Chester Rufinus
Sergeant Chester Rufinus
Ken Leung
Ken Leung as Chester Rufinus
Alias: n/a
Age: 38
Features: 5'7", lean
Colony: Picon
Rank: Sergeant
Department: Marines
Position: Military Police


"Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy." - Aristotle

Chester Rufinus left the Marines for a college education and a civilian career with the Caprica City Police over a decade ago. In that time, he made Detective in a Narcotics detail, and later in transfer to Homicide. Since then, however, Rufinus was indefinitely suspended from the force, with a formal punishment and record to be made following and pending investigation. Pressed with a lack of work, and decline of situation over the following year, Chester recalled his resignation and rejoined the Marines. The details of his wrong doing lost, for however long Caprica may be.

Service Jacket

  • 2023 AE (3 months) — CMC Marine Boot, Caprica
  • 2023 AE (2 months) — Advanced Individual Training: Military Policeman, Caprica
  • 2023 - 2030 AE (7 years) — Multiple assignments on Caprica, with multiple promotions culminating in the rank of Sergeant.
  • 2030 AE — Resignation.
  • 2041 AE — Voluntarily recalls own Resignation. Assigned to 1st Battalion 9th Marines ("The Mountaineers"): Bravo Company, Able Team Four-One, Battlestar Cerberus.

Physical Features

His skin tone seems to be of a darker tan shade; though, at the same time, he appear slightly pale for his ancestry. His height, while average for some, may be less for others at five foot seven; with a lean build, that shows some wiry athleticism, to a point. His hair is short and black, in a rough sort of 'caesar' haircut, though left unstyled. His eyes are a dark brown to an extent nearly black, though set apart in contrast to his pupils. Whether a physical feature of age, or a telling mark of a tired state, he holds slight bags under his eyes. His cheekbones are low, but well defined, giving his cheeks a slightly rounded look in spite of a lean physique. His jawline isn't so prominent, on the other hand, while his chin is only lightly so. Currently, he appears clean shaven. While there are no scars on his face, several smaller ones exist visibly upon his palms, with a more extensive one on the back of his right hand (the latter, a telling mark of a bad tattoo removal).

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • Rufinus appears to be almost entirely work obsessed, or work driven at the vert least. He does have a social life otherwise, sure, but it's rather sporadic in contrast.
  • It would seem that Rufinus knows a great deal about illegal drugs, and the illegal trade of those legally prescribed. This may be a given, considering his previous occupation, but he seems to have an in depth knowledge as to the effects there-of at times.
  • Word used to circulate back around the time of Rufinus's original enlistment, about his skilled playing of the piano. If any folk from that generation of military from Caprica are still around, word of it may be as well.


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