PHD #252: Right vs Wrong
Right vs Wrong
Summary: Corrath visits Ajax in the brig to 'clear' up some things
Date: 05 Nov 2041 AE
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Main Brig
Tiny and cramped, the Main Brig seems designed to be claustrophobic. The steel bars lining the three cells have been set into the steel bulkheads on each side. Inside each cell is a stainless steel toilet and a bunk that might be too short for some of the taller crewmembers. The dreary conditions don't seem to be helped by the presence of a Marine guard who is there twenty-four hours a day, as long as a prisoner is in custody. The whole room is under surveillance via camera system in the Security Hub and every visitor must sign-in and abide by the rules.
Post-Holocaust Day: #252

The hatchway to the Main Brig opens up, allowing Corrath to make his way into view. Like most other times, he's clad in the uniform of an MP, completed with brassard, even though he's an officer. Beneath his left arm, a single file folder can be seen and as he steps past the hatch, he's making his way in the direction of the Marine Guard, eyes flitting in the direction of Sofia and Ajax for a moment.

"Well, I've been called Saggitaron Scum one too many times, I've grown used to it so…if we can avoid books holding that point of view on Saggitaron people, that would be good" says Ajax, smiling a little at the woman. Ajax takes the offered book and looks at it. Well, he actually looks at what's resting on top of the book. "What's this?" asks Ajax, looking at Sofia now. His attention drifts to Corrath for a moment, he has never seen this guy here. He looks again at the woman in front of him and waits for an answer.

"That's fair enough. Though I'd honestly be shocked if we had a lot of those. We do have Saggitarian folks on board," She points out, smiling back. "Oh, some jelly beans. I think those're on the ok list. I don't like to cross anyone," She holds up her hands. "They even counted them out. I guess to check for explosives or the watermelon flavored ones." She totally would. Though there's a pause hearing the hatch open. There's a polite smile at Corrath. "Hello sir."

It's not until Corrath has concluded a quick, quiet whisper with the guard that he's turning towards Sofia and Ajax, giving a nod of his head to both before settling his attention on Sofia. "Crewman." A pause and he's reaching up to remove the folder from beneath his arm. "If you don't mind, I'd like to speak with the prisoner for a few minutes."

Ajax looks at the small package and half smiles "Jelly beans huh? It's been, around thirty years since I last tried them." He looks at Sofia now and nods to her "Thank you, I appreciate it" And he does, actually. He looks over at the guards and offers a faint nod "Surprised they didn't take any" And now Corrath wants to talk to him. He looks at the man, studying his features and then looks back at Sofia, nodding in silence to her.

"Wow," Sofia kind of blinks at Ajax. She smiles, "I like them a lot." She admits. "No problem." She seems to be slowly growing less cautious. Then a look to the guards. "Well, they can have some too I guess…" Ponder. Then a peer up at Corrath. "Oh! Alright. I guess I can go get some fruit juice and come back later," She smiles politely, nodding and … moving to go get that juice.

Eyes flit between Ajax and Sofia before Corrath simply offers the woman another nod of his head, "Good idea." Now, the S2 simply opens up the file folder, though he doesn't look down at it. Instead, he's shifting his attention to Ajax. "Mister Dalton, I'm Lieutenant O'Hare and S2 for the Cerberus, which essentially means that I'm incharge of the Military Police. I've come to ask you a few questions."

Ajax nods again to Sofia and he offers "Alright, talk to you later. Thanks for stopping by" His attention moves to Corrath and he takes a deep breath. More questions, fun. "Well, Lieutenant O'Hare, knock yourself out. I have been questioned by a few folks but at this point, one more is not going to kill anyone" He slides his arms between the bars and then fold them over them, in front of him "What do you want to know"

It's then that Corrath's eyes drift down to the open folder in his hand and he reviews it for a moment before looking back up to Ajax. "I'm curious as to why I shouldn't make a recommendation to the JAG that we toss you out the airlock." The words are casually said, as if this is a normal conversation for him. "It states here that you are responsible for the deaths of five individuals as well as resisting arrest and injuring two marines in the process."

Ajax smiiiiiiiles at the first comment, he saw it coming. He has been receiving comments like that since he got here anyway. "Oh you can do whatever you want, Mr. O'Hare" Now, as for the rest, he shakes his head "Well, yes, it states the truth. And I resisted arrest because they wanted me for the wrong reasons, and paid no attention to what that girl told them. And it's not my fault if your marines are made of paper, at least those" He says this in perfect conversational tone, quite the gentleman.

Corrath simply allows his right brow to lift ever so slightly as he gives a nod of his head. "Oh, I'm well aware of what -I- can do, Mr. Dalton. I'm here as a curtosey to see why I -shouldn't-." The folder is closed, only to be settled beneath his left arm. "As to the reasoning, Mr. Dalton, there is never a right time for murder. If you were able to kill five men, why not simply incapacitate them or contact the authorities? Clearly they were close enough."

Ajax takes a deep breath and sighs. He runs his hand over his baldness and then over his face, ending over his goatee. "Did you follow Pyramid, Mr. O'Hare?" starts Ajax "I lost my scholarship from Caprica University, was expelled from the entire planet and the entire Pro Pyramid league even before joining. I sent a kid to the hospital because he was taunting me, that kid had to spend years in recovery to get his lower half back to a point in which he could walk. He also lost his chance to go pro." He clears his throat and offers "Now, this might not interest you. But my point here is that I always suffered problems, due to my temper." Again he clears his throat "Those five men were torturing a little girl, and were going going to rape her. We are talking about a child here, and five grown men against her." He shakes his head and says "I lost it, and I took care of them. There's nothing more to it"

There's a slight shake of Corrath's head in response to the question, followed by, "No, I didn't." Then, he's pausing, letting the man finishe, before continuing. "While I can appreciated the nature of the situation, Mr. Dalton, it still doesn't make murder a justifiable action. From your own admission, it sounds like you have a serious issue with anger. An issue that poses a serious threat to all those aboard this vessel, as I can not tolerate nor have someone onboard who will throttle or kill at the slightest provocation."

Ajax shrugs his shoulders and simply says "What's done, is done" And he doesn't regret having killed them really. At least those five. He does regret what happened back at the University. As for anger issues? "Had that problem since I was a kid, caused hell in my village, a lot of problem for my mom and dad." He nods to this and says "I was convicted to life in prison, and spent five years there before the Cylons decided to give us hell. Five years plus the perspective of staying there forever, makes anyone cool their engines"

"You're awfully cavalier about murder, Mr. Dalton," is Corrath's immediately reply. Then, the S2 is simply giving a slight smirk, followed by a shake of his head. "I've learned, Mr. Dalton, that few prisoners ever 'cool their engines'. Especially ones that commit murder." Then, he's simply taking a step back, offering the man a nod before turning on heal and toe towards the hatchway, "Thank you for your time, Mr. Dalton. You've answered the questions that I have."

"Few, being the key word" offers Ajax with a nod of his head. He takes a deep breath and then nods to the man "Very well, Mr. O'Hare" With that said, he turns around and makes his way towards the bed, taking a seat there. Dum Dee Dum.

With his conversation concluded, Corrath simply makes his way over towards the hatchway so that he can step out and returning to the Security Hub.

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