G. Rose Ibbhanas
Ms. G. Rose Ibbhanas
Felicia Day
Felicia Day as G. Rose Ibbhanas
Alias: (none)
Age: 25
Features: Redhead, girl next door
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Ms.
Department: Civilian Scientist
Position: Biochemist and Phycologist


Ms. G. Rose Ibbhanas was visiting Sagittaron at the time of the Cylon attack. A Masters' student from Aerilon's Colchis University, Rose was on a field trip with an undergraduate oceanography class when everything went to Hell. For nearly six months now, Rose has been on the run with other Sagittaron survivors, fleeing through radiation-poisoned fields and avoiding pursuing Cylon ground forces. Unfortunately for her, the anti-rad rations are running out, and she's barely alive due ongoing radiation poisoning.

And she has no idea of the extent of the complete devastation of her home planet of Aquaria, or her alma mater on Aerilon.

Immediate Family

  • Rose Ouphanos, maternal grandmother (deceased, natural causes, 2028)
  • Markos Ibbhanas, father (presumed deceased, Cylon nuclear attack on Aquaria, 2041)
  • Chara Ouphanos Ibbhanas, mother (presumed deceased, Cylon nuclear attack on Aquaria, 2041)

Curriculum Vitae

Who She Is

Personality Profile

Rose's Myers-Briggs personality type is ENTP - The Inventor.

The ENTP has been described variously as the innovator, the originator, the lawyer, the inventor, the explorer, and the visionary. ENTPs also fall into the general categories of thinkers, rationals, and engineers.

Extraverted (E) 57% | Intuitive (N) 59% | Thinking (T) 50% | Perceiving (P) 59%

Physical Features


  • Rose's given name is Glykeria, but she doesn't care for it. Rose is, apparently, her cherished grandmother's name.
  • Rose is very spiritual, praying to all of the Lords of Kobol, but calls on Poseidon the most.
  • Rose is the head of the hydroponics program aboard the Elpis, the civilian freighter recently refurbished and recommissioned by the fleet. She's also something of a mediator between various social groups, sending requests up to the military to be reviewed and handled.
  • Apparently, Rose can throw back whiskey like a sailor. Or is descended from one. Or both.


On the Grid

Known Associates

Cidra_icon.jpg Major Cidra Hahn: Miss Toast flew the Raptor in the rescue team that saved myself and the Hammonds and the rest of us on Sagittaron. I'd probably be dead if it wasn't for her. She's my hero. I say that a lot, I know.
Devlin_icon.jpg Midshipman Alexis Devlin: I met Alexis when I was stuck in sickbay. I'm surprised he didn't run screaming… I was such an emotional mess. Still, despite stumbling upon my recovery area by chance, he stayed and talked. I'm still trying to figure out what nuggets have to do with Vipers.

Recent Logs


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