Amarath Rian
Corporal Amarath Athena Rian
Rhona Mitra
Rhona Mitra as Amarath Athena Rian
Alias: Ri
Age: 26
Features: Tall, Dark brown eyes and hair
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Corporal
Department: Marines
Position: Reconnaissance, Advanced Rifleman


Early Years

Born on Tauron, Rian remembers very little about growing up. Her Mother (Maria Rian) and Father (Peter Rian) owned a small potato farm and made just enough of a living to support their small family. With two older brothers Amaranth was quite the tom-boy and as far back as she can remember she worked on the farm, gathering dirt beneath her fingernails. However she did find she had quite the talent for sketching and grew to adopt the habit in comparison to all the physical work she was forced to focus on. Her father was a distant and cold man worried only about the production of the farm not afraid to bark chores at her or offer a hard slap for insolence. Her mother was a kinder sort yet she never stood her ground against her own husband.

They lived far from any major city or town, the drive to the closest city was over five hours. Her father was an avid gambler and slowly worked on a deepening debt with loan sharks, one that the family did not know about. Soon the debt grew so large Rian's father disappeared and it was not long before the loan sharks were at her morther's door. To pay off the debt to the thugs the farm was sold and in essence so was the family. Her two older brothers quickly became entangled with the crime syndicate on Tauron. Her Mother rapidly descended into a deep and crippling depression and Rian, age 16 was left to fend for herself.


Rian was a poor student, taking her primary and secondary courses through online correspondence. She looked upon her schooling as just another dry chore around the house. Her father taught her to farm by direct example. At a very young age Amaranth had an aptitude for machinery. Intuitively she could disassemble and reassemble the farm machinery around the plantation. Not long after her father's disappearance she packed her bags and left Tauron to look for 'honest' work. When she arrived in Caprica hell bent on starting her life anew she began her search for a new home and work. Over population and high unemployment turned the beautiful metropolitan city into a nightmare.

Immediate Family

Peter Rian (Father) Presumed deceased.
Maria Rian (Mother) Presumed deceased.
Helios Rian (Eldest Brother) Presumed deceased.
Greyson Rian (Older Brother) Presumed deceased.

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
2032 AE Recruit Fort Cronus, Caprica Basic Training / Enlisted at age 17
2032-2033 AE P Fort Cronus, Caprica AIT (Infantry) / Basic Reconnaissance Qualification
2033 - 2034 AE PFC Fort Cronus, Caprica AIT (Rifleman) / Basic Weapons Mechanics-Repair
2034 AE LCpl CMC Deployment to Sagittaron A Co / Reconnaissance Platoon, 3rd Battalion, 4th Colonial Marine Regiment
2038 - 2039 AE LCpl Operations April Lightning & Phoenix Rise, Sagittaron Reconnaissance Platoon, 3rd Battalion, 4th Colonial Marine Regiment
2034-2041 AE Cpl FOB Martius, Sagittaron Reconnaissance Platoon, 3rd Battalion, 4th Colonial Marine Regiment

Physical Features

Amarath is about five foot eleven in height with a slender, yet built build to her. Long dark brown hair (nearly black) curves around her overly pale features and is cut jaggedly just above her shoulders, longer bangs about her cheeks and shorter in the back. Pale pink lips are full and heart shaped and deep inset dimples appear on her high cheeks if she were to ever smile. Very dark full lashed eyes have a deadly sense of calm to him, adding false age to her face.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Decumius_icon.jpg Corporal Lucius Decumius: My right hand man! We've served together over five years on Sagittaron, he wouldn't be alive if it weren't for me and vice versa. A fine Marine, soldier and friend. I look up to him and being with him in battle is as easy as breathing to me.
Lysander_icon.jpg Garret Jason Lysander: I knew him from serving on Sagittaron, only in passing however. Once we met again aboard Cerberus both of us were highly surprised and grateful to have a connection from our 'past lives.'
Kincaid_icon.jpg Lance Corporal Daniel Kincaid: Smart, devious, trustworthy?
Damon_icon.jpg Andreas Leander Damon: Private Hector Chance from Picon. I served with him four years ago on Sagittaron and watched him die in an explosion. Yet here he is! I swear it's him but the doc and even the man himself claims otherwise. I really must be losing whatever is left of my mind.
Sofia_icon.jpg Sofia Wolfe: Crazy Cylon lover. Giving me history lessons of the Cerberus and all the 'good' the eleven did for it. Cylons don't do good. I don't give a damn what she says.
Lunair_icon.jpg Raine Lunair: The Boss. She's alright with me, let me keep some contraband booze, so I like her despite what my squad mates might think.
Samuel_icon.jpg Samuel Hercules Blaine: An MP. I don't normally like those MP's, but he's been nice so far.


She'll sneeze uncontrollably at the smallest amount of pepper.

She has a tattoo but it's not outwardly visible, so what is it? and where is it?

She can draw but doesn't find time for such trivial things now that the world has ended.

Secretly she loves show-tunes.

Shot Up
She's been shot 12 times in total over the years.

She loves root beer slushies and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Recent Logs


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