Joseph Ryder
Captain Joseph Maxwell Ryder
Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges as Joseph Maxwell Ryder
Alias: Joe
Age: 49
Features: Big and Loud, often grizzled.
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Captain
Department: Medical
Position: Survivor


Immediate Family

Cpl. Alex Ryder- Father. Former Marine and Cylon War veteran, died of cancer before the war.
Lt. Ellen Somara Ryder- Mother. Former Viper pilot and Cylon War veteran, died shortly after Alex.
Michael Sommers Ryder- Brother. Died in a car crash before the war.
Eileen Mary Ryder- Sister- Believed Dead as of Warday.
Kelly Erin Ryder- Sister- Believed dead as of Warday

Service Jacket

4 years of duty as Infantry with CMC.
5 year tour of Duty as Navy Medic assigned to CMC.
15 years as Fleet Doctor

Physical Features

Tall, loud, grizzled. Wears a beard when he can get away with it.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Sawyer_icon.jpg Sawyer Averies: That's the reporter chick, yeah? Only met her briefly, ol Elf doesn't like her. Probably means she's doing her job, MP's NEVER like reporters who are doing their jobs.
Nataly_icon.jpg Natalya Rassvet: I saw her grow up more in that year on Tauron than any girl her age should have to. She's got a head on her but could give cats lessons in curiosity. Dropped a hint for the marines patrolling Elpis to keep an eye out for her… specially now that she's starting to stir shit over there.


Recent Logs



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