PHD #378: EVENT - Rock and a Hard Place, Part 1
Rock and a Hard Place, Part 1
Summary: "Love sells the heart's proud citadel to fate." The gates of the Cylon Foundry are breached. A view from the air.
Date: 11 Mar 204 AE
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Space in and around the Foundry
Black, filled with Raiders and asteroids.
Post-Holocaust Day: #378

[Harrier-316: Cidra] The plan are laid. The flight paths calculated. Through the thick debris of the Aeolus Asteroid Belt the Areion and Corsair now slink - as much as capital ships can slink. Toward the Cylon Foundry, which logic dictates is the source of the Raiders which have been plaguing the Fleet in Swarms for the past month. The plan is to put an end to that. Though the night is young, and there's plenty of time for the best laid plans to go awry.

The escort carrier has finally reached a position with enough clear room to launch. It's just a short distance off from the Foundry and it won't be a long flight until they're all right on top of the Cylons. But there's no turning back now.

[TAC3] Kepner says, "Flight, Areion Actual. You are go to launch. Lets get those sons of bitches."

[Harrier-304: Marko] "That''s our cue." Amazon announces, starting the final steps of the Raptor's power-up procedure. "Flasher, you all set back there with the new gear?"

"That's affirm, Amazon. I've even got a copy of the manual on my kneeboard just in case." Marko chuckles back, dialing in his ECM generators for what he hopes will be maximum effectiveness. "We're good to launch whenever it's our turn." he adds/

[TAC3] "Poppy" Khloe says, "Areion CIC, this is Poppy. I read green across the board. Black Knights report ready. On your orders. Over."

[BlackKnight-662: Wade] After running tests on his Viper, Wade defined that he was pretty much, ready to launch. He looks up when he hears Kepner's voice and just shakes his head "Right" mutters the man to himself and after taking a deep breath he gives a thumbs up and laaaaaunches. As soon as he's out there, he repositions his bird and starts looking around the area "This should be interesting" Now, he opens his channel and speaks.

[TAC3] "Drips" Wade says, "Poppy, Drips. Already out, looking at the view. Grunt, form up with me, let's go find some trouble."

[Harrier-307: Solstice] Working the console of he ECM, Solstice is working to keep that frequency attuned with the other Raptors. Bunny gets a look from her and she smiles some, "Hey Buns, you got this." She turns back to her screen, working on clearing up the radar and watching the other locations of the Harriers.

[Harrier-316: Cidra] Cidra's Harrier leaves the deck of the escort carrier with all deliberate speed. She doesn't venture too far ahead of the ship, however, flying near to the other Raptors as they leave it, so they can all form up promptly as the little Fleet advances through the asteroid debris. "I have not noted any major differences since the modifications were finished, at least in terms of flying," she observes idly. "How is it handling back there for your, Pens?"

[BlackKnight-853: Khloe] "Frakker is going to get himself killed. Nothing to prove," Khloe mutters with comms off as she signals her attending deckie that she's ready to launch. Three, two, one, and turbo boosts engaged. Khloe's Viper launches from the advanced carrier.

[TAC3] "Poppy" Khloe says, "Drips, Poppy. Launching now." A pause. "See you on DRADIS. How's the hand holding up? Over.""

[TAC3] "Drips" Wade says, "Poppy, Drips. Well, they told me that chicks dig scars but…I don't think these are working to that effect. Aside from that, it's holding up pretty well, hurts from time to time tho."

[Harrier-307: Evandreus] Evan brings 307 out in Cid's shadow, then, just on the hither side of perimeter, he adjusts course, beginning to part ways and pull into position relative to her.

[TAC3] "Toast" Cidra says, "Areion Actual, Toast. Clear of flight deck and advancing. Flight, forward at the carrier's speed, you all have the coordinates. Watch your navigation. Flying is thick out here."

[TAC3] "Flasher" Marko says, " "Cidra, Amazon, copy that, vectoring to our assigned position now.""

[TAC3] "Poppy" Khloe says, "You heard the Major. Remember your training and remember the objectives. You have your orders. Knights, let's do our thing."

[BlackKnight-650: Kaitlyn] Running tests before launch is simple enough, Kaitlyn taking her time despite wanting to get out already - the last time she rushed a test was during training, and it didn't go well. But with that done, she launches, following out behind Khloe relatively closely, maneuvering to her wing.

[Harrier-316: Bran] Prayers have been cast. Favors have been called in. Now Bran just has to wait and see if the Lords will cash it all in while he fiddles with his new toys. He sweeps a hand across his consoles, a pen in his offhand and currently rolling between each fingertip as he begins spooling the systems one-handed. "It's different, but yes - quite fine, Toast. I'm looking forward to this."

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Harriers, Bootstrap: You know the drill 'cuz you've all been practicing it in the sims for the past week. Fly and fight and fry those frakkers, Fourteenth."

[TAC3] "Bunny" Evandreus says, "Bootstrap, Bunny, I hear you. We're five out from post, here."

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Copy that, Buns. Time to make 'em regret ever following us down the rabbit hole."

[Harrier-316: Cidra] And forward they go. The Areion and Corsair move sluggishly through the asteroid field, so if nothing else navigation is simplified as the Vipers and Raptors don't have to rabbit directly in. It doesn't take long before the Foundry itself comes within visual range, hulking in midst of all that like a great fortress. Even in the interference, the DRADIS will pop red with enemy contacts as they approach. Dozens upon dozens of them. The castle is well-guarded. Best laid plans were made. Time to see if they work.

[Harrier-304: Marko] "Oh frak…" Marko breathes as his DRADIS fills with targets. "Amazon, you better be ready to do some serious evaisive." he cautions her. "Yeah, no kidding, you're not the only one with a DRADIS, you know." she points out testily as she urges the Raptor forward.

[BlackKnight-662: Wade] Wade looks at his DRADIS just for a brief second and already makes up his mind on what he wants to do, he looks outside to get a visual and pushes on the thrusters just a little bit, because this time, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

[TAC3] "Drips" Wade says, "Decoy, Drips. I see one of the Raiders taking a liking on Bunny and Shakes, let's give them a hand there. Go with Five-Oh-Three-Three-Juliet. Be careful out there."

[BlackKnight-855: Devlin] Devlin heads out on Wade's wing, sticking close to the LT, and taking on his target as the Ensign's own. It's not a mine field this time, and that's something, but it's still precarious flying, and the result is still delicate and important, so he follows his wingman's orders, and peels off to take a slightly different route at the same target harassing Harrier-307.

[TAC3] "Decoy" Devlin says, "Drips, Decoy. Copy that. Target 5033-Juliet in sight, engaging."

[TAC3] "Freshmeat" Kaitlyn says, "Poppy, Meat, you've already got one on your six. Going to take a pass, see if I can shake him off before helping the Raptors."

[TAC3] "Poppy" Khloe says, "Bunny, this is Poppy. I'm on your six and providing assistance, but I'm evading as well. Shake it hard."

[TAC3] "Bunny" Evandreus says, "Poppy, Bunny, I hear you. I'm on evasives, but I don't have a lot of room to shake."

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Flight, Bootstrap. Pinging three bandits. Corsair, please be so kind to let us know if we missed someone hiding in the bushes, over."

[Harrier-307: Solstice] "Thats why you got me, I will shake em for you." Solsitice says from the back of the Raptor as she widens up her suite and adjusts the frequency.

[TAC3] "Poppy" Khloe says, "Remember your training. Use asteroids and other visual obstruction for cover."

[Harrier-670: Ulixes] Ulixes keeps the Raptor on course, making a few post-launch checks as he whistles some inane tune and drums his fingers on the small area of console not overtaken by switches, controls or displays. As the enemies begin to appear, the whistling turns into singing under his breath, " … voice, fiddle and flute, no longer be mute … " He keeps his eyes on the boundary, making certain to keep the bird close enough without being a sitting duck.

[Harrier-316: Bran] "And then there were many," remarks Bran as his DRADIS comes alive. Electronic countermeasures, thy name is Pens.

[BlackKnight-662: Wade] Maneuvering through the field, Wade makes his way to the Raider that is after Shakes and Bunny and when he has a clear shot, he takes it, landing a pretty hard hit directly on the cockpit. He smirks at this and even more when he sees Decoy's attack landing a hit as well. Now, more options are on the table.

[TAC3] "Flasher" Marko says, " Flight, Flasher, good shooting, guys but we've got multiple Cylon Raiders incoming at two one four carom one fiver three, speed six, range 3 and closing fast."

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Copy that, Flasher. Confirming three more bandits."

[TAC3] "Freshmeat" Kaitlyn says, "Poppy, Meat. Your six is clear, here's hoping it stays that way!"

[TAC3] "Drips" Wade says, "Decoy, Drips. Nice shooting out there as always. It seems that you have a fan now, take it slow, don't let it hit you. See if you can cover Bunny and I'll try to take that Raider off your ass."

[TAC3] "Poppy" Khloe says, "DRADIS is unreliable, but I read four contacts now. Meat, cover the Raptors. I have the bogie on your six."

[Harrier-316: Cidra] And then there were many indeed. Between the natural visual challenges of the asteroid field and the interference, the Colonials get something of a jump on the Raiders out front. But that is short lived. As they get closer to the foundry the Raiders take notice and swarm toward them. Apart from the Heavy Raiders that are flying with them, these do look identical to the swarms they've been facing. The Areion takes up position now, while the Corsair unleashes it's flak cannons. The battle has truly begun.

"And then there were many is correct," is Cidra's dry response, for her part, to Bran in her Raptor. "Gods be with you back there, Pens. All Lords willing, that Gun shall deal with these many soon."

[TAC3] "Decoy" Devlin says, "Drips, Decoy. Copy that, man. I'll take some evasives, but see if I can get a shot off on Bunny's fan in the meantime."

[Harrier-670: Trask] It takes Trask a moment to register the sotto voce coming from Ulixes. "You say somethin', Shortcut?"

[TAC3] "Freshmeat" Kaitlyn says, "Poppy, Meat. Copy that, I'm on it. Thanks!"

[Harrier-307: Solstice] "Bunny, we got some more love coming our way." Solstice intones, redirecting the equalizing of her suite to a lower level as more Raiders make their way in. It was a good round for the pilots, no one hit and the heavy was out of the equation.

[BlackKnight-855: Devlin] Devlin barrels right into the fray and takes a shot at one of the raiders, helping blow the bastard up thanks to his lack of distractions. Of course this doesn't last, a target finding the ensign's tail and forcing him to evade even as he circles back to help Wade protect the Raptors.

[Harrier-304: Marko] "Okay, our six is clear but Bunny's got a new fan." Marko calls. "Looks like Areion and Corsair are getting into position." he adds, working his way through the various ECM suites looking for the best one.

[BlackKnight-650: Kaitlyn] As the heavy raider Kaitlyn had fired on goes up, she can't help but smile. But with several more contacts coming in, and one on her tail, it's time to follow orders as she sets sights on one the newly arrived raiders.

[BlackKnight-853: Khloe] Dodging asteroids and Cylon KEW, Khloe's Viper ducks in and out from around asteroid debris. She maneuvers herself to cover Kaitlyn who has picked up a Cylon friend.

[Harrier-307: Evandreus] Evan settles into his position, about to send out love for Drips over the comms when there's another Bandit en route. "I see him, Sticky. The Jocks are taking good care of us. Just keep those suites coming and try not to think about it too much."

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask notes in a dry tone, "Ergo, why I asked Corsair to be oh so kind to inform us if we've missed a would-be stalker, Poppy. Lookin' good out there, Knights, by the by. Harriers, keep bashing and deflecting like the awesome shields you are."

[TAC3] Kepner says, "Flight, Areion Actual. We're in position, our engineers are charging the Gun. ETA is ten minutes. Give 'em hells out there, and we'll blow them away soon as we can."

[BlackKnight-662: Wade] Wade keeps moving his bird around, trying to hit but also trying to evade all the damn pieces of rock flying around. He is starting to feel some pain in his hand and he winces a little bit "Damn it" mutters the man just before he fires against Decoy's fan…not being able to hit it.

[BlackKnight-853: Khloe] "Frak! Not fast enough!" Khloe's Viper manages to peg the Raider chasing after her wingmate, but isn't fast enough to deliver a lethal blow before it can put a few rounds in Kaitlyn.

[TAC3] "Poppy" Khloe says, "Meat, Poppy. Sing out, looks like you are smoking. Hard to see you in this soup."

[TAC3] "Flasher" Marko says, " Drips, Flasher, watch out, you've got a Heavy right on your six."

[TAC3] "Drips" Wade says, "Flasher, Drips. I see it, I'll try to shake him off but still attempt to cover Decoy."

[Harrier-316: Cidra] Cidra largely remains in position near the other Raptors, though she starts in on some tighter flying as she catches sight of the bandit heading toward her. "We have got one on us, Pens," she informs the ECO. Perhaps unnecessarily, but she might as well give him the play-by-play from the visuals while he's working the DRADIS. "Feeling in touch with Ares today?"

[BlackKnight-650: Kaitlyn] Another volley of KEW from Kaitlyn's Viper brings a quick end to the Raider she had been aiming for, but the volley that rackles her ship afterward informs her that celebration would be a bad idea, even as her ship rattles and shakes. "Frak!" is screamed out, eyes narrowed as she wrestles for a moment with the controls. This time, she's not going to mess around.

[Harrier-670: Trask] Although it's far from ideal flying or suppression conditions, the Aeolus Belt nonetheless is a vast improvement to Audumbla as far as jamming goes. So far, neither Trask nor his ECOs have missed their marks even once, which conjures a small, pleased smiles that lingers even after he's keyed-up his next batch of targets.

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Meat, Bootstrap. Thanks for the assist. Advise if we need to dispact SAR, over."

[Harrier-670: Ulixes] "The Myrtle of Venus with Bacchus's Vine. The news through — whoo!" The Raptor jolts to one side to avoid the oncoming fire, Ulixes chattering away to Trask as is customary, "I think they're jealous of our huge gun. Ah, who wouldn't be. 'Hark,' already they cry, 'In the transports of joy … '" The pilot goes back to singing, continuing evasive maneuvers.

[Harrier-316: Bran] "I'm on it." In the middle of cycling frequencies, Bran reaches up to tuck his pen away and into a stow pocket so that both of his hands can hasten his work along. "Maybe. I don't know. I do know he's being one fickle son of a bitch today, if you don't mind me saying." He's allowed to curse the Lords. It's not as if he's going to be smote for it. He has faith in Cidra's flying, after all.

[TAC3] "Freshmeat" Kaitlyn says, "Poppy, Meat. Copy that, reluctantly. Ship's barely holding together, take a few more down for me! Boostrap, Meat, still in one piece for now, hoping to make it back in one piece."

[Harrier-307: Solstice] It seems Buns and her have a permanent fan and Shakes is doing her best to keep up the rolling successes that she is having. "Come on.." She murmurs and keys up another suite to keep things moving along. One viper hit but she is chiming so it means there is no room to worry right now. She does just that, focusing and letting Bunny dance his way through the mess.

[Harrier-670: Trask] "Guns. Plural," Trask asserts with some amusement to the innuendo. "And who can blame 'em? We're packin' so much firepower that our hand cannons can be seen past our colossal egos."

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Copy that, Meat. Bootstrap out."

[BlackKnight-855: Devlin] Decoy takes a shot from the Raider following him but manages to adjust and recover, back into the fight as soon as possible. He sticks to the target Wade sets out, dogging after the raider in question despite the (thus far minimal) damage to his own bird.

[Harrier-316: Cidra] "Beware of casting aspersions at the names of the Lords and Ladies, Pens," Cidra replies to Bran, just a touch chidingly. Her voice has an almost schoolmarm-ish quality to it as she does it. "We are within range of fearful lightning. Ares makes all His bitch some days."

[TAC3] Kepner says, "Flight, Areion Actual. Charging. Three minutes to go."

[Harrier-307: Solstice] "Bunny, we got a heavy on us. I think he brought friends…" Sol takes a long look at the DRADIS and begins to rescramble her frequencies. This is much harder this time around when you aren't sneaking in the back door. Damn it. She is twisting what she has into suites and is spanning them out. Successful so far, she taps her fingers to her console as if to keep the luck going.

[BlackKnight-853: Khloe] Practically a ghost riding the vapor trail of her target Raider, Khloe neatly bisects the flyer by beginning at its exhaust ports and KEWing her way from crotch to crown. Barreling through in true Poppy fashion, as well.

[BlackKnight-662: Wade] It started well but now….not it's going, not so well; at least for Wade, because he missed again. "Frak this shit…." says the guy outside the comms. For whatever reason, that Heavy Raider lost interest in him but now it's going after Bunny. So…off he goes after that thing.

[TAC3] "Drips" Wade says, "Decoy, Drips. This frakker doesn't like me anymore, I'm going to bitchslap him. Bunny has more attention…be careful with the flying."

[Harrier-670: Ulixes] "Idalia will boast but of tenantless shades," Ulixes sings in enigmatic reply, keeping his eyes fixed on the controls and the activity outside the Raptor. He's lets the singing end for the moment, letting loose his battle cry, "Colonial Fleet overcompensation!"

[TAC3] "Poppy" Khloe says, "Come on, people, you know that you can't trust your instruments. Try old fashioned crosshairs. Don't chase engine exhaust. Meat, Poppy, give Bunny and Shakes some help. Toast, Poppy. I'm on your six. Fly, owl, fly!"

[BlackKnight-650: Kaitlyn] Well, she had been planning on singing out as instructed, but she as the rattling ends, she can't help but offer another volley of KEW at the same target that Khloe shoots at, though anything she offers little as Poppy takes out the target. So instead,, she veers back around, still flying more evasively than usually.

[TAC3] "Toast" Cidra says, "Toast, Poppy. With hawks on my wing, I shall persevere. Keep on them, and my thanks for the cover."

[TAC3] "Freshmeat" Kaitlyn says, "Poppy, Meat, Copy that. Turning that way now."

[TAC3] "Decoy" Devlin says, "Drips, Decoy. Copy that. I've still got this one after Bunny in my sights, gonna see if I can hit him this time. Dodging too, we'll see how it goes."

[Harrier-316: Bran] "I walk in the realm of supernatural daily. Mayday is as much His incarnate as ever," because Bran has to deal with crying baby regularly. He's fairly certain a baby is more powerful than anything the Cylons could throw at them. He offers a thoughtful tut under his breath and then clears his throat. A sweep of his DRADIS renders him momentarily silent and then there's a sidelong glance. "I wait for this lightning with open arms, not that I wish for salvation - or damnation - from Kallistei, or desire such. But I have faith the Lords've yet to cast us aside. I dare test that noble truth." So says Pens.

[Harrier-670: Trask] "Makes sense for spooks, right?" Trask wryly quips back about overcompensation. "They spend so much time snooping on everyone else, they've realized how tiny their dicks are in comparison. Cocktail weenies versus kielbasa."

[Harrier-316: Cidra] The Raiders are missing too, fortunately for the Colonials, drowned that time in concentrated electronic warfare frequencies. Thus far, the modified ECM suites, as the Gun continues to charge and the network ramps up, appear to be paying their dues. Something in Bran's words makes Cidra chuckle a rich laugh under her breath. It has an almost cackle-like sound to it. "I hope you are keeping up on your sleep. I would have words with Captain Quinn if my backseater were less than alert." And then with a smile as she makes some quick turns, she quotes, "'Twas in the midst of such festivities that the Fates formerly united Hera Olympia to the King who governs the gods from the summit of his inaccessible throne.' Gods send these gates are not so inaccessible today."

[Harrier-307: Evandreus] Evan's breathing is measured and deep, clashing with the thudding of his heart against his ribs while the minutes tick by and the raiders just keep coming. But the overlapping ECM suites seem to be keeping the spacefish confused enough… between those fields warping their perceptions and the vipers hounding them all this attention has come to very little. So he just puffs out his cheeks, exhaling deep through semi-pursed lips, and goen on person to person with the backseat, "We've got to start forming up, here, soon." Voice patient, calm.

[TAC3] Kepner says, "Flight, Areion Actual. One minute and we'll be ready to go. Prepare to form up on my mark."

[Harrier-307: Solstice] "Good flying, Buns…" Solstice says in support and watches as another Viper is struck. As the call for forming up is given, Shakes does not give, she continues to roll out those suites. "I got us…just start doing what you need to do.." True to her word, she is keeping their screens clear, compensating for the soup of the read out that is before her. She whispers a soft prayer and arranges the frequency once more. With a pass of her hand over the controls, she clears out the noise in a final attempt to hit them hard. The Jamming signal is released.

[TAC3] "Drips" Wade says, "Decoy, Drips. Report. Are you alright? What's your status? Damn it man, I don't want to face Bubbles and tell her that you were blown up to pieces."

[Harrier-304: Marko] "Okay, that did it, Amazon, keep us on this vector best you can." Marko grins, switching to another suite close to the one he just used. "How long until we're supposed to relay?" he asks eagerly.

"Not very, we've got time for one more round of jamming, then it's time to play with your new toy." Amazon chuckles teasingly.

[TAC3] "Poppy" Khloe says, "Can't seem to get a bead on this one, Toast, my targeting is increasingly frakked in this soup. Flap your wings harder."

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Actual, Bootstrap. Copy that. Harriers, time for one last magic trick before the great reveal."

[TAC3] "Decoy" Devlin says, "Drips, Decoy. I see how it is. Don't care whether I'm dead, just whether you've got to tell my wife about it? Fair enough, I guess, she might kill you. I'm alright, anyways. Systems are a bit fried, handling's not great… but hanging in there. Stuff shorted out for a sec but back up now, we'll see how I go."

[TAC3] "Toast" Cidra says, "Poppy, Toast. Copy. I am flapping hard as I can. We took one on the chin, controls are not cooperating. Attempting a fix before we have got to stop dancing."

[Harrier-307: Evandreus] "That's all you guys, Sticks," Evan murmurs back over comms, voice soft and low in his backseater's ear. "It's like they're shooting through jello out there."

[Harrier-316: Bran] Bran purses his lips together at Cidra's response. "It's my most challenging task yet, but all's well thus far." He's pretty certain he is fairly awake and alert at the moment, for both and the rest of the wing's sake. "I like that," remarks the ECO with regards to her quote. He would begin to speak further if it weren't for the incessant need to focus on his consoles, especially with having the Raptor's nose proverbially bloodied.

[BlackKnight-855: Devlin] Devlin's Viper takes another hit and this time he loses control, systems sparking and protesting before the ensign can manage to get them back under control and wrestle the craft back into position, still a bit wobbly. He finds Wade's six once again and the target he was pursuing previously. He goes off to pursue it again though whether his plane is fit enough to handle the offensive remains to be seen.

[Harrier-316: Cidra] "But a scratch, Pens. Ares has not properly…bitched us out yet," Cidra says. Barest hint of a smirk. She does some grappling with the controls to try to regain functionality. "Do hang on back there. Lady Athena, I pray your love of tricks is on our side this day…"

[Harrier-316: Cidra] As the fighter-on-fighter sortie rages on, the Corsair dumping sharp splatters of flak into its section of the battle, the Areion has begun to glow with that eerie, iridescent green that speaks of its spook weapon coming online. It is go-time.

[TAC3] Kepner says, "Flight, Areion Actual. Let's blow these frakkers out of the water. Raptors, form up. Time to shoot."

[TAC3] "Poppy" Khloe says, "You heard the man, Viper flight. Protect the Raptors at all costs. I repeat, protect the Raptors."

[BlackKnight-662: Wade] Wade keeps following that Heavy Raider, firing angry KEW at it. At last, after a few misses, he hits the mark directly in the Cockpit and the bloody thing goes boom, sending pieces of metal and other types of crap around. With that out of the way, he now takes a new target, the ones after Ulixes.

[TAC3] "Drips" Wade says, "Poppy, Drips."

[TAC3] "Flasher" Marko says, " Flight, Flasher, Viper guys, get ready, jamming field's going down. Repeat, Jamming field is going _down_. They'll be able to see straight this time."

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Harriers, fall into position and prep to synch."

[Harrier-304: Marko] "Okay, Amazon, let's get this show on the road." Marko says, switching the new console at his station to 'active' and starting to work his way through the synch process. "Lords of Kobol, please let this frakking thing work." he comments.

"I can't wait to see that bugger go off." Amazon replies with a grin, forming the Raptor into formation as planned.

[TAC3] "Bunny" Evandreus says, "Boots, Bunny, in position, lights are green."

[TAC3] "Freshmeat" Kaitlyn says, "Flasher, Meat. Copy that, will take appropriate measures."

[Harrier-316: Cidra] Cidra bites off one of those choice Gemenese phrases under her breath, her console flickering as she - apparently without much success - tries to jury-rig it. No lightning has struck her yet, however. She exhales long, hands back firmly on the controls and slowing the ship as she moves it onto the perimeter line. Syncing up alongside Marko and Amazon's Raptor, as it happens. "Lady bless our tricks…" she murmurs, bracing herself.

[Harrier-316: Bran] "Just a scratch. Just a scratch." The deck should be used to Bran coming back with just-scratches all over the Raptors he sits in. He keeps his jamming suites rolling out frequencies up until the need to change gears and swap programs. "Right, let us see." He adjusts positions and focuses his attention on this new set of toys, synching the console up with the other busses in formation and their bigger brother the Areion.

[Harrier-670: Trask] As Ulixes pulls the Raptor into position, Trask synchs-up with the Areion and his fellow ECOs. "And now comes the cha-CHING."

[Harrier-307: Evandreus] Bunny drifts oddly askew, rolling straight into position and then suddenly— stopping. Park and ride it out. He sets the thrusters to ajust against any drift or jostling, then… hands off. On his lap, then, antsy, overhead, across his chest, and bak to the panels. But not going anywhere. Just re-checking those data links and suite amps.

[Harrier-307: Solstice] As they brought in to formation, Solstice is doing her best to sync up and throwing out another suite to help the Vipers. Shakes looks forward to the fidgeting Bunny as she gets her signals finetuned and set up to provide for the gun. Her eyes scan over the DRADIS and then the readouts.

[TAC3] "Bootstrap" Trask says, "Flight, Actual: Bootstrap. My peeps are all locked-in and synched. Harriers, re-commence jamming."

[Harrier-316: Cidra] Several things seems to happen at once as the Raptors slip into formation. For a few of those split seconds that seem so compressed in combat, the battle continues unabated for the Vipers, KEW flying at Raider gunnery, the enemy landing a few passing hits. Though Wade in particular might notice the flicker of jump engines as the Raider dogging him, after one more pot-shot, jumps away. It's the only one. The rest remain.

Though not for long. The glow of the Areion builds to a blinding wave of green that - enhanced by the power of the ECM suites from the Corsair and the Raptors - across the battlefield in front of the foundry. And just like that, as if all their 'off' switches had simultaneously been flicked - every Raider left standing is dead in the water.

And the Foundry - which had previously emitted a red-hot heat signature on the DRADIS - starts to grow colder and colder.

The gates are breached.

[BlackKnight-662: Wade] Back to 'I miss every shot' land, at least for Wade. And to add up, he gets his by the Raider that was after him. It really isn't a strong hit, the armor stops the whole thing but if there's something that leaves Wade looking at empty space, it's the flash of silver that happened there a moment ago. Crap, one got away.

[Harrier-304: Marko] OOC BRB

[TAC3] "Drips" Wade says, "Flight, Drips. Visual confirmation on my side, the Cylon Raider that was just trying to hump be, just jumped away…"

[TAC3] Kepner says, "Flight, Areion Actual. We got it off. We're reading all enemy contacts dead out there. Confirm. Damaged ships can RTB. Those of you who can still fight, form a CAP. We're sending the demo team off ASAP and we need to guard their asses while they're inside that thing."

[TAC3] "Poppy" Khloe says, "Flight, this is Poppy. I need three CAP volunteers for the Viper flight and two from the Raptor flight, sing out now. The rest, RTB."

[TAC3] "Drips" Wade says, "Poppy, Drips. I'm cool with doing some CAP."

[BlackKnight-853: Khloe] As the Raptors do their thing and the entire field of Cylons is, more or less, asleep or dead, Khloe's Viper cruises along. Taking a long, hard look through her canopy at the drifting, lifeless Raiders, off comms, she whispers, "I'm sorry."

[TAC3] "Freshmeat" Kaitlyn says, "Poppy, Meat. Ship's holding together, I'm good for CAP."

[TAC3] (from "Bootstrap" Trask) At Wade's announcement, Bootstrap mutters, "I swear, we need to find a way to tag those we don't manage to bag." Then to Poppy, "My hair-brained scheme, so I call dibs on looting."

[TAC3] "Bunny" Evandreus says, "We didn't even scratch our paint over here, Pops. We're green for CAP."

[TAC3] "Toast" Cidra says, "Poppy, Toast. Pens and I are bound back to the Areion. The mechanics need to see to my Raptor properly. Fine job out there. Mop up as you like and maintain CAP until our Marines and snipes are home."

[TAC3] "Poppy" Khloe says, "Copy, Toast. Let sleeping dogs lie, I think. Areion and the Raptor flight did their job. Well done."

[Harrier-670: Trask] That said, off the comms, because he's making an attempt at playing nice(r), Trask adds, "You're welcome, Commander Kepner." For the smartass SL is the one who pitched the idea of the capital ships coming along, and he and his people worked hard on finding a way to make it a viable option.

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