Aurora "Rory" Rourke
Dr. Aurora Rourke
Mary-Louise Parker
Mary-Louise Parker as Aurora Rourke
Alias: Rory
Age: 40
Features: Fair skin, chestnut hair, brown eyes, willowy build
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Dr.
Department: Civilian: Scientific Contractor
Position: Horticultural Bioengineer

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Dr. Aurora Rourke is acclaimed in the field of horticultural bioengineering and most renowned for the creation of several cultigens better suited for life in aerospace. A seasoned military contractor, she was commissioned to construct a verdant biosphere aboard the Parnassus Anchorage.

Then the Cylons attacked.

On 27 Mar 2041, she was one of six survivors that the Cerberus rescued during a recon mission, but not before a toaster shot her in the shoulder. Since then, she has remained secluded, working with her beloved plants and designing a verdant biosphere for Cerberus. With the acquisition of a new ship that will largely be dedicated to hydroponics, she is collaborating with the Engineering department to make the most of the allotted space.

Biographical Information

A world without flowers was the reality on Tauron and one that never suited Aurora Valens. As soon as she was old enough, she left for greener pastures, figuratively and literally. Although they supported their scion's decision, her well-to-do family never did quite understand why she wanted to go to the boonies.

Called the foodbasket of the Colonies, Aerilon was a veritable cornucopia to Rory, and her love of florae thoroughly flourished. With a prodigious talent to match her passion, she learned all she could from those willing to teach, which included initiation into the mysteries of Demeter at the Eleusinian Temenos. For several years, she served as an acolyte of the temple, devoutly paying homage to her patron goddess in the form of cultivating beautiful flowers and plants. During this time, she grew close to a fellow disciple — a local horticulturist named Aidan Rourke — whom she eventually wed. Shortly thereafter, they were blessed with a daughter that they named Chloe, in honor of one of Demeter's epithets.

Happy as she was where she was, Rory grew increasingly restless. Night after night, her dreams were plagued by a sense of melancholy and loss that was reminiscent of the woe she felt as a child growing-up in a world bereft of blossoms. After much meditation, contemplation, and consultation, she came to the realization that her path of worship lay elsewhere.

It was at the University of Delphi that Rory married her knowledge of botany and horticulture with the discipline of bioengineering, ultimately graduating summa cum laude with a doctorate and the determination to grow lush biospheres in the depths of space. As time progressed, she started garnering acclaim for the plants she was breeding, which were being genetically tailored to thrive in non-terrestrial conditions.

The future was bright and promising. Alas, it was not to last.

Diagnosed with the onset of acute leukemia, Chloe did not live to see her ninth birthday. Rory and Aidan were devastated. In response, she threw herself into her work as a means to cope with her grief. Six months later, her husband threw himself in front of a subway train as a means to deal with his. The Gods showed some mercy, for the poor man was killed instantly.

From that moment onward, Rory solely dedicated herself to her divine directive. In due course, the military started contracting her as a research scientist. Pleased with her work for them over the years, and intrigued by her designs for a verdant biosphere aboard aerospace vessels, they commissioned her to create such an installation aboard the Parnassus Anchorage.

Unfortunately, three weeks after Rory's arrival, Admiral Madeline Hauck's prediction about a Cylon strike came true.

Immediate Family

  • Aidan Rourke (husband): deceased as of October 14, 2037
  • Chloe Rourke (daughter): deceased as of April 17, 2037
  • Evander Valens (father): presumed deceased as of Warday
  • Ariadne Valens née Ismene (mother): presumed deceased as of Warday
  • Phoebus Valens (brother): presumed deceased as of Warday
  • Selene Valens-Mateo (sister): presumed deceased as of Warday

Curriculum Vitae

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Personal Profile

Physical Characteristics

On the taller side for her gender, this woman is built willowy and lithe, and what curves she has seem to enhance this image. Fair-skinned and possessing slightly fey features, a few lines at the edges of her winsome mouth and vibrant doe eyes signify the onset of autumn that awaits just past the Indian summer of her age. Even so, she retains a liveliness generally found in those quite younger, especially with her propensity for off-kilter smiles. Save for a few strands slipping free here and there, the wavy bounty of her dark chestnut hair has been tucked into a tousled twist of a chignon. Subtle as it is, the ever-present scent of sweet flora envelops her.

Other Details

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