PHD #253: Road Map
Road Map
Summary: Casual conversation with Sofia sparks some creative juices in Sawyer.
Date: 06 November 2041 AE
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Sawyer Sofia 
Observation Deck
With a quiet view to the stars, this tends to be one of the more popular 'quiet areas' of the Cerberus. Up front is a small-unseated area for ceremonies or other activities while the seating rises up behind it. Each level rises up behind the one before it, comfortable chairs and couches set up for crewmembers to relax, get some work done or even take a nap. A large armored plate is lowered during Condition One to protect the interior against a breach in the glass.
Post-Holocaust Day: #253

Just another night in the Obs deck, with the starscape outside being relatively quiet and the ship able to fall in some sort of pattern of normalcy and complacency. Of course, the quiet tends to put some people on edge waiting for the other shoe to fall, others are content to revel in the small stretch of peace while they are able. It's hard to say which category Sawyer falls into, given her current contemplative facade as she stares out into the inky black while she puff puff puffs away on a thick cigar.

Obs Deck! Sofia is in her off-duty greens, humming softly as she wanders in. She has a picture book about reefs and fishes in full color tucked under one arm. She seems eager to find the peace here. She smiles at those in passing. She's staring off into the distance, even as she glances at people. But soon the scent of cigar smoke catches her attention. She smiles a little, "Miss Averies," She greets the woman softly. "Hello there."

Sawyer makes a vague attempt at blowing a smoke ring before she lazily addresses Sofia first with her eyes and then a bit of a raw, "Evening, Sofia." The cigar dips in her hand, the ash-tipped end indicating a seat next to her that's free, if the Crewman is so inclined but the offer isn't verbalized. Woman of little words this evening, which may be odd for a journalist.

Sofia smiles a little at that. "Blowing smoke rings looks tricky," Sofia considers. She pauses, and tilts her head. She picks up on the signal after a moment and moves to take the seat. "Thank you," She nods. "How are you doing? I've heard the civilians have been really busy and things are moving along," She considers. "Though I've mostly been busy here and there…"

Sawyer extends her tongue, but not to stick it out at Sofia, but rather to pick a flake of tobacco off her tongue. It gets flicked away by an impatient fingernail, and the cigar gets puffed off of once more. Her mouth gets filled with the fragrant smoke, and she exhales it before it seeps down her throat into her lungs, like a proper cigar toke should be. Once that lengthy process is done, she finally responds to Sofia, taking her own sweet time about it. "Still breathing." Which is as good as it gets, apparently. "Yeah, they're organizing. It's time they take some pride and initiative in their collective future instead of just letting the military do everything for them. Frankly, the military should have better things to focus on."

Sofia grins a bit at that. She just watches a moment, perhaps somewhat in awe. "That's good. And I guess it /feels/ a lot better than doing nothing every day all day in a tent or a cot," Sofia admits. She's not unsympathetic at least, looking thoughtful. "The floating garden sounds really peaceful and pretty," She taps her chin. "Is that weird?" Ponder.

"Weird that you'd find a floating garden pretty? Not really. Pretty much anything that's green and living at this point would be a welcome change. Except for mold. I'd probably draw the line at mold. Though even that is hard to find on a military ship. As long as there are superior officers and smart ass inferiors, there will always be someone scrubbing the head with a toothbrush." Sawyer's eyes narrow as she examines the tip of the cigar, then reaches over to knock some ash into the aptly named ashtray.

"Yeah, mold is pretty uncool," She pouts. Sofia seems to agree, "I like my ship free from it as possible." Though she giggles. "I guess that's true. Or if someone steals my clothes and I happen to run into the XO…" Her eyes narrow at the memory and she sighs. "I can't believe I got pranked." Sigh. She shrugs it off after a moment though. "Though, I got to meet that guy we picked up on Sagittaron - the tall, bald fellow. It was pretty okay. It's bit odd to see a civilian in the brig though," She taps her chin. "I'm really bad about gossip." Sadface. "Hey, did you really have a Triad game today?"

Sawyer mm-hmms around the fat roll of the cigar, taking a languid puff before she pulls it free to answer. "Lost some of my best loot, too, but I didn't go for the gambling." Of course, the gossip doesn't go unnoticed, especially to a reporter. "Alright, start over and don't presume I know what you are talking about? Last time you were in the head, someone stole your clothing and you ended up in the brig for running through the ship nude and you ran into who exactly?"

A sympathetic look. "Oh yeah, I lost when I went too," Sofia grins a little. "We lost to Miss Apostolos, since I forget her rank now," Sofia taps her chin. "But it was lots of fun," Shhe admits. "Huh? Oh gods no! That was ages ago, before Warday even," She admits with a blush. "Nono. Someone stole my uniform while I was in the head, so I tried to sneak back and … kinda ran into the Marine XO. I thought you and Staff Sergeant King were there but maybe I miss remember. I got Kitchen Patrol for two weeks," Sigh. "It's embarrassing. And another reason one of us grunts might end up scrubbing something with a toothbrush. Hijinx," She closes her eyes.

"Oooh, right right. Though you have to admit that cutting through the marine -offices- wasn't the safest bet for trying to go undetected. Next time, try to stick to non-duty areas. Hmm. Ages ago." Sawyer finally lets a smile touch the corners of her mouth. "Now what about which bald guy?" Nothing like putting Sofia's words through a colander to try and strain out the story.

Ehehe. Hmm. Sofia rubs the back of her head. "Yeah. Lesson learned." Sigh. She smiles over. Then takes a deep breath. "Well… He said his name was Ajax. He's in the brig, but they let him have visitors and stuff." She considers. "Something about being a murderer. He's from Sagittaron himself, and mentioned being in the SSLF awhile. He didn't say not to tell anyone but then the Marines have been questioning him," She blushes. "I would be careful with that so no one goes after him. I think he'd like to work with us or join up. I hope that happens. He seems to regret what he's done but …"

Sawyer gives a low whistle. "That's sort of a grey area. If a man was convicted before the fall of man, do we then give him a pass in the aftermath in the hopes that he'll be a reformed, responsible citizen? Or do we want to take that gamble. Also, if he was convicted, would you consider overthrowing his sentence the right thing to do for society, or would it diminish the established legal system and demean the very thing we're trying to restore? Interesting debate. Maybe I'll do an article on him. Thanks. I've been looking for something to stir this ole reporters loins." During further contemplation of that, the cigar gets tucked back between her teeth.

"Yeah… it really is tangly," Sofia admits. She takes a deep breath. Then a smile. "I'm glad I can help. I'm pretty sure it's close to public knowledge anyway… you saw lots on Sagittaron, or at least right after." She taps her chin. "I hope he doesn't get mad at me for telling. Then again, at least he couldn't set me on fire." She ponders this. A shrug. "Well, he was pretty open about it…" So it's okay right? She just rolls with it. "Oh well. It'll be a good read." Beam.

"Is that what he did? As part of the SSLF, he set people on fire?" Sawyer's brow quicks with the query, though her voice stays purposefully neutral with the question.

"Huh? Oh no. I was just worried he would be mad at me," She admits. "But it's not like… I'd get set on fire for it, like my books already were," Sofia sighs. "He didn't talk much about the SSLF, except that he mentioned they knew a lot of history."

Sofia adds, "It's more of a 'what's the worst that could happen' kind of thing."

Sawyer gives a small laugh, "Sofia, sometimes I need a road map to follow your line of thought." She reaches out to pat the woman on the knee, then hefts herself to her feet. "Ajax you said, right? I'll look into it, thanks. I'm sure it's rather common knowledge among the marines as to who he is and where he came from. Don't worry, he won't trace it back to you. I never reveal my sources. Have a good evening, hmm?"

A deep blush at that. "S-sorry," Sofia looks apologetic. "I think I let my brain run away and my mouth goes along for the ride," She puts a hand over her mouth and smiles at the pat. "Ajax. He's in the main brig, normal stuff - not where they keep the super super serious prisoners," She's being deliberately cryptic. "He seems to really like the books I bring. He's a big fan of history, except the whole 'Saggitarian scum' stuff. I guess I can't blame him, but I'm kind of a stereotypical Aquarian huh." Strike a small pose, almost theatrical. "Ta daaaaaa~ Art runs in the whole family. It's bad I know. And really? Thanks. I'd talk to the newer marines especially. They said they fended for one another down there," She points out. "And oh, yeah. You too." Smile.

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