brown eyes and the minor pout of her full lips. There's a sharpness in her expression, like she's taking in ever minor detail and mentally recording it for use sometime later. Her form is athletic and full, not waif thin or modelesque, but it's clear she takes pride in her appearance.

She's dressed professionally in a white blouse, the top few of a series of pearl buttons undone at the throat. Silk pinstripe charcoal grey pants are high-waisted, accentuated by a pair of black suspenders instead of a belt. A lanyard printed with the fleet logo hangs around her neck, plastic sleeves housing her media credentials and security clearance badges for identification that mark her clearly as a Civilian.

On the Grid

Persons of Interest (Known Associates)

Cora_icon.jpg Captain Cora Nikephoros I vaguely remember picking her up on Leonis. Vague only because Tisiphone and I were drunk and driving a stolen vehicle at the time. Ah, good times. Later, I had the fortune of being assigned to her to sniff out if she was a cylon agent. Fat lot of good that would have done, as she was quickly assigned as a counterintelligence officer before the dust from Leonis could even settle. She quickly learned I don't exactly play nice with others, but some how we've forged an odd friendship out of this adversity. I still think she's too straight laced, she probably still thinks I'm a loose canon, some how we make it work without killing each other. So far, anyways.
Constin_icon.jpg Sergeant Elfkins Constin Loathe this man. Too wrapped up in the military protocol to be of any use to me. That's the last time I get his back in a fight, and to think I actually felt some sort of odd kinship to the bastard. Any twinge of sympathy I felt for the man over the loss of his wife, has gone right out the airlock. The man probably sleeps with his Colonial Code of Military Justice. I hope it keeps him warm.
Cidra_icon.jpg Major Cidra Hahn I asked her once for an interview, and she strapped my ass in a Raptor and took me for a little maneuvering. Maybe seeming how I didn't lose my cookies, I earned a little bit of her respect. Over time, I dare say our working relationship has turned into rather nice friendship. If I ever needed something, she'd be the first I go to. Not that I'll admit to needing anything.
Trask_icon.jpg Captain Kal Trask Sawyer Averies has changed her relationship status to 'It's Complicated'.

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Kincaid_icon.jpg Lance Corporal Daniel Kincaid Once upon a time he was a newsie, and now he's taken up the mantle as an MP. Despite my constant attempts to steal him away from the military he is the yin to my yang as my 'inside' man in the marines. It's the sweetest of friendships.
Rejn_icon.jpg Allan Rejn Guidance Counselor. Mentor. Father Figure. And then he somehow became the drunken uncle that embarrasses you at family reunions. Once he believed in me, pushed me to be a greater writer, a journalist more true to myself and the public. But now if he doesn't believe in anything but the bottle, all that means exactly shit.
Wade_icon.jpg Lieutenant JG Wade Duncan We're tied together by some sort of 'vision'. There has to be some reason why we were chosen to have this weird dream, I just hope it's not the reason Andrea suggests. He seems reasonable and agreeable sort, both of which I can use right now. Poor sod, now he's stuck with me.
Andrea_icon.jpg Lieutenant Andrea Demarcos I had a dream with her in it, but a dream ceases to be a dream when someone else shares it. The religious term is called a 'vision', but she and I seem to be having a hard time grasping the reality of it. Worse, she's only feeding my paranoia about it all. She makes me jumpy, and with good reason.
Sofia_icon.jpg Crewman Sofia Wolfe I'm half convinced she's one sandwich short of a picnic, not the brightest crayon in the box, you know? No way someone can be /that/ cheerful all the time, even when they're miserable. Tragically optimistic, she's a good source in the end, especially when I convince her she's doing the right thing by feeding me info. Oddly enough, I have this strange protective nature of her. Maybe even more so now that she was in my 'dream'.
Evandreus_icon.jpg Lieutenant Evandreus "Bunny" Doe You ever zip a child into a snow suit and then tell them they don't have to go to the bathroom? Suddenly all that five year old can think about is how bad they have to pee. That's precisely what happened when I was locked and loaded in a flight suit and this guy leans over to say something about itching. I've never needed to scratch so much in my life. That mild mannered practical joke was my first impression of Bunny, and I dare say he's been most amusing to be around since. He's even sort of adopted me. A friend.


  • Hates conversations that start with, "Off the record…"
  • Doesn't know the meaning of, "It's none of your business."
  • Tends to fidget when nervous.
  • Reformed reformed smoker.
  • Always cries at weddings, hence the avoiding of weddings.
  • Still maintains her bunk in Airwing's Berthing (poor Fairies) but is rumored to sleep on a hammock in the News Room.


"Sometimes you have to lie, to get to the truth."

"Quickest way to find the needle? Burn the haystack."

<OOC> Tillman says, "lol LACKING SCRUPLES!"
<OOC> Sawyer says, "I have scruples! I just left them in my other pants."
<OOC> Tillman says, "haha They clash with the press credentials? ;)"


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The Book of Love
Mumford & Sons
Little Lion Man
The Racounteurs
You Don't Understand Me
Christina Perri
Jar of Hearts
Fiona Apple
Why Try To Change Me Now
Lissie (cover)
Bad Romance
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Dirty Little Secrets

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