Alke Riederer
Colonel Alke Riederer
Mary McCormack
Mary McCormack as Alke Riederer
Age: 45
Features: Regal and reserved.
Colony: Caprica
Rank: Colonel
Department: Tactical
Position: CO, Escort Carrier Areion


"There are no regulars in this war. You excel or you die. And more shall be culled before this is over."
— Col. Alke Riederer, Wine, the Giver of Joy

Tall, reserved, and possessed of a regal self-confidence that lends her an air of unmistakable authority, Alke Riederer might well have stepped out of the pages of a Navy recruitment flyer. Though she's relatively young for her rank, those who know her say her spirit's too old for this modern age. She'd be better suited for a life aboard one of Picon's legendary man-of-wars, or so the whispers go, brandishing a sabre and exhorting burly sailors to man the rigging and prepare to overhaul. Whispers, that is, because nobody dares say it to her face.

Difficult to read and even harder to get to know, Riederer can count the number of her closest friends on one hand. But while she doesn't have the same buddy-buddy relationship with the crew of Areion as the rest of the escort carrier's senior staff, she arguably commands more respect in the eyes of the rank and file than her CO, Rudy Kepner. Her keen tactical mind has saved the ship on several occasions, and it's a well-known fact that Kepner defers to her judgment on nearly all operational matters. If he's Areion's emotional heart, Riederer is her brains.

After Kepner's heart was literally blown to smithereens on 15 Apr 2042 AE, Riederer assumed command of the Areion and FTL jumped the heavily damaged escort carrier to unknown coordinates.

As far as anybody knows, she has no husband, no children, and — or so the joke goes — no parents, having sprung fully-formed from a battlestar's hangar deck some forty-five years ago.

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