Gunstar Sarpedon (CG-18)

Gunstar Sarpedon, one of the few remaining Pulsar-class gunstars in service, has trained pilots, deck hands, and gunnery crews for the past 15 years of her 60+ years in existence. Her sister ships, the precursors to the battlestars of today, served with distinction in the opening stages of the Cylon War, but were quickly outclassed by the newer, faster, and more heavily armed baseships. With the introduction of the first battlestars, the gunstars were quickly moved to support and escort roles during the conflict.



Command Staff

  • CDR Everett Caesar Ptolomy, Commanding Officer: Callsign "Speedboat," Commander Ptolomy is a 45-year veteran of the Colonial Fleet, and a skilled former Raptor Pilot. His attention to detail has made him one of the best commanding officers to serve with, and an excellent teacher for the newcomers to fleet his ship sees every year. Unfortunately, the Commander is rumored to be an avid womanizer and is facing a court-martial in the coming months.
  • COL Margaret Saltier, Executive Officer: Colonel Saltier is a statuesque brunette. She rose rapidly in the fleet and is one of those standing to accuse the Commander. A highly competent officer, Colonel Saltier has voluntarily offered to be re-posted during the investigation. It is quite certain that the fate of the Gunstar as a training venue is tied into the resolution of the case.

Prior Crew

  • CPO Constantine Atreus: Atreus 'grew up' in the service aboard the Sarpedon. He served the first five years of his career aboard, transferring to the Columbia after an unfortunate incident on Picon.
  • Crewman/Specialist Andreas Damon: Served 2034-2036 as a Crewman, then a Specialist.
  • Crewman Anthony Argento: Served 2039-2041 as a gunner.
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