Salome Rousseau
Doctor Salome Rousseau
Marion Cotillard
Marion Cotillard as Salome Rousseau
Alias: None
Age: 32
Features: Eyes bordering between sky blue and slate gray, dark brown hair, a frail build and pale complexion with a rosy cast
Colony: Picon
Rank: Doctor
Department: Civilian (QUODEL)
Position: Psychiatrist


Immediate Family

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Work Experience

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Physical Features

A small, frail woman with a wavy mane of dark brown hair and eyes that border between sky blue and slate gray, Salome has a face dominated by the rueful shape of a mouth that rarely smiles. Her skin, although pale, has a rosy cast to it and gives her a less sickly and wan appearance than her fragile appearance suggests she probably deserves.

She is dressed in civilian clothes that change from day to day but tends to favour neutral tones with few splashes of brighter colours, minimal amounts of make-up and silver jewelry accented with imitation pearls.

On the Grid

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