S. Santiago Blue
Ms S. Santiago Blue
Alecia Moore (P!nk)
Alecia Moore (P!nk) as S. Santiago Blue
Alias: Santi
Age: 26
Features: Blonde hair, green eyes, designer clothes.
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Ms
Department: Civilian
Position: Aquarian Delegation, Observer

"The score never interested me, only the game." - Mae West


Santiago Blue is attached to the Aquarian Delegation tasked with evaluating the performance of the BS Cerberus. Her specific assignment is to shadow, live with, and generally scrutinize the Deck department's work. Not a lot is known about her, though it's clear she's wealthy, probably under-qualified, and certainly over-dressed.

Immediate Family

Father: Ramon Vega Blue (III), Aquaria: merchant & exporter of fine vessels (Blue Sun Shipping). Aboard the BS Cerberus: Cultural Attache to the Aquarian Quorum Delegation.
Mother: (deceased, 2041) Promise Blue, Aquarian Philanthropist & Poet.
Brother: (deceased, 2036) Lieutenant JG Ramon "Quatro" Vega Blue (IV). KIA during a training flight 5 years ago. Details unknown.

Physical Features

Platinum blonde hair is spiked and mussed in a 'didn't just wake up, but that's the look I'm going for' do. Santiago's build is athletic, body compact. Her hair is kept short, and she wears only touches of makeup, in neutral tones, with a light pink gloss to bring out the shape of full lips. Her nose is pierced with a small hoop, left nostril, and she wears very little other adornment save a ring on her left hand, and a few thin metal bracelets on her right wrist. Her skin is on the fairish side with hints of a light tan. Her eyes are green, long lashed, and her smile is just a little wicked when it's flashed. Though she's short, her footwear usually makes up for her 5 foot 5 inch frame.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Santiago keeps notes on the people she meets, all contained within a little black notebook she carries.



  • Santiago bunks down with the Deck crew in the Enlisted Berthings. She arrived with far too many suitcases, and most of her things have been stuffed into several storage bins in the belly of the ship. Her designated locker is stuffed to the gills. She's also known for wearing most impractical footwear.
  • The Blue name is quite well known on Aquaria. They are well respected merchants and exporters of fine vessels, and carry quite a bit of political clout on the water filled Colony. The Blue name is also known on Virgon, and, to a much lesser extent, Caprica (probably more to those who appreciate the finer things in life — like multi million cubit yachts.)
  • Heavily tattooed. Since the Picon incident, she's covered less of them. The most often visible:
    • Left arm: Along the inside of her left arm, from elbow to wrist, black script is etched into her skin, the language is not Caprican Standard — it would take some study to read the ornamented letters, of which there are many.
    • Right arm: From the curve of her right shoulder, down through her wrist, is an unfinished black and grey tattoo. The design is a traditional Aquarian style featuring oriental imagery heavy on serpentine dragons, atmospheric wave formations, knotted cherry trees, and delicate blossoms. Nestled within crashing grey waves inked on her inner right arm is a single nautical star, roughly the size of a cubit. 2036 appears just under it.
    • Upper back: Across the upper left side of her back is the form of a winged woman in traditional robed dress, long wings curling out across a bank of swirling grey storm clouds. Tisiphone, a winged fury identifiable by the long snakes curling and twisting as her hair, stands vigil over an unfinished and stormy, but empty, field of battle. Portions of the horizon, and bone-like, dying plant life are rendered on her flesh, across her spine, terminating under her right shoulderblade. Alecto and Megaera are notably absent.
  • Often seen scribbling notes on a small handheld notebook.
  • Though Santiago was born in Tottori, in the Settsu Province of Aquaria, she and her family are currently based in Tama, the capital of Settsu, on the Sea of Kyodai. (See: Aquaria for more on the area.)
  • Blue Sun Shipping (home office), Ramon Blue's comany, is located in Tama.

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