Alec Sarkis
Colonel Alec Dimitriou Sarkis
Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson as Alec Dimitriou Sarkis
Alias: ads
Age: 48
Features: Handsome; charbroiled
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Colonel
Department: Command
Position: Executive Officer


Alec grew up on Aquaria, the 4th child in a gaggle of ten children. His parents were also born and bred in the same area. During his younger years, it was fight or find yourself without, most of the time. Hand me downs were passed through the kids until things were too threadbare to be worn. His parents did the best they could, but, it was tight most of the time. They ran a small fishing service, which finally grew into something more comfortable as the boys grew up and began to help out. They were never rich, but they were able to provide for their family and that was good enough.

As the children began to grow up and more apart, Alec found he was pretty average in most things. But he did enjoy carpentry work and made a little money on the side fixing things or even making a few items for garden displays. He enjoyed the outdoors, swimming, hiking, fishing and hunting. He did sports and loved Pyramid, like any guy, bets were made, money was won and lost.

It wasn't until his 16th year, that he helped rescue a tipped over fishing boat and the young woman and man on board were saved because of his quick thinking. He ended up marrying the girl and taking her father's advice and joined the Navy. Twenty years later, he was finally a Major on a battlestar and head of the Tactical department. He and his wife had two sons and led a comfortable life. When he was planning on retiring, he was given orders to report aboard the Battlestar Cerberus as her new executive officer. They promised him two years of easy service followed by retirement with a better commission and a record to be proud of. Alec took the job and his wife and sons stayed back on Caprica, sure they would be seeing him soon.

Post-Warday, Colonel Sarkis became unhinged and committed suicide by inferno on 13 Mar 2041 AE. The crazy frakker was determined to not go down alone and succeeded in taking MSGT James Barclay down with him.

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