Sanctuary of Zeus Soter



Deities Housed

Zeus, Hestia


High in the mountains a hundred and ten kilometers from Caprica City, the Sanctuary of Zeus Soter (Zeus the Savior) is a beautiful compound with tall, ornate walls and large, stately buildings, including an enclosed, indoor basilica-style temple enclosing a temple complex one hundred columns by fifty. A very wealthy complex patronized by influential politicians and affluent Capricans. While it is irreligious to seize any person from inside a sacred boundary, temples and sanctuaries to Zeus, under whose domain falls the observance of religious laws, are often used as safe harbors for criminals and others who claim wrongful persecution. The Sanctuary of Zeus Soter on Caprica being the most well-regarded and best able to keep its visitors safe (its temple bodyguard is worlds-renowned), it is the haven of choice for the most visible political, military and criminal refugees, who take up the wool-wrapped branches of the suppliant and come to the altar in proskynesis to claim their right to sanctuary under the protective hands of the Savior.

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