Diana Rime
Lieutenant Diana Melissande Rime
Stephanie March
Stephanie March as Diana Melissande Rime
Alias: Mel
Age: 27
Features: 5'8", slim, blue-green eyes.
Colony: Virgon
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Tactical
Position: Tactical Liaison


Previously the Junior TACCO aboard the Praetorian, Lieutenant Rime has been ordered invited to serve as Tactical Liaison aboard the Cerberus for the upcoming maneuvers.

Service Jacket

  • 2041: April: Summoned by RADM Abbot to serve as Tactical Liaison aboard Cerberus.
  • 2041: January: CDR Laughlin assumes command of CF-505 Praetorian. Rime is requested to serve as Junior TACCO.
  • 2038: Promoted to LT as her roles in the war games start shifting from partipant to planner.
  • 2034: Receives her Intelligence billet at Picon Fleet HQ and begins participating in the war games.
  • 2031: Begins her four years at Colonial Flight Academy: Virgon Campus. Computer Engineering stream.

Physical Features

She's tall and slim, long-limbed and graceful in the careless manner of tomboys everywhere. Her fair-skinned face is often warmed with a wide and easy smile, her quick and curious gaze the vivid greenish-blue of a sunstruck lagoon. Her spun-honey hair is split into two plaits that fall to her shoulderblades, a few chin-length strands prone to escape.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • When she has to give her full name, Diana is pronounced DEE-anna, not DIE-anna.
  • Her preferred usename is Mel, from Melissande, her middle name. She tends to give this out as soon as she knows a person on any personal level.
  • Whether you find her Virgan accent snooty and pretentious, or charming and exotic, or neither of these, in RL terms it's best imagined as a French accent. It's light, but ever-present, even if I'm not typing in dialect.


One part hobby, one part strategic tool. Mel uses some of the squads from her wargame as fleet representations, painted up in a sort of colonial 'shorthand'.

(Work in progress. More to follow as there's a chance to bring them up in scenes!)

Recent Logs


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