Samuel Blaine
Sergeant Samuel Hercules Blaine
Eric Szmanda
Eric Szmanda as Samuel Hercules Blaine
Alias: Sam, SB
Age: 25
Features: About six feet, light brown hair and eyes.
Colony: Picon
Rank: Sergeant
Department: Marines
Position: Military Police


Samuel's one of the marine MPs serving aboard the Cerberus. He spent quite some time in sickbay after Warday and has only recently gotten back to active duty.

Immediate Family

  • Wilhelm Blaine — Father. Local hunting guide and mechanic. (presumed dead)
  • Antonia Blaine — Mother. Chef at the only restaurant in Fallingwater. (presumed dead).
  • Victor Emmanuel Blaine – Younger brother. Local policeman in Fallingwater. (presumed dead).

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
2035-2036 AE Recruit Fort Miller, Scorpia Basic training
2036 AE Recruit Fort Miller, Scorpia On the track for Military Police
2036 AE PVT/PFC Fort Calderone, Virgon Military Police, promoted to Private First Class in 2037
2038 AE LCPL Colonial Fleet HQ, Picon Security detail.
2041 AE CPL Battlestar Cerberus (BS-132) Military Police

Physical Features

He's standing at about six feet, with an average build, although it seems that he does his fair share of working out, this man in his early-to-mid twenties. His light brown hair seems to be a little uncontrollable on top of his head. Facial features include light brown eyes that seem to watch the world a bit thoughtfully, an average sized nose as well as pale lips framing two rows of teeth that seems to be taken care of rather well. From somewhere near his right ear and down to his jaw, there’s a scar, looking to be from claws or something similar. His skin looks a bit weathered, indicating that he's spent quite some time outdoors.

On the Grid

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