MUSH Policies


Please abide by the policies listed below. Failure to comply may result in a warning from Staff or, in particularly egregious cases, a temporary or permanent ban from the game.

MUSH Policies

1. Consent — Cerberus is non-consent within a cooperative environment. We believe conflicts are best resolved between players or, where randomness is required, through in-game +rolls. However, if you want to try to fight an entire regiment of Cylons by your lonesome or lead a one-man mutiny, you may die. Be sure to think about any consequences that may transpire after your PC's foolish actions before posing them IC.

2. Player Killing — Don't do it. Everyone's (supposed to be) on the same side. If your PC goes insane and tries to run through the area shooting people, you can probably expect the Marines to take you down.

3. Player-Run Plots — Our policy on Player-Run Plots (PRPs) is quite simple: WE LOVE THEM. A lot of our coolest scenes have been inspired by (and, in some circumstances, run by) our wonderful playerbase, and we want to encourage everybody — even those of you without PRP experience — to continue coming up with Awesome Events for your fellow PCs' enjoyment. To get the ball rolling, please pitch your idea to us using +request (+help +request). Storytelling staff will be more than happy to help make your idea a reality.

4. Rating and TS — Like the show, our MUSH is rated TV-MA (Mature Audiences). Please refrain from engaging in graphic sexx0ring in public rooms. Because really, that's just unseemly.

5. Harassment — Staff will not allow the OOC harassment of other players. No OOC information will be given out or passed around to other players unless said player has given prior consent. Players may not spam or cheat. Remember, there's always someone else on the other side of the screen. They're human too!

6. Age — There will be no one under age 18 admitted to the MU* given that some of its content may be unsuitable for children. Please respect this law.

7. Staff and Rulings — Please abide by staff rulings. If there is a disagreement between a Player and Staff, we can try to work on a solution. We are not here to hinder your RP, but to help it grow so everyone will enjoy working and playing together.

8. Idling — Please do not idle on the grid or in a TP room. Players moving through areas may think you are looking for RP and are idle, so they wait and wait. Anyone caught idling will be teleported to the AFK room.

9. Alts — On Battlestar Cerberus, players are allowed to have three (3) alternate characters. While we allow players to maintain and play three characters, we would ask that you please consider your activity level and whether you have the time to dedicate to the characters as idle characters are automatically purged after thirty (30) days. Second to this, the below rules -must- be followed when it comes to alternate characters:

  • Alts can not be in the same department
  • Alts may not cross paths or be in the same scene
  • You may not use one Alt to get something for another Alt
  • Do not take IC information from one Alt and use it on another

If you are caught violating these rules, the staff of Battlestar Cerberus reserves the right to issue a warning, issue +jail time or issue the forteiture of one of the offending alts.

10. Canon — We treat as canon the majority of information from BSG's four seasons. Material from Caprica, the BSG Roleplaying Game, and Battlestar Wiki are NOT automatically considered canon, though that doesn't mean it can't be. When in doubt, please ask!

What do we mean when we say "the majority of information"? Three major exceptions come to mind. First, we recognize that Colonies are very large places and can be home to many different cultures. As such, we allow — and encourage — our players to come up with various interesting details about their PCs' home regions. For example, our game has forged its own path in relation to events like the Sagittaron Insurgency and the various inter-world rivalries that were finally overcome during the First Cylon War. For more details, please see our pages on The Twelve Colonies and Stations and Events.

Second, we've decided to forge our own path when it comes to Cylons. Do not assume that you know how our Cylons work just because you've seen the show! Information about our metalheads and skinjobs can be found at Cylons 101.

Finally, our game takes place in a universe parallel to the one presented in BSG, with Warday being the point of divergence. Do not assume that any of the post-Warday events that took place on the show have happened in our world!

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