Sarra Athene Castellanos
{$rank} Sarra Athene Castellanos
Bryce Dallas Howard
Bryce Dallas Howard as Sarra Athene Castellanos
Alias: Firebolt, Sister
Age: 17 May 2016 (25)
Features: red hair, green eyes
Colony: Gemenon
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Immediate Family

Aaron Castellanos Priest of Zeus in Oisin Province. Presumed dead after the attacks on Gemenon
Sotiria Castellanos Politician and representative for the Oisin Province of Gemenon Presumed dead after the attacks on Gemenon
Iaos Castellanos Sarra's younger brother by five years. Presumed dead after the attacks of Gemenon.

Service Jacket

Physical Features

Deep red hair cuts along her pale brow in a fringe of bangs, a few layers curling around her delicate cheekbones. The full length is just past her shoulders. Her slightly rounded nose is narrow, completing the soft feminine cut of her features. Long full lips of rose are oft to find a smile and create dimples as she does. Eyes are a soft jade, caught beneath dark lashes and slender brows arch over top. Her frame is slender and lithe, built with only the faint tellings of curves in most places.

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